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  1. Staff Appreciation Thread

    @Species is bae tbh @Species for admin.
    • DustyRP
    • Chewy

    Ayy I’m your 1000th bean :D 

    1. Chewy


      Oh damn, thanks dood!

    2. BorisRP


    3. Keira


      The boy is thirsty what can I say?

    4. DustyRP



    5. Chewy


      Don't worry Keira, I won't share my Capri Sun with him

    6. Keira


      Can.. can you share it with me?

    7. Chewy


      I can.. I have 3 left, but don't tell Dusty, we can pretend theres on 2 left. :D

    8. Keira


      Yasssss but we share the third???

    9. Chewy



    • Para
    • DustyRP


    Lmao i'd forgotten about this. You literally drove past us when you went AFK to make a drink on that stream. Rip the search :P 

  2. What do you listen to ?

    edge edge edge edge
  3. I think they shouldn’t have changed the dynamic group rule to begin with. Its still ridiculously immersion breaking that someone can’t kill the people attacking their friend just because they don’t match some magical, make believe criteria. The rule change in the first place just hurts casual players. We should try to avoid making changes to the rules and community that would push people away. We should try to promote and make changes in a way that invites people to the community, and makes them want to stay. Ridiculous rule changes (that a majority of the community voted against btw) will not make the community look inviting and interesting. It just makes it look like a place with a bunch of unnecessary and arbitrary rules, making it harder for new people as well as veterans to have motivation to stay.
    • Jango
    • DustyRP



    1. DustyRP



  4. DustyRP

    So fucking dirty


    1. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      What a tragedy

  5. Real life picture Thread

    Nate's gonna be your new father. You're gonna have two dads now!
  6. Real life picture Thread

    I was juicing Nate before you. Get in line.
  7. Real life picture Thread

    Tbh I'll trade @Keira for you Damn you for being responsible and wanting to finish your education.
    • DustyRP
    • Keira


    1. Nihoolious


      this is a Caesar quality meme dusty smh

    2. DustyRP


      Nibba I didn’t make this. It’s just funny.

  8. The Deal With It Attitude

    Maybe someday. I'm so close to getting off final. I've been on the edge the entire time still. Idk fam, just sick of everything in the community going down hill.
  9. The Deal With It Attitude

    I'm not gonna stop bitching because you're never supposed to touch your own reports. Unless the damage is undone and she's removed from staff (which I can guarantee you would've happened in 2016 and probably 2017 too), I'll keep my bitching going strong.
  10. DustyRP

    I still feel like death


    1. Chewy


      I could hear it in your nose.

    2. DustyRP


      My throat is fucking dead.

      I sound a few years older.

    3. Chewy


      Suits you tbh B)

      Nah but I feel. My throat is killing me too. It's making my mood go down the shitter.

    4. BorisRP



    5. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Don't drink