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  1. Don't call me a thot. Also I agree with this suggestion. It's super annoying when both servers are sitting at 50 or 60 people, especially with groups of people hiding from everyone else. The RP is hard to find lately.
  • Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

    I love Tyler on this track I'm all about them fruits and my greens like a veGAN
  • Rick "Ricky" Mars was born Ireland, but raised in the ends of East London. He had a rough childhood (of course like every other kid from East London yeh). His mother was a crack addict and his father was killed in a drive by stabbing. Ricky got into slinging when he was about 12 years old, he needed to make some money so that he could buy food and clothes. As time went on he gained prestige in East London as a well respected slinger and he got his hands on a smooth 6 inch switchblade. As Ricky grew older he gained his stripes by doing his first stabbing. He stabbed an opp for selling on his turf without giving him a cut of the profits. The kid wanted to take his turn so Ricky ended the mans life, hence he was given the name Slick Rick. Once Joey shanked his first chav he quickly gained a reputation for not being messed with. He went on to shank more people and then was wanted by the police. Him and the boys decided to go to a football game in Russia, the night got wild and the next thing you know the lads woke up in Chernarus. East Europe was somewhere they always wanted to go so there they were. Ya yeet.
  • Dusty

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    Looking back at the stream, you do say something about not knowing the codes. It's not a lie, I was going off of my memory; I was not near the building when you mentioned the codelocks and nobody said anything about it in our discord, so I didn't think it happened. But the fact still remains that you made no real attempt to comply with our demands. You should have climbed the ladder to the roof, where you guys knew we were at, and complied that way. Instead of this, you decided to listen to Hunter and non-comply by staying in the building.
  • Dusty

    Multiple Group Allegiances?

    Are you suggesting forced alliances? Or do you mean you just hope to see more people coming up with interesting alliances?
  • Dusty

    The War between Campfire makers vs Military LARPers

    We seriously don't need this many threads about the same topic. The war is happening for IC reasons, so people need to deal with it ICly and stop talking shit in streams and twitch chats, and private discords.
  • Dusty

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    Hello, I'm the one who initiated on the entire compound, including the building you were in. Telling someone to come out of the building with their hands up is absolutely not an unreasonable demand. Combined with the fact that neither of you ever said anything about being stuck in the building or being locked in, so how on earth would we be able to know that? I told the people in the building, very specifically, to come out with their hands up or they would die. Anybody who stays in the building is dying. At the end of the day, you two made no attempt to communicate that issue to us or to ask for help on how to get out, and made no attempt to leave the building at all (even though you could literally climb the ladder to the top of the building and get out that way), so making a report over this is ridiculous and in my eyes is a completely false report. There is no such thing as semi-compliant. You're either fully compliant (by coming out of the building with your hands up), or not compliant at all (making no attempt to even leave the building). POV: We're in Novaya, trying to negotiate peace with the Wolf Pack, and they refuse peace outright unless we make peace with two or three other groups that they don't speak for. We wait a while, and then attack the compound. I initiate with a megaphone, and also over normal voip when I'm next to the building they're in. I very clearly demanded that everyone in the building was to come out with their hands up, and that if they stayed inside they would die. Everybody in the building was given ample time and opportunities to surrender and come out. Absolutely nobody in that building made an attempt to comply with the demands. So the boys make it onto the roof, and drop a grenade in the building, killing the non-compliers. As seen in this clip from Hunter's stream, the demands were incredibly clear: Come out of the building, or die. Hunter told them not to leave the building, effectively trying to use them as human shields as they were sitting right next to Hunter, who was actively shooting at us. You had a choice, a choice that was made very clear - come out of the building, or die. You stayed in the building, so you were non-compliant. That was your choice, so accept the consequences of your choice.
  • Dusty

    Failed Robberies Thread

  • Dusty

    Kill rights.

    Going back to the old KOS rights would be pretty easy, especially now that we have better logs that track position. The old rule was that you had to be within 500 meters of the hostile situation when it happened, and had to have been in the server. The rule was simple, and easily understood by everyone. There was basically no room for potential confusion. I was under the impression that the old ruleset was scrapped in order to make things easier to understand and less restricting. Of course there must be rules against KOS and randomly killing people, but the community still strives for realism. The current KOS rights system contradicts that and is confusing to a great many people still, even though this ruleset has been in place for ~10 months. If the rule has been a thing for that long, and not even all the staff members or the veteran players understand it, then that is a terrible sign.
  • Dusty

    Kill rights.

    We just really need the old KOS rights honestly. Not even the staff members fully understand how they work in every situation. The rules need to be straightforward and streamlined, aka easy to understand, not complicated for no reason. A lot of the players are just casual players and don't want to make a group and wait the long amount of time it can take for a group to get accepted. The KOS rights rule needs to be how it used to be, so that anybody could understand it, so that more players stay.
  • Dusty

    DayZRP Battle Royale

    Not a 24/7 server, but if we did a monthly event or something that would have user titles as the reward, I think that would be cool as fuck.
  • Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  • Dusty

    Real life picture Thread

    Hay cutie
  • Dusty

    S1: Griefing Berenzino Around 15-17:00 2019-06-03

    PoV: We muslims were in town with Pamyati. We ended up taking a CDF dude hostage, and when that ended we turned our focus to Chip at the grocery store right next to the hospital. While my guys were talking to chip and trying to set up a deal or something, I was walking around, listening and watching in case more CDF showed up. I was outside the front gate of the hospital when I saw a bunch of random people by the CDF tents, and I saw in chat someone saying something about griefing because they were emptying the tents to take them. I just said in chat that it’s not really griefing if they’re taking the tents to actually use them. That’s as far as my involvement with this report goes.
  • Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

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