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  1. Mademoiselle

    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

    thanks Max
  2. Mademoiselle




  3. So I got hired as a makeup artist to do a production where it will feature in 5 different countries, I'm pretty fucking hyped

    1. Finn



    2. Mia



    3. Scarlett


      Well done,  congratulations you must be so over the moon 

    4. Mademoiselle


      I really am! And they were so impressed they said they are keeping me on the records to hire again!

    5. Scarlett


      Oh wow that's great

  • Mademoiselle

    Racism in game.

    There is a difference between racist and troll. If they are going OTT with it ask them to tone it down OOC. If they ignore this and you feel it is not getting anywhere - report it. There is a difference between the two, one is played out correctly, one is pure childishness.
  • Mademoiselle

    Where are the groups at ?

    Tbh I find this as a massive issue. They may just be another roleplayer but are cut from this. This is one of the many reasons the server cannot reach 80 people mostly. As for radio, I’ve always seen it as a big dick access. They want to talk big but have no consequences after. I completely accept whatever I write will come with a gateway of situations. It’s roleplay. That’s what happens. As well as the fact that people attempt to create storylines that either work or backfire but don’t want to suffer the consequences, ‘Talk shit get hit’. That’s even out of this video game. A guy at a pub does it, he gets smacked. Normal human response. If there is a constant attack, report for 2.3? That’s what the rule is there for. I have friends who are campfire rpers and friends who are hostile rpers. And I mainly get complaints of: campfire: - We get attacked constantly but won’t take further action to prevent this OOC by talking to said group or person. hostile: - We can’t find RP cause everyone runs away or hides on the map. Again, takes two to tango. We’re all adults here, I shouldn’t have to point out that if (you) have a problem then attempt to talk to said person that is causing said problem. It’s called problem solving. A way of life. I honestly don’t see what is so difficult in that. I get it’s frustrating. But the problem won’t go away if there isn’t an attempt to resolve it.
  • Mademoiselle

    Where are the groups at ?

    I’m on a mix. ‘Campfire’ RP’ers say they’re gonna get robbed but could easily store their valuables away in a tent and venture out. Last ‘campfire’ rper (god I hate these terms) we tried giving roleplay, they barely wanted to interact and then got salty at us even though we were in a car ride trying to provide RP (whilst I tried not to crash). It’s not all about singing cumbyeya or however you spell it. I hang out in the ‘red zone’ for hostile RP, not had one problem to be honest. Yeah, the guys joke about a bit but in all honesty, we’re playing on pixels. You’re not losing anything truly sentimental in all honesty. And if you do, find it again, you’ll bump into RP. I mainly see hostile RPer’s trying to give actual RP when in game but nil on the ‘campfire’ RP. Which I can see a clash of frustration. It can’t go one way for one person, and another way for another. It takes two to tango. Back onto point: groups mainly seem to be Vybor. That’s all really. Anywhere else I’ve searched which is almost the entire map seems dead or inactive.
  • Mademoiselle



  • Mademoiselle


    Need help:

    What should my next tattoo be?


    Cage Key Bioshock Infinite

    Bird Key Bioshock Infinite

    1. DrMax


      A picture of me and Theresa May running through a field of wheat. 

    2. Hofer


      I support @DrMax' suggestion

    3. Mademoiselle


      You disgust me guys

    4. Rover


      Bird Key. My tatted girlfriend who loves Bioshock has decreed it.

    5. Ron


      If you don't know, then probs ask to postpone the tattoo date to a later day.

    6. Mademoiselle


      I haven’t booked a tattoo. I’m more stuck on which to get 😂 any of them i’d love but i only want one of them

  • Mademoiselle

    A weak signal breaks through the static....

    Blue is hysterical with laughter. ”I don’t know what’s worse! The fact you made a shitty transmission and continue it like some James Bond... saying you looked like Tom Cruise - why would you even mention that... or the fact you’re trying to insult people back to make yourself down with the youngins... that’s what kiddy fiddlers do... act all young and shit... Don’t know what kinda dementia you got oldie but someone take the radio off him and feed his his porridge... Wait... unless you’re secretly a stand up comedian cause this is funny... like seriously... are you being serious? Here, lemme help, there is a little button that turns the radio off. Try doing it...” Blue would mumble. ”Poor bastard doesn’t know when to stop even after being caught.” She shakes her head and talks normally again. ”Turn. Radio. Off. Thank. You. Dekuji. Danke. Mercy bechoop. Whatever. Turn it off.” She would turn her radio onto another channel, clearly bored and takes out her skittles.
  • Mademoiselle



    1. Banshee



  • Mademoiselle

    A weak signal breaks through the static....

    Blue responds as she laughs. ”Hit a nerve? Then don’t say stupid made up shit on the radio and you won’t get the same response. Retire old man, it’s getting late for you.” The radio finally cuts off of the teen.
  • Mademoiselle

    A weak signal breaks through the static....

    Blue gasps over-exaggeratedly, her radio transmitting as she does. She takes it with the largest hint of sarcasm. ”Hold up... Father as in... kiddy fiddler kinda father? Ahhh it all makes sense now. Target Fae to get her son.... creepo...” She would pretend she is ‘off the radio’. The largest hint of sarcasm through her voice. ”So what we do is we get Robbie. Put him on the road and wait for this father guy to sneak up thinking it’s Christmas and BAM, hands up or die...” There is a pause. ”Oh shit... my ass was sat on the radio.” Another pause, the teen snickers. ”As much as Fae hates me right now, even I know she wouldn’t do shit like this. Nice try preachy, gold star for attempt. When we meet, remind me to give you a sticker.” The girl laughs in her own childish amusement before the transmission cuts off.
  • Mademoiselle

    Interview With A Community Member: Imation11

    @Imation11 - Love you buddy I’m so glad I made such a good impact! Forever Thomas and Preston!
  • Mademoiselle

    A weak signal breaks through the static....

    Blue would take her radio. The teen replies in a confused tone. ”What exactly was the point of this? To try and create a fake snake story about Fae? Or to big dick? I don’t really understand what the dealio is about this whole transmission... maybe just stop. It’s cringey...” She cuts the radio off, cleaning her clothes.
  • Mademoiselle

    [Urgent Broadcast] To Anarchy and Lorcan!

    Blue maintains her laughter and gives a straight tone. "You no tie me no tie... You tied up Aleksei. Quit acting all innocent. You even admitted to it yourself. For the rest of what you said.... Was that even english Miss Kellogs? Kazimir? Whatever your name was again. I don't know why you think it's ok to try and twist a tale. It comes to bite you back in your ass." The radio cuts.
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