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  1. the problem and reality with this situation.. the ratio of people at the start of an apocalypse that would become bandits from the get go is very very low.. unfortunately you are all accustomed to being "dickhead bandits" as its what you enjoy and the percent of bandits to survivors at the breakout is going to be highly unrealistic.. can you all not see and accept this? is being a "PvP big boy" all that you can do ? come on.. show us your RP skills and show a lil'bit of diversity..
  2. oh my.. Colony v.2 inbound
  3. Just hope people can act correctly for the reality of day ZERO .. all this "PvP fuckboi" mentality needs to "take a step back" for a while
  4. The most common cause of this error is a background application interfering with the game , Outdated or corrupted sound and video drivers may also cause problems , Go to the Start button Select Run... Enter cmd and click OK to open the command console Enter sfc /scannow to check your system files If prompted, repair any damaged files
  5. Rule 4 is lurking upon thee young glue sniffer!
  6. +1 /close
  7. Are you a twat? what the hell have you been sniffing today ? But yes im with the majority here.. what are you on about?
  8. The way I solve this.. open task manager when you open DayZ then terminate all BE tasks. close dayz exit steam and relaunch with admin priv. this solves it.. if not change your dayz launch path to launch with admin priv too.. hope this helps
  9. Bye

    o9 fan
  10. tatty bye
  11. My foliage is well maintained I will have you know !
  12. Harry made a ...Friend?
  13. oh yes.. was awesome RP tonight.. until Rebecca came up n RDM'd me.. ruining all chances for further Rp and char development.. Report incoming
  14. *Greg picks up his radio* "You muggy cunts .. my god its been a while since I've heard these voices.. Aye I will make me way on up t'camp" *Greg drops his radio and picks up his booze bottle once more*