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  1. In my opinion the stamina is on a pretty realistic level right now. Even if you carry a 12 kg radio in your backpack, a weapon and a melee weapon, you still have some stamina left. And I think some changes were made to how fast the stamina depletes, I'm sure @Misho knows better. I'm all into making individual items more accurate though, but on the whole it won't affect the total stamina that much, as some items get heavier and some lighter., But still, +1
  2. Uhka

    To All Denizens of Chernarus...

    *Eriks decides to join the conversation* I also would like to apologize on behalf of Connor. I however have a question. How is absorbing gamma radiation makes the meat any more dangerous? I understand that you don't want animal with damaged DNA to migrate and reproduce but on behalf of eating the meat it doesn't really matter if the animal has cancer or not. It's alpha and beta you should be afraid of. Just out of interest how high doses are measured from the area, in case you have a dosimeter? I visited the place before I knew it was radiated, stayed there for maybe 20 minutes and haven't seen any deterministic symptoms. *He releases the PTT and shouts: "Connor!"
  3. A bit better resolution of the pics
  4. As I promised, there would be more pictures (not necro at all). @Billy had his leg broken pretty badly. @JobScholten decided that using a defibrillator in a metal tower was a good idea to try to revive him. @baskorthuis is starting to loose any hope that we will live till the fall.
  5. Uhka

    Interview With A Community member: baskorthuis

    Sorry that I'm late to the party, but a great interview!
  6. I really enjoyed the rp at the castle of the watch and after that by the wolfpack. I was glad that I ran into you guys.
  7. @Zanaan, I just came back home and accepted the invitation.
  8. You just have to wake up early then and have it as a morning show :p!
  9. Uhka

    13.5 (HF)

    The following message can be heard on HF channels from SE to NW up to Scandinavia and the Arabian Peninsula: ....- ...-- .-.-.- / ....- --... ..... --..-- / ...-- ---.. .-.-.- / ---.. ---.. ----. / .-. / ....- ...-- .-.-.- / ....- --... ..... --..-- / ...-- ---.. .-.-.- / ---.. ---.. ----. /
  10. Thanks @Caraham! I'll join you guys later today.
  11. Uhka

    Remove snow map

    Everyone here saying winter is over in February/March, when it really ends in April/May. Jokes aside, I enjoy it and we could keep it till spring equinox.
  12. It was great to meet you Finn (oReily?) , had fun with you. I Hope you get your motor oil. I had to go, It's getting late. I Hope to meet you again!
  13. Thanks cheeks and Boston! There will be more for sure.
  14. I Wanted to share a few pictures about today's little fishing adventure between Erik and Baz. Featuring: @cheeks He did surprisingly well for a first timer. Even got this majestic profile picture out of it. Everything good has to come to an end, so he left in to the sunset. Jokes aside, it was a great adventure with you buddy!
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