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  1. DayZ RPuppy Thread

    isn't he the dog that fell down stairs?
  2. Screeny.thumb.png.b80705bbdd2e9a9fa1ee1349040b0aa3.png

    1. Mademoiselle


      Aw look! Its:

      Hondo, Mr. White, Snowflake, Mrs. Kovar/Anna, Fredrick, Mikhail, Cliff, Birdie, Mr. Flufferton, Mr. Kovar, Strawberry, Boris, Dr. Shamalamadingdong, Skulduggery Pleasant, Aleksei, Brownie, Chocolate, Joey 

    2. KyleRP

      Jesus, I would never remember that kek

    3. Mademoiselle


      lol i know like half the names xD

  3. Character Ideas

    I think he was a really great character I already miss Clyde
  4. Bring back profile views counter?

    That's what I'm also thinking.
  5. Can we kill radio chatter yet

    Honestly yes. I'm really getting sick of the repetitive big dicking hiding behind fake accents or non descriptive radio chatters that only insult and nothing else out of it. Like literally trying to find roleplay with the people is near to impossible cause they're all hiding because they don't want to take the consequences in game. Might as well just right, *Picks radio in an italian voice even though he is chinese* "HAHA! YOU GUYS STILL HAVEN'T CAUGHT ME!" *He would be hiding in another country* Like that's always how it seems to be in my eyes from IG and radio chatter. Like two different worlds....
  6. To the Anarchist and whoever else this broadcast reaches...

    Blue would sitting read her book, Skulduggery Pleasant, in her bedroom as Hondo comes into the room. There was a lot of chatter coming from the black box until she hears a Russian voice saying there was lies of the scary people attacking them. Hondo would assure what the conversation was about and her brow turns into a slumped frown. He holds down the PTT as a little girl's voice comes over, obviously annoyed from what she was told and heard. "It isn't a lie! A truck drove past and all these scary people came in trying to hurt everyone! This is why you have no friends Mister! Because you get a lot of people hurt because of it! You wouldn't like it if that happened to you! I had to make sure my friends and dad was OK after that!" She huffs, before the transmission cuts and she turns her head to Hondo as he rubs his hand through her hair. As he leaves. she takes a moment to calm herself before returning back to her book.
  7. Mademoiselle

    When I have to add a teddy bears feature for my character to keep track of their names and how many I got xD Check Meika's page if you're interested.... :S 

  8. Mademoiselle

    I’m trying to try tea for once and I tried moving a beer outta the way and it fucking spilt everywhere....

  9. Top gun, and why it's the best movie ever made.

    My dad was so obsessed with Top Gun; always watched it since I was young. But I always had a love for aircrafts (Tornados are my most favourite loud aircraft but concorde was also cool, sat underneath that for a fashion show): Tornado aircrafts Concorde (Fastest plane to exist but retired, could cross the atlantic in 3.5 hours):
  10. Mademoiselle

    For a 45 year old she's so beautiful *Loving sigh*


  11. What do you collect?

    I collect all and anything Bioshock. I got 4 books 7 pop funkos handmade salts vigor the badge/pins the bird choker the key, the figurines big sister/Burial at sea elizabeth/ 1st dress elizabeth/ booker dewitt cosplays. 4 t-shirts the games on xbox 360 and PC (including remastered versions) I also want a tattoo. I'm trying to get a skyline hook.
  12. Mademoiselle

    Healthy snack tonight:

    Smooth peanut butter and bananas on a bagel

  13. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    o7 Anarchy had a massive impact on the server! Wait is this a meme or what don't do this shit....
  14. Black boxes....

    When it happens I'll make sure to do so
  15. Black boxes....

    <_< It's just dayzrp website that's doing it First Aider Harvey