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  1. AKm

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Your character has one of the best outfits I've seen. And certainly the best in this thread. It especially looks good with that M4. To the other 85% that wear military clothing.. Geez, stop being so boring.. Get orginal.
  2. I bearly ever wear masks. Why? It might look cool, but imagine it was real life. It's warm as hell outside and you wear a thick clown mask, because you think it's cool. Some bandits should use face scarfs, yes. Maybe some militias balaclavas. But, not every bandit will look like a bandit, and for everyone else. Gas masks should only be used in radioactive hotspots in my opinion. Like factories and so on. Just for the sake of RP. People should wear respirators more often, though.
  3. This is the update that I've been waiting for. In the zombie apocalypse, life isn't easy. And finally - Stealth!
  4. I agree. I will change my profile picture to the transparent version I did in Paint.NET that I use for my Google+. No offense, but your example is terrible. See, what is black in that picture is the high contrast shadows. Shadows are never white. But, if you look at the original picture and looked at the white part of the person, if you carved that out, then it would've been right. I do some graffiti from time to time and this is a common mistake by people. Also, I did game textures for about 3 years, and just like textures - The darkness or brightness in a color is all based on where the light source is. In your case it was above and front of him.
  5. AKm

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  6. AKm

    Radio Broadcasting

    Must've missed it. My bad.
  7. AKm

    Radio Broadcasting

    The biggest problem is the range of the radios.
  8. Wait, how did your friend get into the back of that truck, and where is it?
  9. Thank you! Honestly it's much easier than you may think Have you heard of Garry's mod? on steam. It's a physics based mod for source engine (it's standalone) where you can among other things pose models. It has a huge workshop filled with everything you need and you just pick and choose the models you need and well, pose them, add lights/effects and there you go. Nice! Thanks! You should make a video tutorial!
  10. How do you make these apocalyptic scenes? They are amazing. They remind me of the Stalker series.
  11. AKm

    Use of public land marks? Cherno Airplane Crash, Berezino Freighter?

    Yeah, I once heard a guy say he crashed the plane on purpose, and that the second pilot nearly died, so he injected Morphine in his leg. Then he tried to flee the country in Rify and stranded it. It didn't feel as good roleplay.
  12. I've found them at the NE airfield, but they seem to get rarer and rarer.
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