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  1. Methias

    Hi guys...finally gone about making an intro post!

    Wilkommen auf sie Server
  2. Methias

    Don't Worry, I'm Friendly™

    heyo ! welcome and enjoy ya stay !
  3. Methias

    Back for more beanz

    Welcome back
  4. Methias


    Not sure if this has been brought up before ( I did search but found nothing) . Is there a way to toggle beard growth on/off for chars? or to add this as a feature? I am playing a younger char and its a pain to have to shave every 15 mins. Cheers for any reply
  5. the masses 3 people.. make that 4!
  • Methias


    Welcome ! I hope you have a lovely time !
  • Methias

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    I would like to make it perfectly apparent that they ignored Chef_viro saying "you know I see you under there" you can hear viro saying they just looked right at me. They ignored RP and continued with their very realistic human pyramid to get over the wall and in my opinion to bait / force an initiation out of us. They did not prioritize roleplay as they knew we were there , they were there to raid us and PVP. I hate to play a broken record but I cant clarify enough that the only "Roleplay" we got from them was "Fuck off dickhead" "Shut the fuck up" and the obnoxiously loud distorted rap music (which I consider to be rather un-realistic seeings that they would need a power source to play something that loud, considering they just swam over I fail to see how this would be achieved). But to sum this up, I feel their Roleplay was absent from this situation. They had no intentions to roleplay out the siege as all of them have said "we sat there in silence". We never once heard them talking to each other as they ran around the walls. So I believe that most of their group must be psychic or have telepathy. Also if they felt that the initiation was "invalid" then why did they proceed to fire first ? I get they say a rifle was aimed at them and they claim a demand was made, but they opened fire before any real demand was issued . I am not trying to say I was going to say anything but put your hands in the air.. but for them to assume is wrong. I could for all they knew been planning of saying "Everyone on the island please put your hands in our boxes and take what you want and leave peacefully" but alas they did not choose to listen to me and opened fire at "Hands in"
  • Methias

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    At the start it's chef_viro then myself, then luna whom I tell if you are not involved please don't get involved, then there is lemons and Elijah. Up until 3 seconds of using the megaphone I am no where near the enemy as I'm running through the prison to grab the megaphone from the office on the other side. Chef_viro is on the far back roof I have a screenshot of that, I believe Elijah is in the tower and lemon is running around in the admin block.
  • Methias

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    Lemons has checked his plays.tv and found this. https://plays.tv/video/5d4abc85069c79fbec/hmm As can be seen in this video you can hear our guy on the roof talk to them clearly twice and see people reacting by turning their chars towards him. You can also hear my statement and how quick they were to fire not hearing everything. Proving I could of been saying anything and they chose to fire anyway. You can also hear that my voice comes from lemons right which validates I was in the window in the building to his right. Also if you listen very very carefully towards the end you can hear the extent of roleplay we got from them which conisted of "Fuck off dickhead shut the fuck up"(1:43)
  • Methias

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    https://imgur.com/a/5jIbe90 I was in the closest window possible to you guys wearing a light blue raincoat , short of setting myself on fire and covering myself in glitter with a sign above my head saying "please shoot me" I fail to see how much more obvious I could of been to the people at eye level 10 meters away from me . in picture 3 you can see clearly from the position most of you were in at the time of the initiation someone in that window , and he is wearing camo.. imagine bright blue raincoat and red flatcap.. Edit : to add 3rd photo
  • Methias

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    I have admitted to it in my pov? where is that my good man ? also point out where I have said in my POV that I was in the tower ? I was in the large window staring at 7+ of you.. I fail to see how I would know how many your numbers are in total as I was not apart of your group planning and strategy.. from what you are saying we should of just watched you jump the wall and come on in as there was no legal way for us to initiate as you have so many ways of making it invalid by hiding people all over the island with no clear LOS to all of them.. cmon.. lets be realistic here for a second .. we used the megaphone to make it louder and clearer for all of you on the island.. you cant play the card of "we didnt know who it was" its not upto you to know everyone in my group just as it is not upto me to know all of your "boys" either .. as for the fact you saw a gun raised at you and a voice coming over a megaphone.. this does not mean you can open fire on my guys either.. a raised weapon on its own does not grant you kill rights.. and as I have said before , you started shooting before you even heard all of my statement or ANY threats of death or injury to yourself.
  • Methias

