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  1. Agree with Para.. I know its a completely different topic.. but its terribly unrealistic quick drawing a gun from within a backpack or in the case of a MP5k from your pantaloons !
  2. he's been back all praise me..
  3. We heard wolves howling from in front of us.. so .. yeah..
  4. Pretty sure it has its own mag..but from my experience and the opinions I have received from others is that the gun is really bad
  5. would love for a wipe.. and both of the maps be bordered with each other.. that idea kicks ass ! just please more zombies !
  6. Huckleberry grew up in a world of mixed emotions, his father was a strict parent who worked at a major bank in the city. His mother was a stay at home wife who dabbled in the art of spirit healing. Huck would fall under his mothers wing most of the time as his dad was most often working late shifts and barely home. This hippy routine his mother had him in really began to take its grip over Huckleberry as he fell in love with how it made him feel. He would practice his mothers medicine on whoever would let him, from acupuncture to crafting his own herbal remedies out of whatever was to hand. One day just before his 15th birthday Huck had force fed a concoction he created out of kale leaves and industrial toilet bleach to his neighbors youngest child. Unfortunately for both of them the child died and was discovered by their distraught mother who promptly called the police. Huckleberry was taken into custody and sentenced to a youth detention center until he was of age to serve time as an adult for his sentence of murder. On his 18th birthday Huck was sent to the Rosewood Center where he spent time being evaluated and eventually being determined "low risk" was placed in the minimal security ward. It was here he met Jason. The pair got along immediately as Jason was the type to over impress and act the fool to make friends quickly , and Huck being the awkward antisocial mummys boy that he was took to this attention with open arms. Huck would listen day in day out to Jay's conspiracy theories about how the government was great and how George Bush was the best thing since sliced bread when it came to keeping the country free from aliens. Jason would listen to Hucks tails about his mother and would always fantasize infront of Huck about her asking inappropriate questions about her body and the such. This would go on for some time and unbeknownst to Huck it was building a rage within him, On March 8th 2009 Huck was walking around the exercise yard in a tantrum at breaking point with Jasons constant questions about his mother. He went into a blind rage and broke into one of the outbuildings that was boarded up. He lay in there for hours thinking about what he would say to Jason to get him to stop. He lit a small fire inside of an old trash can to keep warm then fell asleep next to it. He awoke startled by a noise inside of the building and accidently kicks over the trash can, embers and smoldering sparks flew all over the room setting afire to all which they touched. Within seconds the room was completely engulfed in flames and Huck ran out of the building in a panic, when he entered the yard again the orderlies were already coming out with extinguishers in a vain effort to put the fires out. Huck hid in the bushes and watched for an opening in the fray in order to get back inside before he was noticed missing. Within the months to come the state of Maryland closed the facility due to malpractice and condemned working / living conditions. Huck was discharged early and was left at the bus station with $50 to his name. He went back to his childhood home in search for his family but was unable to find them there. The new people living in what used to be his home had no record of where his parents moved to after his incarceration. He finally tracked his father down working as a taxation clerk for his uncles business, he told Huck that his mother had ended her own life shortly after he was taken away from her due to the horrific circumstances. He explained how he lost his job at the bank due to the lawsuit leveled against them by neighbors and the massive debt created by the court settlement. He gave Huck the phone number of his mothers sister Aunt Janette and told him to be on his way. Janette lived in "TBA" and was a raging hippy like his mother was. She rekindled that spark in Hucks heart and he began night classes in "Herbal rhythmics and Healing Yoga". After completing this course he sought work with a local firm called "house call". After many lawsuits were threatened and investigations into the legitimacy of the company he fled with them to Europe where their journey would continue in a world with less strict codes of practice.
  7. What is it with all these people trying to make the server look like shite ? Ragnar has been shown to not even be whitelisted on our server .. yet is allowed to post slandering the server ? The state of the server at the moment is too many people using a hostile mindset. This can only be changed by yourselves.. The server has been here before and most probably will again.. it is just a cycle of mentality..
