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  1. Finding big ARs in the southern part is pretty easy, if you manage to enter the areas. In the other hand finding civilian stuff such as shotgun shells, water bottles etc. Is very hard down south.
  2. 9 mm seems to be a big issue, even before the zombie update. As you said, maybe the small caliber damage values should be looked into.
  3. I like the new changes, which reward hitting them with headshots. As you say however, it is very nice, that they are dangerous at the moment, if you get trapped between, you are dead.
  4. Uhka

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    I would like to add to the discussion of the Plate carriers. The plate carrier currently weights about 12 kg so it is itself a huge disadvantage compared to other armor. For example if you already have a kitted weapon and some other weighing stuff, the plate carrier can bring the stamina down a lot. Does anyone know how much the stab vest protects from the infected, as it is usually my goto choise?
  5. Great little backstory, I have to tweak my characters backstory a bit to make it fit in here. Looking forward for the whole new lore!
  6. Uhka

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Of course I don't know the situation, but maybe the rp should shift from, hi, what's up, to fuck, we are in fucking big trouble right now, let's get to warmth together and plan how we are going to survive it. At least usually in the past most everyday rp of two persons meeting is pretty boring, as there is usually no threat. Now that threat comes from the environment. But as said I don't know how that situation was in that case. What I want to say, is that we have to adapt to the harsh environment with both how we play and how we rp.
  7. Uhka

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    The regular splitting axe still seems to kill the infected rather fast,
  8. Uhka

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    I also noticed that the Zs are very hard to kill by shooting. I fear however, that this is the only current way to make them a threat, until they can break doors/climb windows.
  9. Uhka

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    I myself enjoy the added toughness of survival. If there is a heavy rain, it should be the best to stay inside, it makes sense. However, some clothing warmth values seem to be off, as if you are sitting inside a house during a late summer rainstorm, you should not get cold while having a jacket on. If the jacket is wet, then ofc. you should get hypothermia fairly fast. While I was playing my temperature never dropped to dark blue (where you start loosing health) as long as I stayed inside during the heavy rain and kept moving when ever it was dropping. I had the hoodie and the jeans on. After switching to a peacoat I was getting colder for some reason though. To sum up, I'd like for the harsh survival aspects to stay, but maybe check that the clothings warmth parameters are consistent thoroughly.
  10. Born in Finland, Studied mining, Went to Livonia to start a mine.
  11. Thanks for everyone involved, this was a great end for my three year old character. See you in Livonia!
  12. *Erik hears the message while searching some supplies* "Is this the guy I met the other day, the rock star? What is going on? I'm not around the station, but if you head there, someone might be able to help you. *He releases the PTT*
  13. I think I met you guys this night, with Frank the rockstar! I really enjoyed, and Frank, if you see this, thanks for the show ! Here is a short clip I made, didnt remember to record from the start: -edit- I hope that his music saved us from a grim fate btw. @SkezZHD
  14. I'm waiting for the cursed elevator music. I love the tension that being in conflict with Anarchy has given us. It's nice to spice things up every now and then.
  15. In my opinion the stamina is on a pretty realistic level right now. Even if you carry a 12 kg radio in your backpack, a weapon and a melee weapon, you still have some stamina left. And I think some changes were made to how fast the stamina depletes, I'm sure @Misho knows better. I'm all into making individual items more accurate though, but on the whole it won't affect the total stamina that much, as some items get heavier and some lighter., But still, +1
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