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    How you doin'?

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      Could be better - your name tho, oh no... HARVEEEEEEEEEEEEY

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      From King? ( @Monday) tbh can't blame you or was it Vic's?

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      tbh we got a lot of scum in that ts but you'd be the worst tbh

  1. Faith

    Pretty relevant to DayZRP servers:

     "You can't go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world for people. Otherwise it's just a cage."

    —Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

  2. Faith

    When you're trying to put bullet points in your character page.

    Save it.

    It messes up.


    1. Rolle
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      Fixed - thank you bb

  3. Faith

    Gotta write some lore for the new character for whenever I’m bored. I’m already liking her :D Hopefully I can do some hostile RP with peeps.

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      Write the rest of mine for me? ty.

    2. Faith


      I Think you’re sorted... :0 

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      Mexi no don't do this

  4. Diadora Estelle

    - Currently a work in progress along with images that will be designed - Features: Paraphilic disorders; are recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviours that are distressing or disabling and that involve inanimate objects, children or non consenting adults, or suffering or humiliation of oneself or the partner with the potential to cause harm. Hematophage; is a creature/person that drinks blood. "Not to be mistaken with a vampire," according to the Urban Dictionary. The Urban Dictionary term traces obviously its origin through "hematophagy" and its etymology. Wikipedia has a good description of human hematophagy, which covers the consumption of human blood as well as the blood of other creatures.
  5. Faith

    Does anyone truly trust @Lemons? ( @DinoCasino)

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      I wouldn't trust him with a prostate exam that's for fucking sure... 

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      Lemons is probably the only person I actually trust in this community, lmao.

  6. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    That's what people said in Camp Hope and Kabanino until constant robberies. If you don't want to make the effort of finding roleplay and constantly getting initiated on and robbed then what is the point. I ran a hot spot once, I saw the corruption. New lore, I see how little sense it was at times to keep it going.
  7. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    What I used to watch: Naruto Naruto Shippuden (follow along from Naruto ) Vampire Knight Ghost in a Shell Bleach Death Note (live action is on netflix to appeal to non anime lovers) Code Geass Fruits Basket Anything from Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke for example)
  8. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    The safezone should be somewhere away from the hot spot for roleplay. Get people out of the area otherwise what is the point?
  9. Faith scoffs at how arrogant Tivian was. She rolls her eyes, if anything she wanted to punch him in the face and hope it quit complaining for once in her life. She grits her teeth, he pulled a nerve again. On the radio you could tell she was irritated? “You know Tivian, I like how you try acting like a cocky smartass. Yet you’re one complaining you get shot everyday and it wasn’t a choice to then saying kill people in Severograd. Oh and not to mention becoming a qualified war doctor as I’ve been told. Weren’t you an EMT in training? Yeah, then stop acting like the world is your own. Ever since the U.N. did that investigation and dropped you’ve been acting like you’re invincible. Do I have to remind you who offered to give that man, who was hostage, cyanide? Are you being serious? You did Tivian. So need to remind you, stop. You really think I’m that dumb to go out there to state how the person died? If anything I’m sure those bounty hunters may get hired or be hired by whoever did this. Am I stupid or are you missing something? I think you’re clearly missing something and nitpicking this situation. The person on the radio clearly stated that they had been dismembered. One plus one equals two. And thanks Tivian, unlike staying on my ass, I’m actually doing a good job of keeping people I care about safe. Instead of encouraging them to shoot others like a bunch of war gang children. Get yourself together, you’re making a fool out of yourself.” She would of said this whilst Casper was in the house recovering, inhaling through her nose as she nearly feels her eye twitch. She continues but directed towards anyone else. She takes a small breather before continuing to talk in a calmer matter. ”Even I have common sense to know that isn’t safe. I know everyone may be intrigued on seeing some sort of cult action but curiosity killed the cat. If anything stay away. Nothing ever good can come from this, I guarantee... If we had proper authority this would be dealt with correctly however as you can tell... A man dismembered and slung his skin on the side of the house clearly shows there is not enough law enforcements to see this and therefore should be steered away from as much as possible.” She tuts, her radio in her pocket before slumping down beside the boat the collected as she glares at it with a blank look. “Where the hell am I supposed to begin...” Her head shoots back behind her, that sense of paranoia as if she was being watched. “Mgh...”
  10. Law of the Jungle - Ivan Lynch's Story

    +1+1+1+1 I love the end part the most! It was so sweet!!!
  11. Jeverish 19 - Open Recruitment

    Skimming over this lightly I noticed the whole kingpin situation. Now I for one have no clue what is going on with the goals but I think you should restart. Find out who is the most leading in the group then second lead (which would be the lead's closest friend) and carry on from there. Knowing OOCly a leadership can show greatly ICly. Otherwise you're running around like headless chickens. Haven't met you in game but the thread goals look to be a bit of a mess.
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    When i just looked on my steam account and realised you used to be in FriendlyInCherno's roleplay server.... holy shit

    1. Saints


      Yup , that was my first ever rp experience. Got a PC just to play dayzrp but I was too young so I joined that one . I was really bad at rp then like seriously bad xD ( still am now like) 

    2. Faith


      Yeah, I kinda remember you. That whole drama that got you and  Friends banned for no reason which I didn’t  agree with and you came to me to get unbanned I think xD 

    3. Saints


      Oh yea !!! The admins where quite abusive on that server the sole reason why it died . But holy shit , never thought I would see that server pop up again xD

    4. Faith


      I used to tell them what the fuck since they bent the rules like I got KOS'd by an admin and he said he could and I asked why. His response was "Because im head admin" xD Weird to say it after so many years but I'm glad to see we're back in a server together.

  12. Faith would listen to the commotion on her radio, as an researcher she found the lack of sense to be no where near the body almost laughable. She shakes her head. “Wouldn’t it be common sense if you see a cult dead body to not be in the area? You’re in a danger zone... Not like that isn’t becoming common... Why is so many people interested in seeing a dead body hacked up... The poor person is dead... Take him down, pack him in a body bag and leave immediately. Anyone who goes there is asking for a death wish... As a doctor I’m sure people will be questioning your intelligence to risk your life in what may be a fresh body... I myself would wait until an authority of Chernarus collects said issue...” She shakes her head in disbelief, if anything this wasn’t survival of the fittest.
  13. The Last Light Media Thread