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  1. Dusty's PVP scum media thread

    Thought I would revive this as I my videos don't look like burning garbage anymore. Gonna start it off with my newest addition:
  2. Kind Of A Rant But Not A Rant

    If I'm not mistaken, you've been PMed by another community member prior to the stream that occurred, and prior to the report that you were in recently. That PM was regarding the RP you provided in a situation that the community member found subpar. Then the report happened, and you did the same trolly RP to myself on the same day. You've even been in the mentor program before, even before the report you were in, and yet you still provided the trolly RP that got you reported. After those situations, I haven't seen your RP, but I seriously don't think it's that hard to understand what is and is not allowed here, and what is and is not bad RP. It says clearly in the rules that your RP must be realistic and mature. Likewise, watching other people RP in front of you, and looking at reports will show you what is and what is not the type of RP you should be doing. Now finally, the RP shown in that report, and the RP shown to me, seen here, is not great. To be fair, it doesn't seem you're doing these things to troll people, or to get a laugh out of a situation, it seems like you're actually trying to RP a character or a playstyle that you don't fully understand how to do seriously. My suggestion to you is to try to take things more seriously. Roleplaying that a haunted mask is making you act like a crazy demon is not realistic at all. As I said, you didn't seem to be doing it for the lulz, it seemed as if you were trying out a different type of RP. Just in the future, make sure your RP is realistic with the lore, and with the real world, and I think you'll be fine. I would also suggest that you keep on working with the mentor program, and potentially join an official group with some experienced roleplayers. One such group that might fit your type of playstyle, and might be willing to let you play with them is The Vale of Shadows. They're a group with a dark backstory, who is not afraid to initiate on people, and they don't go overboard with their dark backstories or with their RP. I have 100% faith in the people who lead the group, so I would send them an application if you want to hang around with some experienced and chill people.
  3. Dusty

    Streaming some pubg with friendos


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  5. Any bit of evidence helps. Please provide the screenshot when you can.
  6. Longer Nights?

    I'll stop turning up my gamma when they implement some sort of 'eye adjustment' so that your character's eyes slowly adjust to seeing in the dark. Until then, I'd rather actually be able to see what I'm doing. Likewise, for recording and streaming, nobody wants to watch a super dark stream or video. This used to be more of a problem before the new renderer was released, but it's still a little bit of an issue. Now regarding the original topic, I don't think making it so that it's night time is a good idea as the community has been against it for a long time, as am I. We shouldn't flip flop back and forth, we should remain consistent.
    • Dusty

    Friend, I miss you. 


  7. Character being KOSable

    Eh, I'd be careful with this. It's an interesting idea, but there are many cons that need to be considered. For example, what if someone mistakes a completely random person for you or one of your guys? What if someone is standing next to your group in a town when someone decides to use those KOS rights, and kills them by mistake? There's also the possibility of getting tired of being KOSed when you just want to find some RP. You seem happy and open to the idea now, but if it happens enough, I can promise you that it would take its toll on you and your group. Also, how would someone know exactly who you are and that they have kill rights on you and your group without potentially checking your pulse? This could potentially cause an increase in people pulse checking everyone they see in a very obvious manner. Like I said, there are many things to consider when doing a group like this, but if you guys can make it work and can do it in a way that random people don't get mis-IDed as one of you, then go for it. If you do decide to do this group, good luck.
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    Bruh why do you talk shit on the radio when you haven't played in weeks lmao

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  8. S1 - KOS | 10/21/17 20:30-20:40

    @hescalbarrier Is this all the video evidence you have, or is there more?
  9. Logs have been updated. Calling in @JonnyBain to post their full and detailed point of view, as well as answer whether or not they have video evidence. @TateRinefield @SlyKestrel @Senore Dogg Do any of you have any video evidence of the reported situation?
  10. Connect/Disconnect logs: Chat logs: Hit logs: Kill logs: Calling in to post their point of view and upload any video evidence they have: @TateRinefield(Hide Nagachika) @SlyKestrel(Josh Edwards.) @Senore Dogg(Julian Friedhol) @JonnyBain(Ramsey Carson)
  11. Exotic's Dank Media Thread

    Allah smiles upon us on this day
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