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  1. Dusty

    RP regarding base raiding/takeover

    Honestly, I like how the rules currently act. Like how they're simple, common sense is required to fill in the gaps of what is and isn't allowed. I think the rules should continue to stay simple, instead of filling up the page with extremely specific rules and scenarios. The less rules restricting what can happen in game, the better. I also believe that you should be able to do almost anything in game as long as it progresses RP and isn't bad RP or KOS. The more rules you have, the harder it is to RP with other people and groups. This is confirmed by the fact that the server, at the height of it's largest and most restrictive rules page last summer, was dead. People stopped playing either because dayz was progressing too slowly, or because they felt like they couldn't do anything and that there was nothing to do. The easier we make it to RP and be focused on realism, the better. Adding a magic OOC limit of 25% to the amount of things you can steal from a camp is more about punishing someone than it is about improving or progressing RP.
  2. Dusty

    Green Mountain Radio

    Yoooo I fuck with this neutral-supergroup. Fuck yeah, finally. Good luck with the group, the timing for a group like this is pretty good.
  3. Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  4. Dusty


    We bringing edgy banditry back
  5. Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

    New Alexisonfire
  6. Dusty

    New Moon Media Thread

  7. Dusty

    New Moon Media Thread

    He's afraid of heights
  8. Dusty

    Zombie Buff

    I think bullet damage just got nerfed. But it makes me want to die. Zombies were already kind of an issue sometimes. Now it's even harder. It's not fun, and does not add a "fun, immersive PVE element".
  9. Dusty

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    You can't just come into someone's thread, leave feedback with an immature bad attitude yourself, and expect them not to call you out on your own faults. If you want to leave feedback on someone's thread, and have them actually take what you have to say serious, then you need to come across in a more polite and chill manner. Saying things like "Are you fucking serious?" and expecting anything but the same in return, is just ignorant and narcissistic. Your feedback couldn't be further from constructive. Novaya was being attacked for weeks by 5 different groups that allied against them. The attacks have stopped due to the peace summit that was held, but when you go into the Savior's town and act hostile while blasting shit over the megaphone, you can expect them to set up and prepare for an initiation. They know the signs of an oncoming conflict. Then you go up to their gates and get upset when they are hostile to you after you've already been hostile to them. That's just ridiculous man.
  10. Dusty

    What kind of food would you be?

    Because juice.
  11. Dusty

    S1-Badrp/Invalid Initation Kabinino 02/09/2019, 06:15ish

    I just want to repeat and make it abundantly clear for the staff members handling this report that Puncture did everything according to how rule 4.1 is written and how Rolle explained the use of megaphones. You're not allowed to initiate remotely or from far away and people have to know who exactly is initiating, so puncture initiated while standing right next to everyone, out in the open. Rolle did not outright say you cannot initiate with a megaphone, just that it can't be done from very far away and that it needs to be known who the exact initiator is. By standing out in the open, next to everyone, he meets both of those requirements.
  12. As rule 4.1 states: That rule specifies that initiations need to be done personally and not remotely, aka from far away. As your video should show, he was in the middle of the road in front of the green two story house, in the middle of or extremely near the people he was initiating on. This ticks off all of the requirements for initiations: I believe the initiation was "Everybody put your hands up" which is clear and unambiguous. He was in the middle of or very near to the people he was initiating on, meaning he did it personally and not remotely aka in a far away place. Being that he was in front of everyone he initiated on, it was also clear who was initiating and who the specific targets were. And lastly, a minute or so before the initiation was dropped, he was using the megaphone to try to draw people's attention to him. Everybody knew he was the one with the megaphone, and therefor they knew he was the one initiating with it. You also just disregard everything Rolle says after the first sentence in that post. Rolle clearly states: In this case, as I said above and as your video should show, Puncture was right next to everybody he initiated on, therefor he was not really far away or hidden, and was very clearly present. His mic cut out, so he reinitiated a second time immediately after to make sure people understood the initiation. Matty Mayfire POV: There are a fuck load of people in Kab. Some of them were people that had tried to butt-in on a hostage situation we had at VMC earlier. We recognized that some of them were in Kab now, so we decided we wanted to take them hostage. Puncture has a megaphone, and tries to draw people's attention to him, in the center of the town, so that people knew EXACTLY who had the megaphone and EXACTLY who would be initiating in the next minutes. People don't really seem to go up to him, so he follows the majority of the people towards the church. When there are a bunch of them next to him, in front of the green two story house, he initiates TWICE using the megaphone. Unfortunately, the people that we actually wanted to take captive did not comply. Anybody that did comply that we didn't want were told to leave the town. A firefight ensues, a few of us die while we kill a few in the process as well. The end. No video from myself. You all knew it was an initiation and you all knew it was inside the town. This report is petty.
  • Dusty

    S1 - KOS Pustoshka 2019-02-12, 02:40

    Server and location: S1 Pustoshka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-02-12, 02:40 Your in game name: Matty Mayfire Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Mine Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Was driving south to pick up a friend who got killed by zombies. Decided to drive around in Pustoshka a little bit. I see a dude opening a shed, and then run into the middle of the road. I slow down and try to swerve a little bit because he was in the direct middle of the road. He aims his gun at me and kills me. No words were spoken between us.
  • Dusty

    being robbed

    tbh, dudes just gotta stop caring about gear. If you don't like the RP you're being given, try to make it better. Add to the situation. Don't just be a passive participant in it. Try to take the charge and push the RP in a more interesting direction. RP is a two way street. Hostages that are active participants in the RP are more likely to be treated better and get shit back. Hostages who are clearly upset OOC about losing their stuff or are only passive participants are less likely to be treated well and less likely to have much of their stuff back afterwards.
  • Dusty

    New Moon Media Thread

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