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  1. Ricky Williams is born and raised in Chicago. Been in a ghetto with his lil brother and mother, his whole life. His dad left him when he was just 10 years old. After some years when Ricky turned 15, he dropped out of school to join a gang and make some money to help out his mother with the economy. Ricky was good at beating up people, stealing and selling drugs. He made a lot of money and earned street credits. He used his earnings for his lil brother, Terrance. Ricky paid for Terrance college fund, so Terrance could enter a law college. Ricky is very obsessed with upholding the family name, that their father left in the dirt. After having helped out his mom out of the ghetto and seeing Terrance complete his law degree, Ricky could relax a little and take care of himself. He worked up the gang ladder and became a fierce gang member. He was feared throughout all of Chicago. Having worked up on the ladder, Ricky landed a big score in Chernarus. But Ricky realized he could not travel to Chernarus alone, he had promised himself that he would never involve Terrance in any kind of gang related crime, but he needed this big score badly, to climb further up the gang ladder. He begged Terrance to help, begged Terrance to fly with him to Chernarus, because it would seem less suspisous if he had a Black man with a good education with him. Terrance agreed because of all the things Ricky did for the family. Having landed in Chernarus and succeeded in landing the big score, they celebrated with vodka in a Motel. The next day they were on the way to the airport. While getting ready to board the plane, Ricky notices a lot of screams and people running. People biting each other, blood every where. Ricky and Terrance made a run for it out of the airport.. Now they're stuck in Chernarus with only each other to protect.
  2. Mr. Lu Kim is raised and born in South Korea, Seoul. Before the outbreak, Mr. Lu Kim was pro cyclist for Team SKY, and the first South Korean to win The Tour De France. Physically, Mr Lu Kim is in pretty good shape. He is tall with pale skin, black hair and brown eyes. He grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. He was raised by his mother, his father having left when he was young. He is currently married to Park Shin Hye. Shin Hye is the same age as him and works as a lawyer. Mr Lu Kim has two children aged 4 Jessica and Heather aged 5. Mr Lu Kim's best friend is a personal trainer called Marie Hunt. They have a very firey friendship. He also hangs around with Park Ji Sung and Lee Kwang Soo. They enjoy badminton together. Mr. Lu Kim went to a family trip to Chernarus. Their plane crashed and he woke up by the store, stunned and confused, trying desperately to look for his family.
  3. Yall got an Arma 3 dayz server yet?
  4. FruitPunchG

    Official CS:GO Thread

    My aim is shit, worse than a G1, and I am LEM but how? Game IQ, game sense! out smart, out position and be positive & never flame. Will be streaming now with Chris Feel free to ask anything on twitch chat and I will answer (am sick so sorry for coughings and cracky voice)
  5. FruitPunchG

    Official CS:GO Thread

    feel free to add me and ill play with you, my rank is LEM but i have a smurf too if thats too high for u :3
  6. haha, yes i will be mr lu kim, and watch ur mouth boy or ill take u out fishing
  7. hi i missed u all and im back, you'll find me on dayz sa server, hope we get to interact!
  8. So.. There hasn't been a video up for a while, and there is a good reason for that, we just haven't been playing, but today, me and Vulric wanted to give DayzRP a go again, on server 1. First day back on al-Takizh after a long break, things got weird fast: [video=youtube]
  9. [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DjYUb42X4zE
  10. 1) There are no roadblock, you need to cover 75% of the road. You want to slow the car down to under 45, which is why when Bariq shot the car on off road (Cause car usually takes a long time to accelerate on off road, or simply drive 25~) 2. Yes, do like "I feel dizzy.. My visions are blurry" instead of straight on "I need blood" You know?
  11. FruitPunchG

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    Branch: Experimental ETA: Monday 20 January 2014, AM Description: This build is being tested on experimental branch, and contains a number of fixes and changes that have been in preparation for the last two weeks. Please note that we do not expect that this build will be quickly posted to stable branch as we anticipate at least one more update will occur to Experimental prior to being pushed to stable. Only a limited number of servers will be running this version, so be aware slots may be limited. Once we have confirmed this build is functioning correctly we will announce more information about the release to stable branch. What are experimental/stable branches? In your steam application settings, you can choose a "beta branch". This allows you to opt in to our experimental branch to try it out. Does my saved character get affected in experimental branch? No. It runs on a different database, so any changes will not affect your character on stable branch. I can't find a slot while on experimental branch! Only a small number of servers run this branch. You will need to change your game back to the stable branch and play on a normal server Can I join a stable branch server wil experimental branch client? No, you would need to change your client back to stable. When will this be in stable? We expect stable to be updated before the end of that week (by Friday 24 January 2014). Fixed: Niosh mask (respirator) inventory size fixed to 1/1 slot. Missing strings for BE popup for alternate languages, set to English while translations are being done. Reduced dispersion of FNX45 (from 0.05 to 0.03) Balanced stomach capacity, Added stuffed notifier (instead of sickness when full up) Eating and drinking animations properly set for tablets/disinfectants Version number in server browser and details Saline transfusion doesn't refill full blood Charcoal and Tetracycline tablets won't give sick badge if you aren't actually sick Player aim run speed updated, weapon position changed and improved for first person view Glitches on right hand while moving and while giving taunt fixed Players can't pile backpacks inside of another backpacks, backpack-inception style. You can only put one backpack inside of another backpack if the backpack that is being put inside is empty. Magnum speedloader should be spawning now Number of backpacks spawning lowered Number of .357 Pythons spawning lowered. Number of M4A1s spawning lowered Dead character cleanup performed at 10 minutes past death Removed scripted server teleporting check as now managed by engine New: Editable character name in main menu Hive, mode and time columns in server browser Database support for sub hives. (Sub-private, Hardcore/Regular public) DayZServer.exe support for sub hives. Signature verification against PBOs Added shotgun speedloader into loot spawns Added box of 20 pieces .357 rounds into loot spawns Added color variants of all shoes into loot spawns Added Hiking pants (both long and short ones) and Canvas pants including their color variants into loot spawns Added hacksaw into the loot spawns Added shotgun into loot spawns Berry picking Added Hacksaw into loot spawns Saw-off shotgun recipe Opening cans with saw Painting Mosin now supported w/ spraypaint Added spraypaint can into loot spawns Coastal harbor town of Svetloyarsk (and surrounding areas)
  12. Hi guys! Anyone heard of this game? I am not a horror guy myself, I hate suspense, I hate the feeling of being watched, but in Damned, you are able to play with 4 of your friends! One of them being a monster of course! It's pretty funny, trying to avoid the monster and escape from whatever map you chooses. Here is a little "gameplay" of me playing for the first time without any crashes (Woo, yea the game is in early-access so it crashes a lot atm) *In the gameplay, I was playing alone, that just goes to show how great the community is! (Sometimes) [video=youtube] Thanks for Vulric for gifting me this game!
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