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  1. I do not believe he was "belittling" you.. but hey take it as that if you do so wish. It seems he was simply looking at it rationally and not jumping the gun with assumptions. Maybe in future you should look at other peoples messages in the same manner you want yours to be read "With emotion and thought" .
  2. Greg Foster

    Greg joined the Parachute regiment when he was 16 as a mechanic but rapidly changed his mind on what he wanted to be and how the forces could help him achieve that. After a few months he decided to put in his application to the UN and become a peacekeeper. He toured with them in many wartorn countries ranging from Kosovo to Syria. During his time in the UN he made great friendships and bonds with those around him. Greg was a man you could depend on and he knew it, he was the walking talking definition of loyalty and reliability. After serving for many happy years with the United Nations Greg fell on hard times at home , his mother and father were in dire need of funds for medical bills and health care. Although his career with the UN was something he loved Greg had to find a way to make more money. The private sector was the way to go for him, he joined a firm called Aegis and became involved in Maritime security off the coast of Somolia. This line of work would eventually bring him full circle and find him once again working for the UN but this time as a private bodyguard for a few members of the W.H.O team accompanying the UN Forces in Chernarus.
  3. Harry Wells

    Harry grew up in a troubled house with his Mother , Father and brother Wilson. Every day he dreamt of going outside and being with everyone he could see through his small bedroom window. His Mother assured him that he didnt need to be with such beings that are lesser than him and that being at home with her was the safest place for him. All seemed perfect and loving for Harry and Wilson.. That was until their Mother became increasingly violent due to her own abuse she was suffering at the hands of her husband. Harry had to hear and sometimes watch his Father assault his Mother with various household objects varying from Brooms to Frying pans and sometimes a sharpened walking stick. When he finally grew enough confidence to ask his father the reasons behind all of the abusive behavior to his mother.. he was in turn greeted with the back of his fathers hand and told "The BITCH deserves everything she gets you little shit" . Not knowing any better as he had never been schooled by anyone other than his parents Harry began to associate the words around him with the violent events. He began to call his Mother what his father had told him too, Which initially led to her becoming ever more violent and abusive to Harry. She would beat him to unconsciousness.. each time a little piece of his sanity would slip away.. Harry would stare out of his small window.. but now instead of seeing beauty in the world that he once wanted to explore.. he now saw hate.. Butterflies would land on his window ledge and instantly be swatted by his scarred bloody hand.. Harry became more recluse in his own little world.. resenting his family and existence..He began to spend every moment of his days with his one and only friend.. Stuart.. So began that fateful week that would change his life forever.. His mother now full of a rage that could not be sated by her beatings of Harry decided enough was enough.. She took one of her husbands empty whiskey bottles and smashed it over his head while he slept.. she then proceeded to stab him repeatedly in the throat with the shattered glass until nothing was left but a limp bloodied body. The following day she woke Harry and Wilson in a drunken rage .. demanding they help her bury their father.. they all went outside.. the first time in Harry's adult life that he had felt the heat of sunshine upon his broken skin. He began to dig a hole in the yard as instructed by his mother.. He dug a mere 2 feet before she brushed him aside impatiently to inspect the progress. Furious with the pace of which Harry and Wilson were going at their task , she slapped them with such force it took them off of their feet.. when Harry raised himself up he flinched for the next blow to the face.. but it never came.. he opens his eyes to witness his mother manically clawing at the dirt like an animal.. seeing this was a realisation to Harry that she was nothing anymore.. she was weak.. lost.. unable to protect him in the ways she had done.. he silently takes the shovel from the floor.. creeps up on his crazed mother.. and with the force of years of anguish and hatred.. embeds it into the back of her head..The satisfying crunch of bone brought a smile to Harry's face.. as he began to cackle uncontrobably.. he looked around for Wilson.. but he was no where to be seen. Alone now in the world .. Harry must find how to survive without the apron strings of his mother.. He travels south to a town he had heard his father talk about.. to a Bar that he had always heard his mother yell and scream about.. The strangeland pub.. here Harry meets a strange dark man.. by the name of..Jean.. A strange bond is formed.. as the pair become close friends.. and begin their search together.. for Harry's brother.. wilson..
  4. I bet you have not installed NetFramework. Run windows update and force scan for updates if you have to. Hope this helps
  5. Safe zone discussion

    the problem and reality with this situation.. the ratio of people at the start of an apocalypse that would become bandits from the get go is very very low.. unfortunately you are all accustomed to being "dickhead bandits" as its what you enjoy and the percent of bandits to survivors at the breakout is going to be highly unrealistic.. can you all not see and accept this? is being a "PvP big boy" all that you can do ? come on.. show us your RP skills and show a lil'bit of diversity..
  6. Safe zone discussion

    oh my.. Colony v.2 inbound
  7. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Just hope people can act correctly for the reality of day ZERO .. all this "PvP fuckboi" mentality needs to "take a step back" for a while
  8. Crash on login

    The most common cause of this error is a background application interfering with the game , Outdated or corrupted sound and video drivers may also cause problems , Go to the Start button Select Run... Enter cmd and click OK to open the command console Enter sfc /scannow to check your system files If prompted, repair any damaged files
  9. Unbiased

    Rule 4 is lurking upon thee young glue sniffer!
  10. Unbiased

    +1 /close
  11. Unbiased

    Are you a twat? what the hell have you been sniffing today ? But yes im with the majority here.. what are you on about?
  12. Dayz Battle eye client not starting

    The way I solve this.. open task manager when you open DayZ then terminate all BE tasks. close dayz exit steam and relaunch with admin priv. this solves it.. if not change your dayz launch path to launch with admin priv too.. hope this helps
  13. Bye

    o9 fan
  14. Gone™

    tatty bye