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  1. A masterpiece of editing, as always, Robert. I'm glad fellow community members agree
  2. *A Chernarussian man would speak* You cannot call an organization a terrorist cell if your own government forces started the conflict. The story yesterday was that it was Russians that released biological weapons in the town, and now your story is that they were released by Cerberus International. It's clear this government is nothing but a cover for a criminal organization known as Ocelari, whose members were known to assist the foreign drug enterprise known as AJ Lines. Your attempt at spreading propaganda is weak and free thinkers will see it for what it is; a disgrace. *He pauses for a moment to think* We at Cerberus International fought against and forced the AJ Line drug enterprise out of the country. Your support of those criminals will not be forgotten, and your legitimacy as the de facto government of Chernarus is not and will not be recognized. We have sent evidence and situation reports to Western governments. They know of your crimes, and your corruption. The people of Chernarus deserve better than you can provide them. *He sets down the radio, satisfied with his response*
  3. Welcome home to BIG . BLACK . DAVID MACK @A Foul Goblin
  4. I'm glad our fellow community members recognize how valuable of a community member @Phoenyxx is. Welcome to the group dude, looking forward to see what the future holds for the group.
  5. Later skaters, see ya in whatever you do next.
  6. Rolle will just +1 all non-hostile events, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I assume it's because there has already been a few disconnected discussions about events and event rules in general. This thread is to get everyone's opinion and all discussions into one place so everything is easy to gauge.
  8. I'm fine with non-hostile events. What I'm iffy on is hostile groups setting up non-hostile events.
  9. AC Valhalla got me in a nordic vibe
  10. I voted no to the Cannabis+ mod just because of what others are saying about it being potentially unstable and a work in progress. However, I voted yes on the idea to add monetary value to the drugs in the game. I like the idea of making drugs worth something in game. At the moment, they're just RP items and nobody seems to care about the actual items in the game, moreso just the 'image' of being druggies or dealers. So there aren't that many routes a drug group can take if other people aren't willing to buy or barter for the items. I don't think there's anything wrong with drugs being popular in Chernarus during an apocalyptic type situation. Despair and misery make drugs an attractive option in life, and can be one of the driving factors of addiction. An apocalyptic setting is obviously going to be a miserable one to live in, and with there being no real control and no real law & order, narcotics would still be around and still be attractive, IF the crime organizations survived the initial outbreak. Crime is like a cockroach, you can't really kill it. Drugs would still be attractive, either for the monetary value coming from supply and demand, or for the obvious affects the narcotic would have on the user. Hopefully this is able to be made part of DayZRP at some point.
  11. You've got that aesthetic locked down dude
  12. Quality RP and quality service from @Zanaan. 10/10 will use the service again.
  13. Not sure how I feel about a hostile group hosting a no-hostilities event. Have fun tho.
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