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    1. Majoo


      Oh boy...hello? Didn't hear this for ages.

  2. Some great RP I had today!
  3. New addition to the salt sig: 


    1. Alex Vivian

      Fuck off "Dudesty" you are part of the problem.

  4. If @Rebel Pado leaves the TS without going "skrrt", did he really leave the channel?

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    2. Randle


      No he didn't.

      I mean is he even Pado if he didn't miss every shot at someone IG?

    3. Dew


      No, that means he is still there in spirit.

    4. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado

      *he would wipe his brow*

      Think its time I give up the PVP god title tbh

    • Rebel Pado
    • Dusty

    I'm sorry sir its time for you to leave.

    1. Dusty
    2. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado


  5. Clap bombs, fuck moms

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    2. Hebee
    3. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado

      Drank a whole regular sized cup of mild taco bell sauce today shit was lit as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

    4. Hebee
  6. @evanm23 lol that's not even a robbery?
  7. I'm not part of the problem, I AM THE PROBLEM.

  8. We enjoyed your RP as well @FiftyFootAnt!
  9. Take me back to 2015 tbh

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    2. Rolle


      Filthy casual.

    3. Dusty


      I'm just a young whitename in purple clothing

    4. Western
  10. 2015 S4 was the real true server you bambi.
  11. I play on S1 because of the population. Honestly, the ping really isn't that bad, especially compared to how it used to be before they made netcode optimizations.
  12. Jesus fuck that was dirty