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  1. Uhka

    13.5 (HF)

    The following message can be heard on HF channels from SE to NW up to Scandinavia and the Arabian Peninsula: ....- ...-- .-.-.- / ....- --... ..... --..-- / ...-- ---.. .-.-.- / ---.. ---.. ----. / .-. / ....- ...-- .-.-.- / ....- --... ..... --..-- / ...-- ---.. .-.-.- / ---.. ---.. ----. /
  2. Thanks @Caraham! I'll join you guys later today.
  3. Everyone here saying winter is over in February/March, when it really ends in April/May. Jokes aside, I enjoy it and we could keep it till spring equinox.
  4. It was great to meet you Finn (oReily?) , had fun with you. I Hope you get your motor oil. I had to go, It's getting late. I Hope to meet you again!
  5. Thanks cheeks and Boston! There will be more for sure.
  6. I Wanted to share a few pictures about today's little fishing adventure between Erik and Baz. Featuring: @cheeks He did surprisingly well for a first timer. Even got this majestic profile picture out of it. Everything good has to come to an end, so he left in to the sunset. Jokes aside, it was a great adventure with you buddy!
  7. Uhka

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I Like your profile music!
  8. Uhka

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10, It has a nice theme in it ;)!
  9. Uhka

    Text RP Events

  10. It was awesome, it's been a while since I had such an adventure. I Like your character Baz, seems like a realistic guy! Smoking that will be surely another great story to tell. Ps. Thanks for the great roleplay in Svetlojarsk. Jonny, you made our hearts pound a little by taking us to the docks ;).
  11. Uhka

    Longer Nights?

    I Would love to have long nights. Nothing beats scavenging a town with flashlights. I Think the problem is that many people don't like it at all, and the server population would stay rather low. A Yes from me.
  12. *Erik wipes some dried wolf meat from his hands to his pants and presses the ptt* Hey, man with the truck, I have the meat prepared. If you still want it, I'd be willing to tell you the location where it is hidden. It should last fresh for a while, as it is awfully cold in here. *He releases the ptt and takes a last look at the bloody mess*
  13. Erik's mom Vera Skala came to Finland for a better payment. She worked as a cleaning lady and married a Finnish man Juhani Koivu. They lived in Kouvola when Erik was born. He was a good kid and was always into sports. At the age of 10 he got a little sister, Elena. Their parents divorced a few years later and Vera moved back to Chernarus. During the Chernarussian civil war many relatives of Erik died and he didn't really travel much to see his mom. He was always worried about her, but she made it out of the war unharmed. When the other kids were starting to smoke and drink alcohol, Erik focused in track and field. He went to the high school and went through it with pretty good grades. At the age of 19 he did his conscription in the Finnish defense forces as a recon radioman. He enjoyed his service, as he was doing pretty good. He learned the morse code and good survival and stealth skills. He later attended some repetition training afterwards. After that applied to a university of a technology and started to study mechanical engineering. He is a native Finn, but he is half Chernarussian. He spent some summers in english language summer camps near Khelm, where his grandfather lived. He knows some Chernarussian phrases, but can't remember anything more complex. In the days before the infection Erik and Elena traveled to Chernarus as their grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday. They met their mom and went to the house of their Grandpa Alexej. Things went down and Erik was left only with his sister Elena. Now both of them are trying to survive together. He doesn't know where his cousine Robert is, but rest of the family that attended the fest, are dead. He is devastated from all the losses, but tries to cheer Elena up anyways. -Update 1: Robert came back after a few weeks and Erik left Elena with him, as he went to gather supplies and information. He teamed up with a soldier named George and has been surviving around Chernogorsk since. Both of them have been scavenging the nearby cities and villages for useful supplies and even found a couple automatic guns. On one trip, when they got seperated, Erik was trapped inside a house, while a huge pack of wolves was howling outside. He managed to kill over 10 of them and the rest ran away. He only got some minor injuries, as the wolves couldn't get inside the house. He also met a friendly survivor Baz, whom with they went fishing a few times. -Update 2: A year has passed and Erik never found Elena nor Robert. The House were he left them was raided by unknown people and there is barely anything left there. By this time he has lost hope that he will find his little sister any more. It has taken a toll on him an the once happy and optimistic Erik is now facing the reality that the society is lost and all he has left is himself. He has bonded with people every now and them, but he knows that people come and go. He also has tried to settle down in Cherno, but the increasing amount of infected worries him.
  14. Uhka

    117.9 We have the Cure (Open)

    *Leo listens to the chattering on the freq and decides to join in* I Met the people in Myshkhino and they told me, that there will be more of those vaccines, so don't let those people on the church fool you! *He releases the ptt*
  15. Oh okay, thanks both of you! So protector cases are ideal, as you can hide them inside of furniture, to make the furniture usable.
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