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  2. Greg grew up in Salford on a council estate with his 5 older brothers and dad. His mother left the family when he was 3 years old. He was brought up , nay, dragged up by his eldest brother John who gave him nothing but shit and blamed his mother leaving on him. He grew up to be a strapping handsome figure of a man, almost demi god in proportions and stature. He would take modeling work for Gucci / Calvin Klein and ASDA George. Greg loved footy and lived for it, following his beloved team Man City wherever they would go. He went with them to Russia for the Champions League final being held there in 2015. On his way home from the staggering defeat at the hands of Liverpool he got incredibly drunk and got into a fight with some Liverpool fans and some local thugs. This ended with him being arrested and put in Jail for 30 days. When he was released he had missed his flight home so decided to travel Eastern Europe chasing skirt wherever he could. He eventually ended up in Chernarus and shacked up with some bird called Kristina. They lived in a small house up north in a village called Dobroe . When the infection hit he immediately decided to board up his house and began to make safe his yard with a decent fence. The garden had many Apple tree's and he was quite self proficient there. One day he heard a commotion coming from the small fishing village below his town.. it sounded like an explosion.. he went to investigate the following day and stumbled across a bunch of what at first seemed to be Pikey's.. but what he saw was a beautiful little family unit.. being alone now as the virus took his lover.. he approached the camp in a last ditch effort for a bit of totty.. Greg's Modeling work : Gregs Mugshot from Russia :
  3. @cas @Drbeans @Millie @Banshee @Ilikelettuce @Angel Thanks for the fun today ! @Para thanks for the peptalk at the castle ! @Duke sorry I could not save your eye @ChewyLR Sorry I gave ya bf a gun
  4. I have provided a video of the crashed landing . Staff have reviewed the rest of my footage and have signed off on it only containing what I posted. The other section of you patrolling / doing barrel rolls has been recorded by @Jade and it is up to her to make this public. My footage clearly shows you doing what you did and "parking" (crashing) your helicopter.
  5. that was the last 23 secs of my 20 min video.. of which 20 mins your helicopter antics take up 2 mins.. the other moments are you patrolling around the town and just hovering there then you leave.. come back .. and thats where the video starts.. I will clip the other part though thank you for bringing it up..as I am sure it shows you doing more barrel rolls etc I will not be drawn into a back and forth .. will only reply for staff from now on
  6. *updated OP with video* Hopefully my video and those of others who may post in this report will show.. you were doing stunts and lost control.. there was no lag on my end nor did I hear anyone else complaining of said "lag"
  7. Server and location: S1 Guglovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:12 GMT Your in game name: George Mayfair Names of allies involved: McCoomers n Co Name of suspect/s: no idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Helicopter Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was in Guglovo roleplaying with my buds then all of a sudden a helicopter started to circle the town in a majestic fashion. It then left for a few moments and when it returned it was doing all sorts of phsyics defying tricks and then lost control crashing into our camp.. no pain roleplay was seen on my end to be taken by the occupants.. they then took off again in said crashed helicopter.. my game then crashed and I really don't feel like getting back in right now.. I feel if this was a realistic situation everyone inside that helicopter should be pk'd as you are not surviving that IRL.. let alone flying it off again instantly..
  8. @Ilikelettuce hehe shame Mickey just beat him within an inch of his life.. gonna have to shelve him for a week or so now.. @Millie Smoking is bad for you.. @ImKrullix Thank you for being the only decent person in that camp to defend the 84 year old.. @TZ rekt by 84 year old..
  9. I had fun with @Banshee and his Missus to be.. (sorry don't know who it was) cheers everyone involved x
  10. George was on a coach trip with the "Oxford indoor grass bowling club for seniors" touring eastern Europe for 5 weeks. His party was just leaving Chernarus when the infection began to spread, his coach was caught up in the panic of traffic heading for the borders when all of a sudden his coach was set upon by what he later described as an "angry mob". This "mob" turned out to be the infected inhabitants of chernagorsk. George managed to escape the attack by hiding in the luggage storage compartment of his bus. He waited patiently for it to become quiet enough for him to venture out to seek help. He made his way along the coastal road towards the border the bus was originally heading for.. hoping to find any help he could. He came across a young fellow by the name of Petey McCoomer whom offered him a safe place to live back in the town they have taken over. George followed the keen young man back to his home and noticed all the caravans which made him think he was at Butlins holiday camp. George did not fear what was ahead of him though.. he felt strangely at ease in the presence of the Irish folk around him..
  11. I love how most of the people that are complaining against this have not even played on the server in months.. its 3 words.. grow up people.... good choices all round in my opinion.
  12. Born as the last child in the long line of McCoomer to Sheila and Paddy McCoomer , he grew up on the campsite with his older brother Ciaran Mickey and Connor.. he was critically hated by his father for being born a boy. Petey ran the streets with his brother Ciaran learning how to pick pocket and run little scams. Stealing lead off of church roofs at night with Connor and blagging copper pipes off of buidling sites under the nose of the builders. He moved with his brothers to Chernarnus for business ventures and to help seek out "birds" for them with his cute but rough attitude to life. Always under the keen eye of his brothers he survives by thieving food and supplies from who ever he can grease. He spends most of his days searching for a place to settle with his family.. he recently discovered a fair ground that reminded him of the old camp site in good ole Ireland.. he and his brothers decide to settle there and open the beautiful rusty dream theater to the people of Chernarus once more..
  13. *reminds himself not to say "Nagger" anymore* .. these are good changes.. people should not be saying these terrible things tbh.. also "get fragged retard" should be added to ban list gg Jade (shame about the forehead)
  14. I'm waiting for the fiver ya gonna pay me to go fetch me Da..
  15. It is hard to be appreciated IC as a military power when so many pvp chads know they can win a video game vs roleplayers.. .. as Mommy has stated.. we have been trying to get CLF to have a final hurrah.. this is hard to do when most of them are on alts.. we have been co-ordinating with many groups in the prospect of expanding the server wide RP , the internal RP we have been having has been coinciding with external factors so that we are not cutting ourselves off from the server.. the problem as of late though is constant unwarranted aggression against us with no real IC reasons for doing so.. people get on alts to cause shit with us so they can react to said "shit" on their main chars.. .. im ranting now.. ! @Wbtrex wake up
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