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  1. S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    Ah just close it. I believe Ronan and Amerdan are genuinely sorry about the situation and hopefully won't act this way again. But im not convinced by Ronin47's apology and what ive been told by Amerdan on TS that he is genuine but does not fully understand he is in the wrong. But I do not want to punish 2 genuinely sorry people for the actions of 1 other.
  2. S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    I don't believe I have "picked n chose" ? And I have already stated my decision to continue with the report 3 days ago
  3. Jeremia Jordaan

    Jeremia grew up in a small village in Rwanda called Juru and was working in his families butcher shop. During the civil war genocide in 1994 his brother Heratio fled the country with Jeremia to the safety of Europe. Here they lived off of what they could earn doing odd jobs for whoever would hire them before they were moved on by authorities for being illegally in the country. Seven months ago their journey took them to the down trodden lands of Chernarus. Here their destiny unfolds together as they struggle to survive the torn lands of the east.
  4. S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    From my side I am dropping the "Possible Metagaming" and Baiting.
  5. S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    We have had a discussion on TS with Ronan , I believe he is genuine with his apology here. The other 2 I have not heard anything from. I would still like to continue with the report but request staff to take into account the apology here from Ronan. - *Mediated by Oliv*
  6. Oh, that's not James nevermind.


    1. Iso


      *Underage Giggles*

  7. S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07/10/2017 - 00:10? Your in game name: Harry Wells Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: David Meeks , Boris Orlov , Dan Yates and Others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I logged on for the first time in a long time and was in Severograd. I walk into town and am greeted by a group led by a posh British fellow. They RP with me for a moment but all I can see in the background was a group of guys chasing each other and smacking one another around. I break RP off from the first group and go to investigate what this strange behavior was ahead of me. I watch for a while and ask various questions as to what they are doing , but barely get any replies other than "Its the end of the world and we can do what we want" and "Im a Navy Seal". Anyway video speaks for itself and ive kindly time stamped most if not all of the immature / inappropriate RP.
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    What economics are you?

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      Austrian School.

      Fuck the Keynesians and their fake currency ;)

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      Dr Willsky

      @Sylva most of us study/studied something that gets us/got us  a job other than flippin burgers, that's why we don't understand.

      calling in @Spartan

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      What do you want?

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      See that's why you do better than most people.

      That's why you graduate salutatorian of your high school and finish HS with an associate's degree and then double major in history and education, while joining the national guard to a) pay for college and b) get your way into teaching in a service academy once you have your doctorate.

    8. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      or you come and study in europe where education is basically free ;)

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      Or you can get an equally useless degree like I did. Bachelors in Political Science and an Associates in Criminal Justice. Fuckin' useless. Also I'd like a volvo too.


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      @Joules you could always become a police officer. Or a court secretary. 

      And yeah don't we all :<

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      Dr Willsky

      you can always start you own dayz Roleplay community :/

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      I wont have any Anti-DayZRP propaganda on my profile young Willsky!!!

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      Dr Willsky

      sorry dad, I'll have to buy a 50k volvo now...

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    Toodle Loo
  9. Las Vegas Shooting

    Pretty sure it has happened..? My thoughts are with the families involved
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    Fucking. Brilliant.

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  10. Harry Wells POV : I was walking out of town with my 2 new found friends when all of a sudden I hear from behind someone yelling for my attention. I turn to see Joe "Niggly" and his "ho" sofina , He says in a roundabout way he has been sent to kill me by some guy I met briefly in town a few moments before. He proceeds to call me "nigga" at every possible moment and even after I explain to him that I am infact not a "nigga" he carries on anyway. It did indeed feel to me to be a "how many times can I get away with saying Nigga". It gets to a point where he starts to talk about how he follows the word and teachings of some hippy called "Freedom Waterfall" and at this point I grew tired of the situation and walked away.
  11. "If you would take my feedback, get the fuck off your high horse. This is a video game community, I'm not here to look for drama, do me a favor and do your own thing and go white knight on someone else's group page.  "

    #notlookingfordrama - Hassan 2017


    Love you Sonny :D

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      Hi Methias

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  12. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    did you just assume my gender? but sure.. setup a campfire and grab some apples , we can have some quality roleplay