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  1. YNW Dusty

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    Bases stick out like a sore thumb. So, like others said, don't put the stuff you don't want to lose in there. You can hide barrels, tents, containers, etc. outside of your base. It already takes a long time to break a wall panel, and you can't even alt-look around while doing it because it will cancel the animation and reset your progress. I think keeping the time it takes how it is now is the best option.
  2. YNW Dusty

    Roleplay and you

    Thinking you're better than anybody else on the server is not the right attitude to have. Your RP is not the only RP that matters.
  3. YNW Dusty

    Group cap

    Honestly, I'd rather groups be limited to like 15 or 20. In 2015, it was rare to see a group run around with more than 10 people. The server seemed more balanced then, and more fun. Now it can be common to see groups of 10+, and with less variety and diversity in the server, 10+ is killer. I don't see how running around with that many people is fun. Multiple smaller groups > a few large groups. But people will just ally anyways, making it basically a super group. Like when 5 medium sized groups allied against the saviors to attack their compound.
  4. YNW Dusty

    Group requirements revised

    Yeah I don't really think this is a good or even necessary change. Nobody was complaining about anything that was mentioned, so I really don't understand the change.
  5. YNW Dusty

    BadRP in Novaya Petrovka -S1 -around 00:00

    Yes, this is valid. A clear demand was given, as well as the hostile intent being clear (guns pointed).
  6. YNW Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  7. YNW Dusty

    BadRP in Novaya Petrovka -S1 -around 00:00

    @RandyRP Outlawe was from a different situation that occurred after the reported situation. I'm also just making it clear that I had left that situation with Outlawe and his friend about 10 minutes before people were asking perms to log. Anyways, regarding the reported situation: Bobby and Shroud said there was a group of dudes at the Novaya clinic they wanted to rob. I run down there and muted for the RP. When my boys initiated, I did not initiate and complied, pretending to be alone. I then bailed around the time the other hostages ran and returned a few minutes later after the non-compliers were killed or escaped. I only took part in the RP prior to the initiation, and did not take part in the hostage RP as the others were handling that. Then we went to the airfield and took part in a different situation that I ended up leaving early before my group mates left them. The end. I would like to point out a few things that I've seen from the video evidence: A member named "Cheron" aka @Chernon made flamey comments about my group members being "whitenames" and "super soldiers" and @DallasRP saying they were "tryhards", just because they had their guns out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The OP can also be seen metagaming, telling his friends that they were being chased and that he was being robbed while his hands were up. Just because you still have a radio, that does not mean you can speak over your radio while your hands are up or you are restrained.
  8. YNW Dusty

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question you'd like to ask: Now that have two servers again, will the population on both servers be capped at 70-80? Doing so would make driving cars on a full server a bit more stable, and while the server lag on a full 100 pop server isn't too terrible, it's still noticeable at times. Question you'd like to ask: Will server 2 be closed when server 1 isn't full?
  9. YNW Dusty

    Increase Thirst and Hunger Rates.

    -1 from me as well. Making the game harder does not make it more fun. This is still a game after all. The bohemia devs listened to a small vocal minority in the dayz community and made the game even more tedious than it should be already.
  10. YNW Dusty

    Thoughts on the Current State of Base Defense/Raiding?

    I don’t personally think any changes need to be made. While basebuilding is cool and adds an extra element to the game, that shouldn’t be your focus in the server. I also think making a specific time when you can raid a base is a bad idea and just adds more OOC restrictions. The less magical restrictions, the better. Just gotta understand that if you make a base, someone is going to break in. Also, breaking a panel can be pretty frustrating at the moment; if you look away from the wall, for even a second, it will cancel the progress you’ve made and you have to restart. So I don’t think upping the time needed to dismantle a panel is the right idea either.
  11. YNW Dusty

    Revival of room 4

    No such thing as a roast zone anymore It's just a field of high grass now. Watch where you step. Room 4 was never safe, but at least back then you could trust people to be good sports about it. Shit, Kevin and Jimmy used to go off on each other late at night, and it was funny as hell.
  12. YNW Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  13. YNW Dusty

    S1 Komarovo industrial No time to comply 2019-04-09, 00:29

    This report, in my opinion, can be closed.
  14. YNW Dusty

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Cookie Your bunnies are pretty cool, thanks for letting me pet Chaos. Also, I’m never trusting you with a lockpick.
  15. YNW Dusty

    Make cars a bit weaker than they currently are

    Before the most recent patch, the one that reintroduced the FAL to the game, cars would ruin and start smoking after 5 or so shots to the engine block. This had its own pros (could despawn basically trashed cars) and cons (cars should probably be a bit stronger than that). However, currently it can take more than an entire mag from a gun to ruin a car, and takes a pretty insane crash to actually ruin them too. This is an issue because there are currently cars around the map, with absolutely no parts, either hidden away or crashed into a pole. And because it can take more than a mag to ruin the car and make it respawn, it's not worth it to try to make them respawn. This means that no new cars are respawning, making a working car the rarest thing in the game right now, which obviously isn't that realistic. So, I'm suggesting that a good middle ground be reached for the amount of damage cars can take. I think they should be stronger than they were last patch, but weaker than they currently are. Maybe our devs could add the ability to destroy cars with matches again? Idk. I just think it needs changing.
  16. YNW Dusty

