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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Having read the verdict and reviewed the video, you state; "he OP then stop him along the dirt road portion from Cernaya to the NE airfield and demand he strip down so they can examine him for weapons.". Which is not true, Dongle told him that, the only words you hear from me in my PoV video is "Come on man" (Let's get a move on). I am only speaking personally for myself, but I think I provided a good amount of RP of what I had to work with. Maybe you had me and Dongle's voice mixed up? And to this: "He then, repeatedly, asked you to please leave him alone OOC, and yet you continued to persist. The staff team have reviewed this conduct and decided that it is in direct violation of rule 2.3" I have never gotten an OOC message to leave him alone, I got one once, saying he don't want beef and his stash to be left alone. Again, maybe one of the other guys had been repeatedly asked to leave him alone but it was not in my knowledge. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In my video where he initiated on Michael - I could have easily killed all of them. But I didn't because I wanted to further the RP, and to answer this: "You then capture him and execute him for the killing of you ally red" We didn't capture him, he straight up shot Red for walking away and we just defended Red. It was not an execution but he just died in a firefight, which he started and have nothing to do with our RP with him. But if I only wanted PvP - I could have shot them there when he initiated on Michael, but I chose to RP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to have my ban and points lifted + removal of my PK character. Edit: Having just read this quote from Rolle I understand now how I violated this rule and will accept the PK of my character. What could you have done better?: I could have stood up to Dongle and said we shouldn't leave him without his clothes, anything rather than just standing there aiming my weapon in silence. Being in a large group, especially when majority of them are in the States and I'm in Europe, I should of researched better and followed up on Novaa's accusations. But at that time, the accusation of being a stream sniper overtook my judgement to even speak to him OOC. In the future, I'll make sure to PM and ask if we're taking it too far and to make sure with whomever I'm roaming with, that we're operating within the rules so these kinds of reports never happen again from me.
  2. On my way to hide my car and log off I met some amazing people like @Brayces & co, ty for the RP! I'll be visiting S2 more frequently now that's for sure
  3. Sorry you and your viewers had to witness my driving (x)
  4. Ricky Williams PoV: Matthias spotted around 5+ liquidators running up north and relayed the information to me and Kato, who was currently at Cernaya Polana. Matthias got spotted and made a run for it, he didn't get caught - later on he and Kirby regrouped with me and Kato at Cernaya Polana. Kato and I had changed our clothing and I went by the alias "Eugene". We were expecting The Liquidators to come, after waiting for at least 15 minutes we logged because of the server restart. After the server restart I logged on to Kirby and Matthias doing RPS. Kato was missing and he later came with a friend whom we met earlier.( @JamesRP ) They wanted to go to Krasnotav and I asked Matthias if it was a good idea, since we're expecting the Liquidators anytime soon. Matthias and I agreed that it'd be best I was here to scout. Around 30-40 seconds later he sprinted back to me, saying that The Liquidators are at Krasnotav. We all regrouped and got there. From there on my video (X) started. Towards the situation I was idle and observing. Matthias came to me asking if I'm hungry and if I wanted apples (which is a code for that we're about to initiate) I said yes but nothing has happened and I still stand around and observe. A little bit later I hear shots fired and raised my hands immediately. I then get gunned down with no initiation on me and posed no threat. I found out OOC after the fight has ended that Matthias had initiated, which gave them Defender Rights on Matthias and not me, so I felt like my death was an invalid kill.
  5. First encounter (Video) Bodey initiated on 1/1 - Michael because he was wearing a human mask and leaving steaks around. Second encounter (Video) After a little while, I changed clothing going from my undercover to normal self. I talked with my group member Red and we both walked towards their compound together. The argument got a little heated so I started to record. Bodey gave Red 60 seconds to get out of his eyesight with no consequence given. Red asked him what's he gonna do and Bodey replied with "You'll see", which I think is not a clear consequence for a hostile action. Me, Red and Kato who was all present at the situation, did not think he knew the rules so I sent him a discord invite to Kato's discord. None of us recorded so I'll tell my PoV from the discord talk: Bambi (Red) was trying to explain calmly to Bodey that what he did was not OK and he should watch out in the future because other people may throw up a report. Bodey was acting really stubborn and hard to talk to, so it got nowhere, it was clear he didn't want to listen and Kato kicked him. We did not threaten him like he claims, we cannot prove it since none were recording at the time, but if @ImNovaaa have recordings of it to support his accusation then I'd like to see/hear it. Third encounter (Video) Me, Schultz and Kato were driving to Cherno (since everyone has moved from Severograd) we got there and was checking out the town, and said our greetings to some familiar faces. Schultz was apart of the mechanics before they disbanded so he recognize Bodey quickly, he went under an alias then; "Thomas". We took him a little away from Wolf Packs den into an orange house and asked for our payments. I threaten him that it will not end with him, but Willow too (a girl he admittedly told me he likes ICC). Saying something is not equal that I am going to do it, because I have met Willow twice since the "threat" and nothing has happened to her. (cherno 1st time and Novo 2nd) I said the threat because ICCly it made sense, threaten someone the person loves and he'll do anything to protect them. (Like paying us back) Fourth encounter (Video) Phoenyxx and Kato were in contact over the radio ICCly and she gave us Bodey. Me, Kato, Bryan and Michael arrived and took Bodey out of town. During the entire session he was just really trolly, which is why this report is up. He died because of non-compliance. He felt no pain, acting cocky, taunting us and making fun of us when shot in the ass. He repeatedly talked back even after severely warnings. He even went as far to call us out on our "empty" warnings. We just gave him plenty chances to RP with us. Bryan's last demand to Bodey was to stop wiggling or he'll be killed. Bodey then proceeds to look directly at Bryan and wiggle slowly. Additional Evidence: Me personally and I'm pretty sure all of our group members has never heard anything of this or the sort.
