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  1. Unfortunately, these are all facts. There was even a time when there were 5 servers, and even a server just for events. If DayZ isn't dying, then the community is. There are many reasons for it, but I feel a large reason is that people are turned off of the website based on its reputation; the reputation of the staff team and their decisions over the years, the reputation of Rolle constantly flip flopping on rules and what's ok and what's not, and how people are treated. The huge ban wave in March 2017 was the beginning of the real downfall. The downfall of the community has been very slow since then, making it easy for ignorant people to discount everything mentioned above. But the slow decline over the last few years is clear to see to anyone that has been around that long and actually paid attention. I don't want to shit on the website. I don't want to not feel like playing DayZ or DayZRP. I miss the days when it was actually fun still, and still WAS a community. It's always been a business, but at least back then it felt like a community of roleplayers. Now it's just a website and discord that are used as platforms for small groups of friends to pat themselves on the back or throw shade at other groups of people. The people make the community. DayZRP is at the bottom of the barrel and has been for a while. This isn't being said to shit on the new players or the new people on the website, it's just that this place is running on fumes. New people can still have fun and find fun in the game, but to someone who's seen what this place can be at the best of times, there is a stark difference between now and back then. Call it rose tinted glasses, but the numbers don't lie.
  2. I want there to be 1 single server, that is relatively small compared to Chernarus, that allows monetization and that isn't locked behind a paywall.
  3. "Mission accomplished" -"Curious" George W. Bush
  4. I'm offended that you would dare to post a screenshot from a PVP server
  5. Sarcasm is fun, fun is banned, therefor sarcasm bad. /Ban Some people just ruin things for everyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Dusty

    Vorkutan lies

    *Dustiski laughs and responds* You keep forgetting the part where your own people started the hostilities and insults. And if we're the types who dislike talking situations out, why did we leave your "charity" alone for weeks while your people constantly antagonized us? If we really disliked peace, the school would have been a smoldering crater weeks ago. But no, we've left you alone, and peacefully co-existed in the same town until your own people let their emotions take control of their actions. Everything you say has holes in it. We love peace. We peacefully inhabited the same space multiple times. This peace can continue should you realize your people's actions were wrong and disgusting and make an attempt to make amends. Also I would rather speak to a human. Not a fan of robots speaking for a human. *He sets down the radio*
  7. Dusty

    Vorkutan lies

    *Dustiski repsonds* Imagine hating Cerberus for REFUSING a contract that would put many many innocent civilians in harms way. Justify your hate any way you like, it doesn't change the facts of this situation, and it doesn't change your lack of character and humanity. You threatened murder and torture over an argument that your own people instigated. Calling yourself a charity is not going to wipe the slate clean and pretending like you want to be good people doesn't change the fact that your people are murderers and drug dealers; profiting off the misery of people who are hurting inside. At least Pablo Escobar built many many houses for poor people. But even that didn't cancel out the fact that he was a murdering psychopathic piece of shit. Nothing you do will change who you are. But your actions in the future will dictate how things proceed. Choose wisely. *He sets down the radio*
  8. *Dustiski would speak on the radio* Hello friendos, this is Dustiski of Cerberus International. This is simply a warning to those of you who aren't in the know, but the people who live at the school in Vorkuta, the ones who call themselves a charity, are not who they seem. They took an operator captive after instigating an argument. They then proceeded to scream threats of torture and murder over a megaphone. Threatening to chop fingers off and pull teeth. Not very charity-like. Finally they released the operator after stealing everything from them. Trust them at your own risk. That is all. *He sets down the radio*
  9. I think Namalsk should stay up. I love that it's smaller, it's also a bit harder to survive sometimes but that's kind of cool. I wish we could use the item shop on the map, but I understand the creator wants no monetization on it. It also sucks that Chernarus has to be kept open by law, but that's the corner DayZRP has painted itself into. Maybe another map similar to Namalsk will come out that allows monetization, that would be perfect.
  10. *Dustiski picks up the radio, hand shaking, and proceeds to speak* My name is Dustiski... In the few weeks I have been in Namalsk, it has become entirely clear to me that things are not right around here... There are those around here that seem to dismiss the strange occurrences they witness or hear about as being related to actions taken by shady government agencies in the area... But I believe there is more to it; I believe there are things at work (and at play) that cannot be described as a symptom of the decisions of mere men. Men are just the play things of the two hands, two sides, of fate. And I believe that the things occurring here are the result of the clashing of those two powerful hands. Prizraki, spirits, are loose in these lands. And I've decided that somebody has to investigate these events with a more open mind, instead of dismissing other potential explanations as non-sensical. I, along with my associate Luke, will be investigating rumors and stories related to the strange events taking place. We will be travelling around, interviewing those who wish to share their inexplicable encounters. These interviews will take place in-person and free of charge, while we will also be offering our services in a more dedicated capacity for a small fee of a hand full of rifle ammunition, where we will investigate specific situations should you want us to look into it further. Contact myself or Luke privately if interested in sharing your story, or if interested in purchasing our services. *Dustiski sets down the radio*
  11. Just some supporting evidence for what Dom is saying (this happened 5 days ago):
  12. *Dustiski listens to what has been spoken and responds* Pretty sure this bitch that is accusing you of heinous things has also falsely accused others of violent, explicit actions against women. Perhaps she is a paranoid schizophrenic, who enjoys boiling babies and enslaving children to do her bidding. See how easy it is to make false accusations with no evidence to support them? Don't listen to random frantic voices on the radio. *He sets down the radio*
  13. Me when a bear charges me from the forest: https://puu.sh/GQRws/07129e2c1c.m4a
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