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  1. choccymilkboy27

    S1 - Livonia - I.K. / Invalid Initiation / Ruleplay / A.I.K. / BadRP

    POV: Earlier before this situation, we passed by a car with someone in it leaving from the direction of the walled off town. We can't catch it, so Wendigo says he initiated on the car to stop but they didn't comply. We find them again later and initiate once more. We have the two hostage on the road when we realize there are 3 guys in the area watching us and evading us (moving positions when we try to approach them). I RP with the hostages and figure out that Camo is the same guy wendigo initiated on earlier who didn't comply. Seeing as how there were still 3 guys in the area that were acting as if they were rescuers, I decide to move things along and kill Camo for not complying earlier. We already had rights and were being closed in on by we assumed his friends (who had already tried to KOS Dewski earlier). The OP and his friends' rulebreaks have already been clearly laid out so I won't repeat anything. Also this attitude being displayed is despicable. Imagine desperately wanting to not only ban people but punish them even harsher... The server is already struggling a bit again; trying to ban or remove people is only going to hurt the population.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Racial Slang.

    You're allowed to be racist or homophobic in game as long as it's not over the top or trolly, or being said just to be said. That being said, it's just a word. Words only hold power or meaning if we believe they do. In the example you're giving, the hard R isn't even said, just nigga.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Some good ass music

  • choccymilkboy27

    Hypothetical WW3 thread

    Who you bringing with you to Iran when this war pops off? 1. @thicdickdaddy27 2. @JewRP Professional IDF 3. @Gatorr 4. @Shroud 5. @Wendigo 6. @Hollows
  • choccymilkboy27

    Item shop items don't spawn in

    This has been resolved. /solved
  • choccymilkboy27

    What is accpetable in terms RPwise to rob someone for?

    Like Para said, make sure not to strip them. Also make sure that you are continuing to provide RP to your hostage and that you're not silently looting their stuff or making the gear the focus. You can take just about any item from your hostage, but make sure to leave them with a legitimate chance of survival by leaving them with warm clothing and food if they absolutely need it.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Remove Winter Chernarus on January 1st

    I'm already blind from how pale I am, I don't need to go extra blind from the snow in game My opinion is similar to those that have already been posted; it's cool for about a month, but then it's just boring and greyscale. Green landscape > Greyscale landscape. The normal green Chernarus is interesting enough with all of the different colors, the completely grey and white Chernarus is just gross now.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Livonia Characters

    Yes, because those are obviously trolling... Someone "travelling" between two locations is the tiniest little thing to nitpick. More rules =/= better RP or more enjoyable RP. We don't need to look back that far in DayZRP's history to see how dead the server can be made with excessive rules. The server was basically empty in 2018 because of the terrible ruleset that was overly complicated and overly limiting. The server only made a comeback because of rolle accepting permed players on paid amnesty, the rules were simplified and made less restricting, and because Bohemia was making some progress with the development of the game. It's crazy to me how this community continuously wants to put more and more needless restrictions on itself. If someone mentions how they got to Livonia from Chernarus in 5 minutes or whatever, then fine, be upset. But if they're not stupid with explaining how they got there, then the travel affects absolutely nothing, and it shouldn't even be a focus at all. This is just another tool to be used for reports and getting people banned. It's just a tiny little thing that is being focused on for some reason, instead of the RP actually provided and the enjoyment of the game.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Livonia Characters

    We're = DayZRP staff/community I'm not arguing convenience; I'm arguing for the right to play a videogame in any way I want to. Being able to "travel" between the two maps quickly does absolutely nothing negative, so it shouldn't even be a focus. It does not affect RP either way.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Livonia Characters

    My point still stands... We don't need more OOC limitations to what you can do in game. If someone wants to play the same group and characters on both servers, then let them.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Livonia Characters

    This is an absolutely ridiculous mindset. We're going to start telling people what server they can play on? Nah, that's not cool. If switching between Livonia and Chernarus upsets people, then that's just a yikes.
  • choccymilkboy27

    Livonia Characters

    I think we should just make it so Livonia is somewhere a lot closer than Lithuania and Poland ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That being said, I don't think it really matters if someone hops back and forth between servers. It's a videogame, chill out. And nobody should be forced to stay on one server if they want to go back and forth.
  • choccymilkboy27

    What do you listen to ?

  • choccymilkboy27

    What did you want/get for Christmas?

    Santa brought alcohol poisoning to all the naughty boys and girls. I got a Christmas cactus that I named Chris
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