  6. Excuse my confusion. No, we have not executed him because of the situation with Red. He died the first time in a firefight, and this time he was killed for non-compliance. These two are the only times a scenario with us has led to his death. I was saying we were going to kill him to get him scared, IC he has been overdue on payments and we've had to hunt him down in order to try and get what's due, I felt that scare tactics would be the appropriate reaction from an angry contractor. It would not make sense to RP with him about payments and deadlines only to execute him over the scenario with Red and him lose his memory. I'd like to point out he died of repeatedly being told to stop acting cocky and wiggling, at the end near his death you can hear Bryan say "Wiggle again and I'll kill you" and he Q'd and E'd really slowly while staring at Bryan, which led to his death, which I think is justified within the rules:
  7. Okay, I'll go even further back. Back in Novo he initiated on Michael but the thing got deescalated when our leader came and Michael got let off. Later Red appeared and got in a discussion with Bodey about how cannibalism is ok or not. Bodey told Red that he got 60 seconds to get out of his eyesight with no consequence. Red was walking away while Bodey counting down. Obviously Red would be out of VOIP and I was standing next to Bodey while he was still counting, for safe measure (since he didn't initiate but it still seemed weird that he's counting when Red is far away) Then he and his friend started to shoot Red. On the same day and hour, he manages to be hostile against two of our members.
  8. I am with a group doing contracts, back then in Novo when the mechanics (Kenny and Bodey) were still a thing hired us to do some contracts. In this VOD we gave him 24 hours to get us the things he owes. (I am the guy in the red beret) More than 24 hours has passed and I stumbled upon him randomly in Cherno at Wolf Pack old base. As seen in this video But he logged off to avoid RP which led to this report
  9. Server and location: S1 - Little bit south of Cernaya Polana Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Est. 18:30 Your in game name: Ricky Williams Names of allies involved: Kato, Bryan, Michael Name of suspect/s: Bodey Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We got ICC information that Bodey is at Wolf Packs camp and waiting for us. We finally got there and started to take him away from their base. While walking away from town, he repeatedly kept trolling / bad mouthing / wiggling from side to side / showing no value for his life and overall providing really bad RP. We hoped to at least get some RP out of him, and gave him multiple warnings but he kept to continue with his behavior, even taunting something along this: "You keep telling me but your actions don't..you know" After many, many, many chances to push some RP out of him, Bryan got fed up and executed him, and we all mag dumped him in frustration.
  10. +1 ! Reminds me of the good ol 2013/14 with Altar Castle, Haven and what not!
  11. According to the logs you played for around 32 minutes. So by the time you logged on, you managed to get hold up by Artyom, turn the situation around and held him, put him in a garage, ran from north cherno to wolf-packs base (Where my video started).. All that.. in 32 minutes? Ok Berry Allen. Please stop slandering us. I'd like to add: Lying in report as proved in my statements above.
  12. Loving everything about this update!
  13. Further evidence has surfaced and via. @Isaiah CortezPVE twitch vod I can confirm he did in fact combat log and avoiding rp: 01:47:00 - Confirmed via forums that he logged off 9 minutes ago, apply simple math and it turns out he logged out (roughly) at 01:38:00, the time he makes entry into the compound at timestamp 01:36:00... At timestamp 01:39:00 We haven't even made entry to the compound, he logged off before we even began the search, meaning he lied in our chat in help desk (9:00) when he said we passed him several times during our search before he decided to log off. This can also be confirmed by watching Grachi clear the entire compound and look in every corner. There are no other exits or entrances to the base and we had the entire block surrounded the entire time. We can also use an OOC chat by "Keiko Higanbana" as a comparison to sync up the video time to the time given in the logs. He continues to actively interact with the twitch stream for about an hour and a half after he had to go, proving he could have gotten back on and continue the RP.
  14. Don't build a base and go rp at other bases. it's a win/win!
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