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    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    Oh dear god...EVERYBODY RUN!!!
  2. Matylda comes from a small village on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. She lived with her family in a small trailer park where she met her husband Vova. She has always thought she was special and then one night she had a dream prior to the outbreak and decided to come to Chernarus to spread the news of the inevitable doom of civilisation. The coincidental outbreak of July 2017 convinced to Matylda that she is psychic. Since then she has been roaming around the country helping people. She loves coke and considers it to be a luxurious item.
  3. Mary

    2016 Clean Sheet of the Year nominations

    Nominee: uSx Reason: played one of the most aggressive, misogynistic, racist characters I have met, and despite multiple hostile actions managed to play it not only by the book, but also provided great RP in the process Evidence: Warning points history.
  4. Mary

    2016 Character of the Year nominations

    Nominee: Emile Lukas @Emile Reason: One of the best aggressive character's I had the misfortune of falling out with. He was the villain one loves to hate. Evidence: Forums,liska videos.
  5. Mary

    S1 BadRP Stary Sobor 5/08/2016 22.00

    [align=left]I am Summer Daye, and was there with Nickson when the situation took place. My POV matches the one put forward by the OP: We were RP-ing with numerous people when we heard one of the accused continuously repeating "put your kanes in the air for your .......champion". We initially thought we were going to get robbed or at the least initiated on. Thankfully that didn't happen, instead the accused graced us the behaviour shown in all the video evidence provided. We did try to push them towards letting go of their inner troll and actually rp with us, but to no avail. Summer then proceeded to seek help in resolving the situation, since she did believe the dude on the floor was retarded and should be deprived of his weapon. [video=youtube]
  6. Mary

    A Message to Summer, Foxley and Co. [Private Frequency]

    Summer smiles as she listens to the broadcast. *I know you are Honey* She whispers as she reaches for her radio. Honey, the Others will always turn on each other, that is their purpose, that is what they do. You know the path to all the important places, all you have to do is start walking it. We can be your guide, John gave us that task, but you must want it and reach for it yourself. She lets go of the button, slips the radio into her bag and lays on the grass focusing on her breathing and feeling her heart beat.
  7. Mary

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thank you, it was a blast. Shame we had to cut it short ;/ If you chose to explore what it is you want, we would be more than happy to help you discover <3
  8. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    A big shout out to Foxley, Nicko, Thomas, thank you for a very eventful evening. Grey Johnson, you are an amazing actor, Joshua Huckleburk you were a wonderful Eve, Andrew Hamilton great cheering for our stars! And last, but not least: "Charlie", you can be happy, if you only try.
  9. Mary

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    A big shout out to all my fellow NE companions: Foxley, Nicko, Thomas, thank you for a very eventful evening. Grey Johnson, you are an amazing actor, Joshua Huckleburk you were a wonderful Eve, Andrew Hamilton great cheering for our stars! And last, but not least: "Charlie", you can be happy, if you only try.
  10. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Thank you! Jesus woman! You need to help Summer, she's too busy without you!
  11. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Uhmm...I dunno, just go with it man.
  12. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Thanking you!
  13. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Welcome Lankin and Conor <3 !
  14. Mary

    New Era - Media Thread

  15. Mary

    Weird Planetside 2 Encounter

    I have a question in regards to who the angry nerd providing entertainment is? From what I saw and heard in the out of context video you have provided, I’m guessing as a form of venting and reducing your frustration the only person who was actually rattled by or insulting anyone was you. I even heard the man use the words “call anyone of my kind” and “genuine advice out of respect”. I’m going to have to agree with Entity and say that you don’t know why he was triggered by it. I think it’s not cool to make fun of someone, especially when you take things out of context and don’t give the guy the benefit of presenting his side of the story. It’s immature and hateful. Further on calling someone a SJW for expressing his or her opinion is not fair.
  16. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Hello and welcome <3
  17. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Thank you <3
  18. Mary

    Nervousnelly sneaking in.

