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  1. He wanted water, I wanted water. I tell him where to find it and he keeps following me.
  • Dusty

    Initiating from behind cover

    I'd like to hear how @Roland sees things when it comes to the verdict when he comes online again.
  • Dusty

    Initiating from behind cover

    You mean like by putting their hands up?... In the past, you were always told that if you heard an initiation, you should assume it's potentially on you. Especially if the initiation is "Everybody put their hands up". The VOIP system is directional, so you can tell the direction and can easily guess the distance and location where the initiation is coming from. It's pretty easy to do. Enforcing the rules how they're written to a T is the wrong way to handle things and will only make people mad and frustrated.
  • Dusty

    Current State of Rule(s)

    Elitism is bad, m'kay. People are mad because the current KOS rights system has so many holes and confusing situations that come from it, and nobody is sure how the rule actually works because of the holes. Not only that, but certain rules are changed in favor of realism, only to make the KOS rights confusing and issue-laden with unnecessary magical OOC protections. The OOC protections themselves are one example of a hole in the current KOS system. Explained: What happens if you're in an official group and you initiate on someone in a dynamic group who ends up not complying and dying: - Dynamic Group: Can shoot you and everybody in your Official Group. Can move around freely, just outside of voip range, while actively trying to find opportunities to kill you or your Official Group members. - Official Group: Even though the person they initiated on didn't comply, they CANNOT shoot everyone in the Dynamic Group. This fact can be abused (either knowingly or unknowingly) and has caused issues in situations in the past. Your Official Group cannot move around in the open or get close enough to the Dynamic Group to initiate without dying. This therefor gives the supposed rules advantage that was meant for the Official Group, and gives it to the Dynamic Group. The KOS rights and the differences between official groups and dynamic groups were changed to how they currently are to give an advantage to people who take the effort to make a group page and stick with it long enough to get the group accepted. If this advantage is made negligible or cancelled out by how the rule protects dynamic groups in situations, then it makes no sense to leave the KOS rights how they currently operate. Another hole is the fact that people that weren't logged in can just log in and gain rights automatically and take part in the fight, even if they logged out in the area the fight was occurring. In previous rulesets, this was considered ghosting, but that's not currently how things work. Agree or disagree, I know a majority of people fully understood the rules how they were in the past. The rules are now currently complicated and cause problems because nobody FULLY understands the current ruleset due to issues with the KOS rights.
  • Dusty

    Initiating from behind cover

    I assumed everyone looked at past verdicts to figure out how the rules properly worked, but I guess I may be wrong in that assumption. It's just frustrating to see a verdict that turns the community on its head because it goes contrary to what has been said and enforced in the past. Edit: Also I misclicked and voted wrong, I was agreeing with the thread.
  • Dusty

    Staff Feedback: Hofer

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: 2 different situations that I'm leaving feedback for: Closed thread is linked above ^, verdict is linked here. Feedback: 1. Closing a thread that's actively discussing a verdict you wrote (which goes contrary to how invalid initiation has ever worked) as well as closing the poll on the thread is an incredibly obvious abuse of power. I don't know what else to say besides yikes. It just looks bad and as if you're throwing your power around rather than letting the community discuss the verdict because you didn't like that they disagreed with your verdict. 2. The verdict you wrote that @Realize and @Peril somehow signed off on goes contrary to how initiating from behind cover has always been handled. Rule 4.1 does not say anything about being visible. Due to the fact that Bobby could be heard in normal voip range, and was not initiating through a PA system or a radio, this means that he was not initiating remotely and was personally doing the initiation. You're following the imperfect rules how they were written to a T like a robot, and not understanding how the majority of the community understands the rules. People use old verdicts to gauge how to properly following the rules. When a new verdict comes out that specifically goes against what has been written in the past, then people discuss it and try to get the error fixed. As was said in the thread that you closed, rule 4.1 was edited to cover an issue where people were using megaphones from too far away. But applying a blanket understanding of certain rules is too strict and was an issue with staff in 2015 or 2016 as well. Suggestions for improvement: Take more feedback from more staff members before going through with a verdict. Also looking at past verdicts would help to understand how community members form their understanding of the rules. If everyone (the community members and staff members) are on the same page when it comes to their understanding of the rules, things run smoother and less confusion and frustration occurs.
  • Dusty

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    *Cries in Chernarussian*
  • Dusty

    Real life picture Thread

    That hair
  • Dusty

    Possible Mods to add

    I see absolutely no reason not to add more mods that make the game a little more fresh in diversifying clothing options and things that improve the games play.
  • Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  • Dusty

    What do you listen to ?

  • Maximov Lev Tolstoy was born on August 1st in 1997. He was born in a hospital in Chernogorsk, and was raised for the beginning of his life in Zelenogorsk. His family consisted of his mother, his father, and his older brother named Dimitry. Dimitry was a few years older than Maximov, and always took care of his brother. Dimitry was more of a protector and athlete than student. The student in the family was Maximov; he excelled at his studies, and because of this and because he was fluent in English, he was able to go to America for the school years of his high school years. When he finally graduated at 18, he returned to his family in Zelenogorsk. During this time, he eventually got a position in Zelenogorsk as an engineer for a couple years, until the country would fall into chaos amidst skirmishes between Chernarus and their neighbour to the north, Russia. Following those skirmishes would see the rise of some crazy pathogen or virus or infection that changed people into feral killers. When this occurred, cities fell quickly and the military/police could not control the fear and the violence. Certain government forces as well as civilians left to Miroslavl where the city would end up fortified. Eventually, years later, Maximov would join OREL police unit Kanec in their deployment to South Zagoria due to the fact that he knew the area well, and was already drafted into OREL service after the collapse of society.
  • Dusty

    S1 Zelenogorsk Meta Gaming

    I'm the one you initiated on and killed before Dew ended up killing you. I was double micing in game and on my radio so my friends would know if something happened. Anyways, POV: I was regearing in Zeleno military when some a couple guys come up to me and act kinda sketchy, so I get slightly defensive and ask them what they want and if they don't want anything, to leave me alone basically. I even tell them something like "You're creeping me out, go about your business" They end up initiating on me, I non-comply and die. Anyways, as I said, I was double micing everything I was saying, so when I said you were being weird, they knew something might happen. And when I didn't respond to anything, they assumed the worst. Dew then found you guys in the same area I died not long before and correctly killed you.
  • Dusty

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    That was fast
  • Dusty

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    Videos and screenshots to follow this post:
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