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  1. These 'balance' changes are straight up bad changes.
  2. If we made offline raiding against the rules, people could just hide in their base and stay silent if they hear someone outside. If the people outside call out to the people inside to see if they're online or not, then the people inside could just stay silent and pretend to be offline, thereby abusing the rules and avoiding their base being raided. Being that we're playing in an apocalypse, I don't think more magical barriers are necessary.
  3. Uh... I don't know about that one chief. The only people caring about gear are the people spending their time looting and hiding in their base. The only people complaining about gear are the people who have giant bases with more gear than they could ever use. Edit: I love you nozzy
  4. If I shave and crouch down a little, I can get the kids menu at restaurants. I'll enjoy my chicken nuggets, thank you.
  5. Because they're much weaker than they previously were, before the dayz devs changed the amount of damage rounds do to someone.
  6. I don’t mind the amount of zombies, but their health absolutely needs to be reduced. The DayZ devs have said their game is finished and released, but we all know the game, as well as zombies, are still a buggy mess.
  7. -User has been warned for this post-
  8. Yeah 3 hacksaws for one codelock is dumb. Also anyone that sees no issue with the current setup is a gearwhore.
  9. Charlie was born on July 10th, 1988 to two loving parents in California. His parents had grown up in the 70's and 80's and had accepted the counter culture movements of those eras. As they raised Charlie, they brought him up on the ideals that the earth was sacred and that humans were hurting it. Starting at a young age, and continuing into his teenage years, his parents brought him around to many different events, protests, marches, you name it. All in the hopes of enacting change in the political policies regarding regulation and environmental protection in major governments. Growing up, it was becoming increasingly clear to Charlie that protests and marches stood no chance against the great american dollar. This made him bitter and lose hope in what he and his parents were speaking about. That is, until he was introduced to an older man that he had seen at different events throughout his youth. As Charlie was approaching adulthood, the man connected with him through their shared opinions on the lack of effectiveness of current measures to enact change. Charlie didn't realize it, but this man would be the one to eventually radicalize Charlie into committing violence and terrorism against companies and governments that were responsible for the destruction of the earth. He committed different small scale attacks with groups of people around the US before his identity was eventually discovered by US authorities. He evaded the country with the help of the connections he made during his criminal actions, and went to Europe to continue his plans. He was interested in trying to create small sects of people across Europe who would help him enact his plans. Things were going relatively smoothly for him in Europe until a sickness began to affect the world and changed things forever. Charlie saw this sickness as the Earth's immune system killing off the 'virus' of humans that were killing it. As countries and governments around the world began crumbling under the pressure of controlling and dealing with this new sickness, Charlie and his allies were able to continue their work and their lives with less fear of repercussions from police or governments. To this day, he continues his work in Europe, attacking people and groups all in the name of cleansing the Earth.
  10. I wasn't really there for the reported incident, don't think I needed to be called in, but I'll post nonetheless. I log on and hear that there's a situation in Sitnik, so I run around lost for a while before finally getting there and meeting the boys. I believe the actual fighting was over when I get there. Anyways, we defended their compound, so we decided to take the humvee as payment. Squillium yoinked it while I was sitting on a house, hiding, where I'm eventually found and shot. The end from my perspective.
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