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  1. Mademoiselle

    I’m trying to try tea for once and I tried moving a beer outta the way and it fucking spilt everywhere....

  2. Top gun, and why it's the best movie ever made.

    My dad was so obsessed with Top Gun; always watched it since I was young. But I always had a love for aircrafts (Tornados are my most favourite loud aircraft but concorde was also cool, sat underneath that for a fashion show): Tornado aircrafts Concorde (Fastest plane to exist but retired, could cross the atlantic in 3.5 hours):
  3. Mademoiselle

    For a 45 year old she's so beautiful *Loving sigh*


  4. What do you collect?

    I collect all and anything Bioshock. I got 4 books 7 pop funkos handmade salts vigor the badge/pins the bird choker the key, the figurines big sister/Burial at sea elizabeth/ 1st dress elizabeth/ booker dewitt cosplays. 4 t-shirts the games on xbox 360 and PC (including remastered versions) I also want a tattoo. I'm trying to get a skyline hook.
  5. Mademoiselle

    Healthy snack tonight:

    Smooth peanut butter and bananas on a bagel

  6. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    o7 Anarchy had a massive impact on the server! Wait is this a meme or what don't do this shit....
  7. Black boxes....

    When it happens I'll make sure to do so
  8. Black boxes....

    <_< It's just dayzrp website that's doing it First Aider Harvey
  9. Black boxes....

    thanks, i'll see if it works if not I'll recomment on this
  10. Black boxes....

    Google Chrome
  11. Large Amounts of Desync

    Yeah the server has seemed to be ten times worse than a few months ago. I literally desync so much now it's not even funny...
  12. Black boxes....

    So when I'm scrolling on character pages I sometimes start getting all these black boxes glitching on my screen. It only happened this morning but when I see if it's my desktop, i check on google images and youtube; scrolling down to see if it happens but it doesn't. It's like these black boxes that flash on the website and I don't know if it's a glitch with coding or something?
  13. Post your favorite show :)

  14. Mademoiselle


  15. United Nations and World Health Organization Timeline

    We had a discussion/heated debate on the roof top in which you eventually agreed on carrying on the investigation and handing it to the CDF until the PLA arrived and we had to drop it. The debate/discussion was done on the hospital roof top, and I can recall it like it was yesterday.