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  1. I usually commentate to myself what my character may be thinking, whether it be about lost loved ones, or how the apocalypse came to be... Things so that when I do encounter someone, it gives me something to talk about.
  2. There have been far too many times where I have encountered people who simply have no desire to roleplay, they just say "here, shove this saline bag in my arm" and they'll be on their way, despite various attempts by me to see what they're about. I agree, something has to change to encourage better quality RP. There's just too many static characters out there with no personality. And as for the inconsistencies within the rules, I as well agree something has to change to make the rules more consistent. Like, what if I want to roleplay as a character who has a very cautious personality, scared of those who look like they have bad intent. That character isn't gonna wait and see what a gang of people with clown masks with their AKs drawn has to say, it makes no sense for that character to do something like that.
  3. I'm usually just living off the land near Severograd. I find peace in my own solitary adventures, farming, scavenging the barren countryside, hunting, watching the sun set as I sit on my porch, taking a sip from a warm Rasputin Kvass and other things similar to that nature.
  4. Persistence has it pros and cons. Food becomes a precious commodity, enabling more trades. However encourages more banditry. I remember when it was enabled the last time having to result to banditry (something I heavily dislike) just to survive. I personally love the feeling you get when you stumble upon food, knowing its value. That being said, I believe persistence limits the amount of RP a player can perform. Less food, weapons, everything = spending more time scavenging, struggling to survive.
  5. So its been about a couple weeks since the release of this new location. Tell me about your RP experience(s) there so far.
  6. Basically I was playing on the EU server, and the server restarts like normal, then my character resets. Join the NA server, gear up, server restarts, and once again my character resets. Any explanation for this?
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