  8. Video has been added to OP . Here are some of my notes from the accused parties video POV. 2:35 "we got another dead in here" not double mic'd 4:50 "invalid" initiation was done from what appeared to be 30-40m+ away 5:07 "were about to get into a firefight" - he knows it was invalid , he even brings it up and questioned the validity of the initiation but proceeds to rally his men for a fight. 8:15 spreading information about me murdering people without any evidence over radio frequency 11:47 - "he is lucky I didnt cap him when I got him down to 1" 11:55 " I put one over his shoulder to slow him down" 12:03 someone explains their process of initiation to others on discord, but as you will see via my video he gave me no clear threat to my life and had no weapon drawn until I was 30-40m or so away Here are some notes from my video 0:41 - As you can see with ALL of the accused being constantly in "whisper mode" I could not hear anything 1:12 - Elder Grim says on discord - "we got another dead in here" Don't hear it ingame. 2:08-2:29 - Silence no double mic from anyone discussing the possibility that I murdered the people. 2:39 - 2:58 Again silence with no double mic so I take my leave 3:05 "Sir dont leave yet come back" - No weapon drawn 3:08 he back away from me creating even more distance 3:09 "No I dont care come back" whilst strafing even further away from me , still no weapon in hand or threats to life. 3:13 when I am what seems to be 30+ meters away he finally draws and raises a weapon 3:22 shot is taken at me I would like to point out the huge discrepancies in the accused's pov's. 22:55:35 | Player "Giovanni Antonio flourance" has been disconnected : Did he die ? or just combat log ? I would like for death logs to be added if that is ok staff team seeings how this is the guy that claims to of fired the shot at me.
  9. Server and location: Livonia Nadbor football pitch Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:40-50 Your in game name: Ivar Gustvachek Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Mob? - Fedora group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was in Nadbor I hear some shots in the military base I went to see if I could see anyone..found no one.. Jade and Beans then ask me to help them to reset char model for new chars they are both about to be playing. Several minutes after this occurs a group of men wearing fedoras and suits roll up on the shed I was inside of. Having the corpses of Jade and Beans on the floor besides me I make up a quick story on the fly as to who they were and why they were laying there. (their deaths have zero relevance to this situation and no one witnessed it to our knowledge) At first 3 men approach me in silence for a good 5-10 seconds.. I ask them various questions and if any of them are a doctor to help save my "fallen girlfriends".. I finally get a response and some short roleplay follows.. they vaguely hint that I murdered these people on the ground to which I respond with "follow me I will show you their murderers" , I lead them to the front of the shed where a pile of dead zombies were laying that I killed moments before they arrived.. they then sit there in silence leaving me to roleplay with what may as well been the shed wall as none of them respond or even talk.. they appeared to be co-ordinated but never double mic'd in game to allow for this. I then grow bored and impatient of waiting for any sort of response from these people and take my leave.. 2-3 seconds into me jogging away I hear one of them say "Sir don't leave yet come back" I reply with "I want to leave" to which he replies "I dont care come back" (all the while he has no gun drawn) I reply "I am leaving" .. at this point I am 20 ish meters away from him and I see him take out his gun and aim at me.. no other words were spoken (at least none I could hear at that distance this may be due the fact of what I was told by Skeeter in discord that he tells all his guys to REMAIN in whisper range) .. he takes aim at me I continue to jog away slowly .. when I am roughly 40 meters away he shoots at me.. I continue to casually jog away as I am in a "juggernaut vest" and cannot sprint.. I am forced to retreat into town as they are now chasing me from behind.. my right and left.. my only option to run away from these people was into town.. I am then swarmed by zombies attracted by both their shot and my not so stealthy presence attempting to escape this unprovoked attempt on my life.. I am torn to bits by the undead.. take shelter in a shed.. then a caravan.. with 12+ zombies following me I pass out multiple times then I must of passed out with a limb glitched out of the caravan and am hit to death by my zombie fanclub. I spoke with the groups leader in discord and he was a very pleasant chappy , staff present were Dingle and CrimsonTiger.. my only issue with my chat with skeeter was the fact he says he tells his guys to remain in whisper voip range and that he claimed he and his guys backed off immediately after the shot was taken at me.. as my video will show.. this is incorrect as they chase me for a good minute into the town from multiple angles.. their car was back at the original point of "RP" so they cannot claim to be returning to said car. I decide during the discord discussion to talk to the guy that shot at me.. he joins the discord .. we all to that point were talking calmly and none confrontational .. the guy joins and first words out of him were " did he die.." "how is that..sure as fuck was not my bullet" .. he was very confrontational and I immediately ended the discussion apologized to those I had spoken to prior and left. My video will show anything I may of missed in my POV For all intensive purposes I would like to point out I was running as a solo and had no allies.
  10. @Lady Tottington Was a fun short encounter "хорошие сиськи" catch ya soon - Greg
  11. I remember a few years back there was a big discussion regarding people using dictators such as Stalin and Chairman Mao in their profile pictures.. I was just wondering is it still outlawed to do such things? I have noticed lately some people are using pictures like this again and just wanted to clear up the current state of thought on the topic. Thanks Methias
  12. Could do this on a serverwide scale by just upping the spawn rate of zombies and lowering the spawn rate / cap on automatic weapons. Nothing says "put your brown trousers on" quite like fighting a horde off with just a shotgun
  13. @Finn I wouldn't be shooting "into" the zone.. I would step into it.. shoot... run ! Fun for everyone involved even if I do say so myself..
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