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  1. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Yes my friend.. tuesday.. ya weird bastard (im not flaming)
  2. 5 Points for greeting a friend

    It may not be in your country.. but in the country where both Myself and Para are from its not a huge deal. And seeings how "cunt" is not a word normally used by children or the like, it is considered a "mature" word .. so in response to your curiosity yes I believe it to be a mature greeting within most English speaking circles (Especially within the one Para and myself are).
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    thoughts n prayers

    1. Methias


      careful.. prayers = religion and religion offends some people..  

  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/6964-methias/warnings/1759/ Why the verdict is not fair: I always thought flaming is when you attack a person with intent to cause harm or upset them.. Neither was the case here as Para is my best buddy type of guy..? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I simply greeted Para in a way that we normally do to one another (which by the way never offends either of us). I don't believe he was upset or considered it to be "flaming" . If someone else is upset for him then that is another kettle of fish altogether and I appreciate them looking out for my good friend Para. But I don't think it was really needed as he is a big boy and is not hurt by my words quite as easily as others it seems. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have the points removed and the system reviewed. I thought this was a "mature" community and I don't want to be afraid to greet my friends in the usual manner when I do actually get time to use this forum. What could you have done better?: Put a heart <3
  4. Fin.

    Bubyeeeeeee x
  5. Anthony Legg

    Anthony grew up on the largest council estate in Manchester the lovely Wythenshawe. He spent most of his youth as a runner for a local gang. Leggy was in and out of jail as often as a whores drawers were on and off ! He had no respect for the law or any muggy cunt that tried to enforce it. At the age off 38 he found his true love and "calling" in life.. as a folk jazz singer at local karaoke bar. Maybe this was a side project for his main reason for visiting the establishment.. the barmaid had a cracking pair of jugs and she wanted him to share her passion for the dreadful genre of Jazz.. so with that said and done and Leggy's self promise to be "ankle deep in her clunge" by Christmas.. he picked up the mic and strangled that scatting cat! 3 years later he found himself in the birthplace of Folk Jazz.. Chernarus.. still on his aging quest for tits. Little does he know about the adventures to come.
  6. I enjoyed "fishing" with @Squillium
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    I made a show about me


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    Pubic potatoes has to be one of the best stories you've ever told with your percival voice lmao 

    1. Itsmez

      wait you were the guy with pubic potatoes story ? :D


    2. Para


      My group was floatingh around the place, Methias was the older gentleman. I was the guy in full black. 

    3. Methias


      My pubic potatoes are legendary 

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    Babysitter yes

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    Penblwydd hapus Methias!

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    Happy birthday!!

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    Happy birthday fam! Hope it is infact lit

    1. Clumsy



  7. The FBI really needs to put a stop to this excessive "Hostile RP" .. Build a wall