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"I need the anger, need the rage."

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  1. What do you listen to ?

    I guess Palisades is party-core
  2. DustyRP

    Greece trip tho


    1. JimRP



    2. Squillium


      Get some quality hookers 👌

  3. DustyRP

    Holy shit I think I'm actually dying

    I feel like death

    If I die, then you're the man of the house @BorisRP.

    1. BorisRP


      oh thats hmmmm kinda 



    • DustyRP
    • Keira



  4. DustyRP

    Tbh, the cycle continues...


    1. Voodoo


      Oh no whats happened this time?

    2. DustyRP


      OOC hate forming due to IC actions. 

      Nobody can handle being fucked with in game, and so they twist the story to fit their narrative that we’re harassing and preventing them from role playing at all. 

      Theres also another cycle continuing, but I’d be sent straight back to the shadowrealm if I openly spoke about it ;) 

    3. Eagle


      Hey dusty that gun is his grandads, you can't be touching that shiiitt..

    4. Clumsy


      People just need to step out of their comfort zone and roleplay with more than just their group or own little click of people. I was involved in that type of roleplay for the last couple weeks and I got so tired of running from a leaf blowing the wrong way.

    5. Voodoo


      Problem is clumsy, the old times have died. Here be SJWs

    • Keira
    • DustyRP



  5. What do you listen to ?

    Been on repeat the entire day so far...
    • SweetJoe
    • DustyRP



    1. DustyRP



  6. What do you listen to ?

    Palaye Royale tho
    • WesternRP
    • DustyRP


    1. DustyRP


      You don't get to be part of the RP family anymore.

    2. WesternRP



    3. BorisRP



    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      "RP family"


  7. DustyRP

    Hunting for some cool trippy or abstract gifs for some avatsrs...


    • DustyRP
    • Keira

    Renee Phoenix tho


    1. Keira


      Pretty lit dude

  8. What do you listen to ?

    I'm really feeling this
  9. Failed Robberies Thread

    I love it when people are naive enough to trust someone they met 10 minutes ago to help them rob a dude. Brings back good memories tbh Anyways, I am proud of you my son, @BorisRP. Ya done good kiddo.
  10. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    I agree, we do need more hostile RPers. The only issue is that if you are a bandit/hostile rper, the community will turn against you, make up and spread rumors, and call you s PVPer. Ive never seen so much bullshit and hatred for such a minuscule and ridiculous reason. If you’re being hostile in game, they accuse you of trying to bait out an initiation. If you initiate at all, they’ll say you only initiate to get pvp. If for some magical reason, they comply when you initiate, they’ll look for any little flaw to nitpick and shit on you for. So, it’s kinda hard to want to even try being a hostile rper because the community will completely shit on you for absolutely no reason. /rant