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    When a guy back talks VDV and I ain't wanting any of that! O.o


  1. To All VDV [Open Frequency]

    *Fedorov would speak into the radio* Oppression? What are we oppressing exactly? I didn't know taking military rifles from those not deployed in this country was such a terrible and tyrannical thing to do. I think it is something else making people hating us. The fact we're Russian. We can't do anything without being called communists, when in fact our home hasn't been communist in almost 30 years. People see that we're Russian and assume we are the big bad guys for some reason. No, we're not nice, because that is not our job. No, we're not invading. As professional as we are, we are not good enough to invade and annex Chernarus with 200 men. No, we just doing our job. We want to go home. If taking a rifle makes you want to kill us, then go ahead and try. But if you're going to threaten people, don't give them your full name. *Fedorov sets down radio*
  2. Real life picture Thread

    Where is your Ultra Lord action figure collection?
  3. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Looks alright. Remember that your roster has to have the IC names of the characters as well.
  4. For once in my life, I'm 


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      I got more than you. :P 

    3. Dusty


      Not for long nibba. The new website version ate 300 of my beanz. I'm catching up to you :D

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      It did to me too :D 

  5. Change Support Back to Community Helper

    Yeah +1 tbh. CH was so much better. But at least this way if you have an admin and two supports in the same channel, their TS badges spell out ASS.
  6. Have you seen this man? (Open Frequency)

    *Mikael speaks into his radio* There was man with guitar at Kovar's market in Chernogorsk today. Not sure what name is, but he has guitar. He sounded American I think. I don't think money will help situation. Try alcohol; people love that around here. Actually I like it too. Bring me bottle of vodka for my information. Spasiba. *Mikael sets down his radio*
  7. The Winking Chernarussian (OPEN)

    Was lit visiting the bar and seeing the RP around it. I love it when people make RP hubs, and I hope you guys keep this going You have the support of the Russians!
  8. DayZRP Community Memes

    I got to make a pretty lit meme out of this:
  9. *Clears throat to draw attention* This is still open, and I've been making a bunch of avatars, like these:
  10. This looks lit as fuck. I think our two groups have already had a few encounters already. I'm looking forward to more encounters in the future
  11. Just A Quick Thank You

    In the sea of negativity (almost the entire DayZ community outside of DayZ RP) it's nice to see things like this. Glad that you've been enjoying your time here! Don't let the frustrating or negative moments get you down or hamper your motivation to play and RP.
  12. No religious group ?

    I think a dynamic group idea could work really well. You could be the pastor, or find people that will be the pastor, and then you could search for people to be part of your flock. I think something like this could actually be really cool. You could also do other "church" things like provide food and shelter for people who don't have those things. I don't think I've ever seen a moderate religious group in game, so this actually seems unique. I actually want you do this now because it sounds like awesome RP could come from it.
  13. No religious group ?

    Religious groups are allowed, they just have to be done in good taste and in non-trolley ways, which seems difficult for some people. Right now, a normal (not crazy or extremist) religious group would be just fine and realistic. I think it will be a month or so until a cultish or extremist group makes sense. If you want to attempt to be the one to run a realistic religious group, then good luck