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  1. Uhka

    Interview With A Community member: baskorthuis

    Sorry that I'm late to the party, but a great interview!
  2. Uhka

    Killers, Pyschos, Creeps of Every Kind Needed (And Victims To Kill/Torture)

    I can confirm this
  3. I really enjoyed the rp at the castle of the watch and after that by the wolfpack. I was glad that I ran into you guys.
  4. @Zanaan, I just came back home and accepted the invitation.
  5. You just have to wake up early then and have it as a morning show :p!
  6. Uhka

    13.5 (HF)

    The following message can be heard on HF channels from SE to NW up to Scandinavia and the Arabian Peninsula: ....- ...-- .-.-.- / ....- --... ..... --..-- / ...-- ---.. .-.-.- / ---.. ---.. ----. / .-. / ....- ...-- .-.-.- / ....- --... ..... --..-- / ...-- ---.. .-.-.- / ---.. ---.. ----. /
  7. Thanks @Caraham! I'll join you guys later today.
  8. Everyone here saying winter is over in February/March, when it really ends in April/May. Jokes aside, I enjoy it and we could keep it till spring equinox.
  9. It was great to meet you Finn (oReily?) , had fun with you. I Hope you get your motor oil. I had to go, It's getting late. I Hope to meet you again!
  10. Thanks cheeks and Boston! There will be more for sure.
  11. I Wanted to share a few pictures about today's little fishing adventure between Erik and Baz. Featuring: @cheeks He did surprisingly well for a first timer. Even got this majestic profile picture out of it. Everything good has to come to an end, so he left in to the sunset. Jokes aside, it was a great adventure with you buddy!
  12. Uhka

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I Like your profile music!
  13. Uhka

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10, It has a nice theme in it ;)!
  14. Uhka

    Text RP Events

  15. It was awesome, it's been a while since I had such an adventure. I Like your character Baz, seems like a realistic guy! Smoking that will be surely another great story to tell. Ps. Thanks for the great roleplay in Svetlojarsk. Jonny, you made our hearts pound a little by taking us to the docks ;).
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