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  1. Honeybee

    • Honeybee
    • DustyRP

    Image result for candle gif

    1. ASqueakyCleanPado


      may he rest in peace

    2. MacMiller


    3. MacMiller


      Come back to us Sweet Prince @DustyRP

    4. Zanaan
    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      o7 @DustyRP, most of if not all my RP encounters with you were great. I am sorry this happened to you.

    6. Levi Ackerman

      Levi Ackerman

      I'm sad.

  2. Ender

    • Ender
    • DustyRP

    o7 Friend. Never forget the good ol days in the reborn when you were just a wee campfire RP'er. Those were some fun times. Stay safe out there dood.

  3. DustyRP

    KoS at Northwest Airfield

    I asked the question in general to anybody that was still in the area. The other guys were already on their way over from the fire station area, but I had no clue who was in the area and who wasn't, as is confirmed by the fact I killed G19 on accident because I didn't realize I had another friend right there. When I asked the question, I received a few "I don't knows" from people in the channel, I didn't pay attention to who spoke or who didn't, I just knew that the sniper's position was unknown at that time. I then spotted the dude running towards the original fight area and I chased after him.
  4. DustyRP

    [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    10/10 tbh
  5. DustyRP

    What do you listen to ?

  6. DustyRP

    KoS at Northwest Airfield

    If we were looking for any reason to kill or loot people, I would have robbed your buddy. Now, you guys clearly don't want to talk about this, so lets just wait for staff to do their thing.
  7. DustyRP


    Real anarchy hours


    1. LukeRP


      they came to our town and perma killed me good job security

  8. DustyRP

    Anarchy media thread

    Members of Anarchy raising their flag above the Socialist government building in Novaya Petrovka, circa 2018
  9. DustyRP


    We really out here bois @LouieRP @MurasakibaraRP @KyleRP @OskuRP @Brodie



    1. Beni



  10. DustyRP

    KoS at Northwest Airfield

    @Despina @Draco Vadam if you guys wanna try to figure this out in teamspeak, lemme know and we'll see what time works best. Also I can guarantee you this server is worth it, it's just that there are certain ways that the rules and RP work when they're parallel with each other. Once you understand how things work, you can understand how to avoid situations like this one, which I think could potentially just be racked up to misunderstanding.
  11. DustyRP

    • DustyRP
    • Aisling


    there you go fam

    1. Aisling


      I wanted the full thing up to the bottle being gone @DustyRP

    2. DustyRP



  12. DustyRP

    KoS at Northwest Airfield

    I literally told you I had things to do and places to go. If I had bad intentions for you or anybody else in the area, I would have initiated on you already by that time. Next, you don't just say "If you keep going that way, you're gonna get shot" unless your own intentions are malevolent. It was extremely obvious that you wanted to rob me; you didn't want me to leave at all, and when I made any attempt to leave or say goodbye, you would stall me and delay me from leaving. Look, just accept that your plan fell apart and move on. This report is unnecessary.
  13. LukeRP

    • LukeRP
    • DustyRP


    1. Chewy


      I was just thinking the exact same thing.

  14. DustyRP

    KoS at Northwest Airfield

    *Slam dunks video evidence into report* The initiation comes just after 5:10 in the video. @Draco Vadam does in fact say "Don't move. If you move you're gonna get shot if you do."
  15. ASqueakyCleanPado

    • ASqueakyCleanPado
    • DustyRP

    Doin' em dirty with @UndeadRP

    fuck those nonrpers immarite 



    1. DustyRP


      If they don't have RP at the end of their name, are they really roleplayers?

    2. ASqueakyCleanPado


      didnt that jim fella fail the whitelist 8 times?