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"I suffocate so much, only to gain so little."

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      My fucking eyes hurt

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  3. Seeing the new lore wipe makes me happy but the one thing that strikes my heart is the memories I made in the second DayZRP lore.

    There were so many great moments that I will never forget but the one I always reminisce on is the United Nations and World Health Organisation days. I made some really amazing friends in 2017 who had remained by my side since and I'm forever grateful for.

    With that came along Galapagos and The Saviours. I made characters I never thought I could execute and opened my eyes in many ways but one. It's nice to have a refreshing start and I hope to find myself playing on this lore eventually but I've been needing a long well break.

    Anyone who reads this who has been apart of my storylines, roleplay or groups. Thank you so much for giving me an experience through the past three years on the lore. And I hope to cross paths with you one day again when I play here.

    Much love and soppiness,


    1. TheMrGasMask


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  4. @groovy cali 

    Best Uncle/Dad - Daughter duo when? 


  5. beaver GIF

    Isn't this a cute beaver? ?

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      Otters are cute too!

  6. I DOUBT you have kept count on how many times you have read the rules. As everyone says and have said, read EVERY word individually. Out loud. This is the ONLY way the STAFF and the community can help you. Each passphrase is unique to everyone so therefore we also cannot give you the passphrases whether we wanted too or not.
  7. 96 collectibles now collected for Bioshock... I think I've done pretty well... If only I could afford £500 statues like it's nothing.

    Add the tattoos it's 100.

    Add the cosplays it's 106

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      whats a bioshock

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      Don't do this to me...

  8. Cause y'all keep dragging me into your lesbo shiz. I mean, how can I not blame you?
  9. I think how I worded it was, "You and Rae are the cats. And I the duck. Cause I'm stuck in the middle and you two are gonna kill me."

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