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  1. Mademoiselle

    Today is not my day - mild panic attacks over my broken headset cause it wasn't turning on after everything I tried to repair it with Dino's help... Unplugs charger and it works... I fucking give up on this non sense...

    Why did I panic you may ask? Still fucking jobless with no money to pay for a new one, wayhay!

  2. Mademoiselle

    Added another flaw to Faith's character page.

    1. Harvey


      Cannot drive due to Asian descent?

    2. Mademoiselle



  3. Awesome drawings! I like your character (apart from his goofy laugh ) He seems interesting and everything
  4. Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    I microwaved my chocolate and caramel cookie pizza so it was warm and doughy. Left it in for like 45 seconds and the chocolate, marshmellow fluff and caramel turned into diabetic lava... I put icecream ontop and it melted in an instant. Had to eat it since I can't waste food (which is pretty nasty when I ate it anyway) but it's cause I know how grateful to be when I spent 3 years of my teenage life rationing on cans of soup for 50p each and bottles of pop for 75p. Good thing, I lost a hell of a lot of weight but bad part was cause the soups had not a lot of nutrition apparently. Luckily my grandma made us pies and it was god tier. So if I ever go, "I don't want to waste food." Now you know why. Be grateful for everything you have, a lot others have it worse in the world. I'm glad I got to eat burnt cookie pizza....
  5. Mademoiselle



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    Remember the cannibals song we made for this? We should make more of them...!


    1. Oliv


      I remember this thing :)

    • Mademoiselle
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    1. Squillium


      This goes beyond weebery


  6. Clumsys Art Workshop. [ OPEN ]

    Was wondering if you could make character graphics for this character page: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4967/ I made the titles as you can see (quite shitty I know). She's a wedding planner and her character model is - Xenia Tchoumitcheva. I like Red Roses, Calla Lilies, Silver/Platinum etc. I'll give you all my beanz!
  7. Mademoiselle

    "Hear your heartbeat
    Beat a frantic pace
    And it's not even seven AM
    You're feeling the rush of anguish settling
    You cannot help showing them in
    Hurry up then
    Or you'll fall behind and
    They will take control of you
    And you need to heal the hurt behind your eyes
    Fickle words crowding your mind

    Sleep, sugar, let your dreams flood in
    Like waves of sweet fire, you're safe within
    Sleep, sweetie, let your floods come rushing in
    And carry you over to a new morning

    Try as you might
    You try to give it up
    Seems to be holding on fast
    It's hand in your hand
    A shadow over you
    A beggar for soul in your face
    Still it don't mater if you won't listen
    If you won't let them follow you
    You just need to heal
    Make good all your lies
    Move on and don't look behind

    Sleep, sugar, let your dreams flood in
    Like waves of sweet fire, you're safe within
    Sleep, sweetie, let your floods come rushing in
    And carry you over to a new morning

    Day after day
    Fickle visions messing with your head
    Fickle, vicious
    Sleeping in your bed
    Messing with your head
    Fickle visions
    Fickle, vicious

    Sleep, sugar, let your dreams flood in
    Like waves of sweet fire, you're safe within
    Sleep, sweetie, let your floods come rushing in
    And carry you over to a new morning..."

  8. Mademoiselle

    Imagine having an RP event where the government in the lore realise it isn't a savable situation so you hear through speakers this...


    1. Harvey


      The Purge always gave me the creeps...



    2. Pado


      Imagine having a RP lore event

      *hits a dab and fades*

  9. Mademoiselle



  10. Faith would hear her radio distressed, her eyes almost closing from tiredness. She would sigh heavily, moving out of the cabin she was with with Letter. Walking out with her radio she would press down the push to talk. "Hey Pinky....." Her voice didn't sound as upbeat. Tired and more down than anything. Almost like she had given up. "Ella is... fine... No bodily harm but as Reed said... Yeah... I.. Yeah... We're fine. Reed is recovered, Liam too. Holmen is fine. Casper is... Casper..." She pauses. "We're trying to look out but I'll be honest with you Pinky, I don't think we've got enough energy to keep trying to keep Ella safe..." A shakily breath exaggerates from Faith's mouth. "All I can say is we tried... That's all we could do... Not much more we can do... Selfish people nearly got Ella and Calandra killed... I'd suggest seeing Beth and Ella by themselves... Not with their... friends.... I don't want you being in danger.... Faith out." The radio just cuts with Faith's footsteps in the background. She didn't say anything to herself when the radio cuts. Just keeping quiet.
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    Hey. I hope things get better for you soon. Angry people on the internet don't matter.


    1. Mademoiselle


      Thank you Harvey... It means a lot...

    2. JoffreyRP


      I'm angry, and damnit.. I matter too!

    3. Mademoiselle


      Shuddup Joffrey... #WomanMatterMo... *Remembers you're Tracy* Fuck...

    4. HarveyJ


      I meant that unreasonably angry people don't matter, Joffrey is reasonably angry

      So are a lot of other people on here

    5. Mademoiselle


      Joffrey is always angry tho... :ph34r: