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  1. Mack was a private contractor. A handy man of sorts. Problem is he isn't all that handy. He's the guy you hire when you cannot afford to get the job done right. You'll probably be left worse off than before you called. A while back Mack came to Chernarus to visit his brother, who lives in Dobroe. That's when everything went sideways. Huddled in the woods surrounding Dabroe, its amazing that Mack is still alive. He was never able to find his brother but but still out hope he's alive. Depending on his handy man skills to survive, Mack is willing to take on any contract offered to him, but never guarantees he'll get the job done.
  2. After finally checking the new island out tonight on a pub server I've gotta say, its amazing. The lay out and building are really cool. from the RP side of it though, my character is really having a hard time justifying the swim across a freezing sea channel only to arrive at a prison island. I guess this just leaves me curious as to what reason your characters find to make the swim. I'd really like to hear the cool stories as to why you would risk it.
  3. reapstarr

    Status report analysis and the current status of 0.53 + wipe

    I can't wait for the new zombie types! I hope they're lethal.
  4. reapstarr

    Standalone Logs and Hardcore Mod ! Finally !

    Hardcore is an awesome idea but the bugs need to be fixed before this will be viable.
  5. Ahh thank you! so it is just as I feared... assuming nothing changed in .52. It doesn't feel like it has. This explains why I am unable to find anything but books and gas powered lamps/stoves... Yes I guess after this many weeks surviving my character would have learnt to fish/hunt or die. I do enjoy playing the helpless victim of starvation, but I would also like to live long enough to play out other scenarios .
  6. Thanks for the info! I didn't realize I could loot the same apple tree over and over.. I guess I just didn't try. As far as finding the food under furniture and what not you must just be more lucky than I am. I'm mostly wondering about how perseverance works, though. If someone on the server loots a food item at X location does it mean a book might spawn at Y location in its place? And if that is the case won't the whole server be full of books as nobody bothers to pick those up? Assuming the server hasn't reset.
  7. I eat everything I can find. I think the real question is how does perseverance work? If I eat a can of beans here does that mean a hard covered book has a chance of spawning somewhere else in its place? If that is the case maybe you should loot all the books you find in hopes of helping a fresh spawn find food somewhere on the coast. I'm not sure how many times I've looted 10 or 15 houses without finding any food at all.. but I can walk into a single house that has about 8 books on the shelves... something doesn't feel right here.
  8. Let me start off by saying ive been playing on dayzrp for about a week and a half now. I'm having a blast! I joined this community so I could enjoy some awesome encounters without fear of being shot before I have a chance to say hello. Dayzrp has delivered. Now lets talk about the main subject of my RP/time spent on the server. I'm Hungry. I'm really really hungry. The first couple days I played I actually had a pretty easy time finding food.. I got energized and headed up north for some awesome RP. I got robbed a few times, witnessed all kinds of great show downs and everything. It was epic. But, in the last two or three nights playing... I'm just starving. I should say I don't mind staving at all. I actually find it pretty fun and have had some really awesome RP surrounding my starvation. At one point I had a 3 way pact with two other hungry survivors that we would eat the first one to fall. (I was the first) But we had a great time sharing the odd can of beans as we ran around hopelessly searching for food. In the end, after it all went black I listened as they discovered they were not able to carve me up with the screw driver we had. They probably staved as well.... The point of this post, I guess is to help me better understand perseverance and the way it works. If I find an apple in one tree should I just stop looking in the ones near by? I never seem to find that second apple, even if I'm searching a whole field of trees. Is there a way I can simply know that no food has spawned in any of these buildings on the coast? I've pretty much given up looking for food in coastal downs. Maybe in the end i'm just having some bad luck and food will be a bit easier to find again. I should probably work on my hunting/ fishing even though the character I'm playing doesn't have any real survival skills. In the end I cannot RP if I'm dead. 100% though I will not quit playing on dayzrp as it feels like a new game to me. I wish you guys good luck in finding that next can of beans! Lets just hope you have a can opener...
  9. Hello guys, My name is Mack Grubber and I've applied to be white listed. Good luck out there and maybe I'll see you soon!