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    I was a game master 3 different times. I know what goes on in staff. Not sure why you’re making this about you, because it’s not about you. But the fact of the matter is, standards have in fact slipped. If you can’t see the bias that has been occurring, then you haven’t been paying attention to the community. Rule 4’s have increased with no real explanations. Money now matters more than integrity in the community, which has led to this bias being allowed and increased blatant corruption. People who have been extremely toxic are allowed back in the community because more money was offered in return for being let back. Others who have done very little (like Abu) compared to the toxic people are never allowed back simply because Rolle doesn’t like him for whatever reason. Its rolle’s community, but it was not like this back in the day.
  17. YNW Dusty

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    The community isn't a community. Hasn't been for a long time. It's just high school now. Everybody is in their own cliques, and anybody who isn't in their clique is considered lesser than them. It's a lot of 'us vs them' now. Standards in the staff team and in the community have gone way down hill, and this is partly due to bias and poor management in the staff team. This is also partly due to the community being less diverse. Instead of many many groups and different people in the community, like we had in 2015-2017, the community is split into a few large cliques, with smaller groups of people sprinkled in as well. That being said, I don't think a wave of new people in the community would fix things right now. I don't think there is a way to fix the toxicity and mend the rift in the community at this point. I think the only thing we can all do is try not to focus so much on OOC things. The forums are good for communication, but at this point it's also a breeding ground for toxicity. Taking short breaks from the forums and from the community is a pretty good idea. Think I might be doing that very thing soon.
  18. YNW Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  19. YNW Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  20. YNW Dusty

    S1 Bashnya Ruleplay 2019-04-10, ~03:00

    Also, I would like to request that both JimRP and RandyRP not be allowed to post notes or handle this report as they are both friends of the accused. And as can be seen in this screenshot, RandyRP posted logs in my other report against the 24th street dudes, realized he shouldn't have done that because he's biased, and gave the post to Onyx an hour later: I'm sure this can be seen in staff logs somewhere as well.
  21. YNW Dusty

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Gonna be honest, I think you’re thinking of someone else lol
  22. YNW Dusty

    S1 Bashnya Ruleplay 2019-04-10, ~03:00

    Precedent that punching someone once does not grant kill rights: Also, as mentioned in that verdict, a punch completely falls under RP, meaning there is no real reason to just spray someone down for a punch.
  23. YNW Dusty

    S1 Bashnya Ruleplay 2019-04-10, ~03:00

    You state yourself that you knew I was walking away from you, but you continued to follow me. You made the conscious decision to follow me and throw insults the entire time, that’s absolutely on you. I’m sorry if I don’t want to take part in a conversation that just consists of shit talking. I threw a single punch because you continued to follow and be hostile; I just responded to what you were saying in game. You were never in a position where you were forced to initiate on me or defend your life. Instead of shooting me and ending the roleplay, you could have thrown a punch back as well, or gotten more hostile and progressed the roleplay. Or just left. There were many better options to choose. Regarding your claim of NVFL, it was 1v1 and you had no rights on me. Yes, Puncture solo initiated on a Mexican like an hour or so before this situation, but we are not an official group, therefor no rights were gained on me as I did not initiate on your friend. This is confirmed by this post made by Banshee when they were a game master. The failed robbery post and the kill has nothing to do with this report. I just wanted to hostile RP with you, and you clearly wanted the same. For whatever reason, you decided to end It right there. Anyways, I don’t want to make staffs jobs harder than it already is, so I’m not gonna bother responding to anything else.
  24. YNW Dusty

    S1 Bashnya Ruleplay 2019-04-10, ~03:00

    Server and location: S1 Bash Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-10, ~03:00 Your in game name: Nick Greenway Names of allies involved: 4 corner hustlers (not really involved) Name of suspect/s: I believe it was a member of 24th street Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Group and I are at the airfield, doing whatever, waiting for daytime to come. Jasper says there are a bunch of dudes up at Bash who seemed like they might rob him. They ask him if he's in 24th street gang at one point, and end up not robbing him. I go to Bash to see the group and figure out who they are when a 24th dude walks up to me. I recognize his voice, and I know the group of people next to us are looking for 24th street. I tell that group that the dude following me is 24th street, and that they should take him because he's an asshole. Apparently the group is friends with 24th street or something, so that idea falls apart. The 24th dude starts telling them to take me instead, so I start walking away to avoid getting initiated on. Dude continues following me, talking shit the entire way. We throw insults back and forth when I decide to put my gun away and punch him once and back away. He then immediately sprays me down. Like I said, I put my gun away, punched him ONCE and backed up. One punch isn't a threat to someone's life. It was just hostile RP and he decides that one single punch is enough to spray me down, ending all potential RP. If this isn't ruleplay, I don't know what is.
  25. YNW Dusty

    Failed Robberies Thread

    oof, ya got me
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