    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your whitelist <3
  19. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Andrey, Gina, Entity & Emile it was a blast! Thank you for tonight, especially you, you trouble maker- you know who you are <3 Andrei, Summer brought Anita to you, so it is the three of us
  20. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    -snip- -snip- We hope we didn't give the image that we're attempting to stifle creativity or change your group, it is simply the importance that we can understand it clearly. Post, The first thing that came to my head when I read that was “GOD, NO!” I do understand where you are coming from and at no point thought that you are attempting to do the above- it would stand in contrast to all the amazing work the loremaster team has done to ensure diversity on this server. Thank you for understanding how important it is for us to have the freedom of allowing both ourselves and players we interact with to experience and discover where the RP will take us/them without having to deal with the consequences of a label being stuck to our group. I asked the question as to why the label was required, because I was lead to believe that it is something that cannot be omitted and was curious as to the reasoning behind that. From what you have provided me in your response I see that I was mistaken and now realise that it is something that can be done via PM- thank you for clarifying that for me. The reason I brought up our conversation with one of your team was purely to emphasise the fact that we do have a lore that we offered to share with you guys if doubts such as these we are now addressing were to surface. I do realise that there are four of you and am grateful that this is the case, for reasons you stated in your post. I have pm’ed you our private lore. If you should require any further clarification, Emile, Entity or I will gladly provide you with anything you should require in order to maintain the high standard of work that you are doing. And are prepared to make any adjustments that are required of us. Once again, thank you very much Sincerely, Mary
  21. Mary

    Volti [WIP] [Recruiting]

    [align=left]On a more serious note. The thread is beautiful, the music amazing. It is very well done. [align=left]And the machiavellistic concept is something that appeals to me very much. Good luck!
  22. Mary

    I think I have found my home...

    Hello, welcome and enjoy your adventures!
  23. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Roger, thank you very much for both the feedback you have provided as well as the kind words in regards to the thread. I would also like to address the subtlety with which you referred to the difficulty you have encountered with our lore. That, to me shows you have read what we have worked on and have an understanding of efforts and time put into the creation of the group- once again thank you. I realise that it was quite the story (lengthwise) and seeing as how many groups out there need your validation I imagine it must have come as a bit of a struggle. The reasoning behind such a story line is to allow the reader to figure out who we are without us necessarily having to put a label on it. That being said, I would like to emphasise the importance of “figuring out” who we are, rather than just saying “aha, this is a group of survivors” (or whatever else comes to mind) and adjusting one’s attitude accordingly in game. This is not a lack of faith towards the community, it is a mere result of the fact that we are aware that we are all human and therefore sensitive to being influenced by knowledge obtained oocly. I do also understand your need for clarification, because you have a vital role to play in ensuring that the servers don’t have a group of snakes sliding around or Men In Black wanting to rid the world of aliens. I understand that maintaining consistency within the world, we as role players create, is an absolute essence in order to avoid trollish and, to put it bluntly, stupid unrealistic ideas, negatively impacting the quality of role play on the servers, and the responsibility of ensuring that has fallen onto you. Being aware of the task given to you by those who have appointed you to the roles you are filling, we do not want to cause difficulty. With that in mind we have spoken to one of the loremasters (I believe it was Pat) prior to posting this group idea, explained our situation and received no objection as to how we wish to form the concept. We have offered to send you guys our private lore (are still more than willing to do so), so that you may have a better understanding and won’t risk approving a group that would caricature the reality you are working so hard to maintain. I have also noted that you have mentioned that it is important for others to understand, what this group is and I fully agree that it is an important factor. What I am oblivious towards is why it is so important to gain this knowledge via thread, rather than via interaction. If you would be so kind as to clarify that for me to make it easier for me to act accordingly to guidelines that you are implementing I would be greatful. If one reads the lore attentively one can find the answer to the question you have asked about who we are. If you feel that the community needs a blunt label in order to accept/interact with characters in game we can of course do that. Having said that I will add that since rp is a dynamic and improvised activity and stories are a result of interaction between players the role we can label ourselves with can and most likely will be not be accurate after a certain period of time due to influence from our environment. That is something we were hoping to do based on group development in game- as is on the thread, in a footnote in the “Present” section. Thank you for taking the time to read (once again) a much longer text that you might have anticipated. We are anxiously awaiting your response. Mary
  24. Mary

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    That would be me. I am guessing you were one of the very few who reached the end
  25. Mary

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    [align=left]This popped into my head when I was reading [align=left]I am curious as to how it will be to meet you guys in game. [align=left]Good luck! [video=youtube]
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