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    In addition to my POV I would like to state that at no point prior to them shooting at myself and our guy on the roof were any "death threats" made. They instantly shot at us half way through my statement. I was fully visible to them and they knew I was there as they shot at me. I would like to counter report them for invalid kill rights upon us. Assuming my megaphone speech was an initiation when they did not wait to hear fully what was being said before opening fire upon us.
  • Methias

    S1 - Invalid Kill x12 and Invalid Initiation

    George Mayfair pov: I am told to grab the megaphone and tell these people to put their hands up. Prior to doing so Chef_viro speaks to them via voip from 10 meters away stating that "you know we can see you" .. as stated in my POV in the other report regarding this situation , my full statement via the megaphone was as follows "Everyone on the island please put your hands in the air" I was about to finish it with the words and surrender immediately but was instantly shot at. I feel that they knew what they were doing and knew we were there. At the point of which the shots were fired the only words they heard were "Everyone on the island please put your hands in" and they began to open up on myself and our guy on the roof. I feel they were incredibly trigger happy and out for a fight , I could of been saying anything over that megaphone e.g. "Everyone on the island please put your hands in your pockets" "Everyone on the island please put your hands in the cookie jar and help yourself" etc..
  • Methias

    S1: NewLifeRule at Prison Island

    George Mayfair Pov: I am on top of the tower watching over the water towards the main coastline when I spot several people wearing bright white shoes and white / blue armbands. They are all running towards the beach to cross over to the island. I inform Lemons and co over the radio of their presence and continue to keep tabs on them. Only four of us are able to defend due to most of our group being in bed. They start to circle the island and begin to jump on each others shoulders in an attempt to make a human pyramid to enter over a wall. I am told to use the megaphone and declare all trespassers on the island should cease what they are doing and put their hands up. I barely get the word cease out and they open fire on us with several rifles. The situation ensues, no attempt to RP was made from their side that I heard nor did any of my group hear. I attempt to RP with them via the megaphone again by reading them a book I had on my person, to which I got the reply of "SHUT THE F*CK UP" so I did. I then wait a few moments and attempt to negotiate terms of resolving the situation , to which I got silence. Then they started to play rap music of some kind extremely distorted and loud over the megaphone. This is the only "RP" we got from them asides from "Boom headshot" "looks like your fam needs some help there mate" I would like to ask the admins / GM team for full logs of deaths for both sides . I would also like to point out regardless of whether G19 felt the situation was over or not 12 minutes is not a long time for us to feel it was over.. there were periods of 10-15 minutes during the siege where we could of felt you had all gone as you were all so quiet. Regardless of whether you thought it was over or not there was validation from your side to allow us to know it was "over" and if we had just been put through 6 hours of siege to hear and see you at our front door again of course we are not going to pop the kettle on.. Edit : we would like the location logs of G19, NorwayRP and SeversonRP at the point of and 5 mins prior to JamesRP dying
  • George was on a coach trip with the "Oxford indoor grass bowling club for seniors" touring eastern Europe for 5 weeks. His party was just leaving Chernarus when the infection began to spread, his coach was caught up in the panic of traffic heading for the borders when all of a sudden his coach was set upon by what he later described as an "angry mob". This "mob" turned out to be the infected inhabitants of chernagorsk. George managed to escape the attack by hiding in the luggage storage compartment of his bus. He waited patiently for it to become quiet enough for him to venture out to seek help. He made his way along the coastal road towards the border the bus was originally heading for.. hoping to find any help he could. He came across a young fellow by the name of Harry whom offered him a safe place to live as he reminded him of his godfather.. Percy.. George followed the keen young man back to his home and rowed across to a rather sinister island surrounded by chain fences and guard towers. George did not fear what was ahead of him though.. he felt strangely at ease in the presence of Harry.
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