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    What in the holy hell is this creepy ass Tabitha-the-little-girl-killing-people-in-a-white-dress-next-door profile picture?

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      Zombie theme, you like? :3 

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      I cannot unsee

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      I didn't want to sleep anyways... :S

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      Dammit Faith, Spartan's gotta get them sleeping hours if he ever hopes to make CH

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      Better quieten down before he throws a hissy fit :ph34r:

  1. [87.5] Petr?

    Faith sits in a cabin besides Casper, he seemed to be fast asleep. She turns down the sound of her radio so she could maintain the crackles didn't disturb him. Gathering her thoughts, she shakes her head before pushing herself off of the bed to leave the small home. Leaving her husband to sleep peacefully. Her footsteps trace down a dirt path to the forest as she turns the radio up and tuning it into the frequency Holmen and Hawk had provided. She didn't know how to come across talking to a man who seemed a little bit dangerous from what she heard from others. She sighs, shaking off the feeling it was a bad idea. Just pressing down the button and talking instead of standing out in the cold. "Petr, you don't know me but I know a lot about you. I know, a bit of a creepy way to start a conversation but I don't know what else to say... Sorry... I need to get everything right about what I've been hearing to make a full decision. Right now I'm stuck and I need your help. Sorry, to the point. You know of Kristian Holmen and Casper Hawk, I'm close to them both... My name is Faith. I've heard a lot and I heard my friend has screwed up... I just need to know your side of the story. I don't mind meeting you alone. I promise no harm, I would just like to talk. I need to understand what is going on. Right now, my friends are stuck in a mess... Some of them don't even know about it from what I see.. And.... I... don't want to sit and wait for something.... well... wrong... to happen. I've heard about this whole alliance between you, Holmen and Rory. Apparently some things have happened and now I see split choices between the people I know. I want to know what your thoughts, opinions and the story of your side is. I don't think it's fair just to follow one story, shake my head and so called 'go against you'. If you're concerned on who I am, who I work for or anything that may bother you. Feel free to ask and I can easily tell you. I don't mind if you want to meet face-to-face or on the radio, it's up to you. I just need to see what the heck is going on here... I... Hope to hear from you soon Mr. Petr." She sighs heavily to herself, looking back on the line of cabins, heavy in thought before flickering her emerald green eyes back to the forest. The static crackling back to life as she releases the push-to-talk. She stands, waiting for some sort of reply. Not realising how long she had been stood outside with an urge of response from the unknown man she heard many stories about.
  2. Faith

    New profile song:


  3. Faith

    People keep asking me to bring Dr. Hope Pisces back... :S She'd be a completely different story and non- United Nations but I don't think it'd be right of me...

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      Where are these people Faith? 


    2. Faith


      @Karma @Loscham and a few others but i forgot cause im tired

    3. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      No one wants hope back we just want vic tbh


    4. Joffrey


      If you bring hope back I'll bring joff back to hunt 'r down!!!!! jk.. I'm never bringing the ol joff bak

    5. Lucky1911


      Nah don’t do it. She had a good run. Leave it be at that.

      If your ever temptened and want to bring her back , new story , new name, and a couple drops of her old personality 

    6. Karma


      She was brought back in spirit though my backstory <3 

    7. Loscham


      You bring back Hope, I bring back Loscham.

  4. Faith

    And back in England.... *Headslams desk*

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      Welcome back , hope you had a great time.

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      England is your city.

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      Welcome back!

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      Glad you made it home okay! Come to the Discord. We have punch and pie.

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    Home on Wednesday :( Scared of missing my flight like the last time >_> 

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      You think you get scared!? 

      I get so freaked out I'll miss my flight I leave 3 hours early sometimes. (p.s: don't let your little brother try and smuggle a toy revolver through security, they don't like it) 

    2. Faith


      Lol, mine said manchester was on the opposite side of the airport :S I hope that doesn’t happen again

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      Dont worry, You got this!


  6. The Files and Journals of Tivian

    Here we go *rolls eyes*
  7. The Last Light

    Well, see you guys a bit over 3 weeks since I'm going on holiday Faith currently has broken ribs.
  8. Faith

    When you have a sore throat and a flight on Wednesday for holiday for 3 weeks.... Mghhhh 

    1. Iso


      Life is full of those ups and downs

  9. Looking members for militia group idea.

    Good luck! traitor
  10. Can you put it in spoilers; then I can read it D: it's hurting my eyes with all the white
  11. CitadelRP.com - new community

    Do we sign up if we exist on this forums or log into our account from there??
  12. Faith

    When Overwatch gold's tell everyone else to change but themselves... And they're the problem xD Man, wish they knew game mechanics before picking shitty heroes and throwing.

    1. Para


      Welcome to overwatch, one of the main reasons i don't play it anymore lmao

  13. Faith

    When you see everyone’s font changed on the forums... meanwhile you are on your phone unknowing how to make yours look pretty.. I cry

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      Edit profile...

      Under premium style

      BUT I think its HoF up, but I cant be sure. As its a new thing not sure who has it and who doesnt.

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      Erm, I changed it using my phone...

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      Its because our Lovely Faith has her profile premium style set as Patron not HOF +

      Well that is what I believe anyway.

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      That’s a bit bad - I have Patron for the group page to look more bold.

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      Let me try fixing it for you, what font did you kind of want? Or shall we cycle till we find it? xD

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      Like @Saints please :D

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      THank you B.B.<3

  14. Faith