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  1. Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood idiot. If you want me to make you some stuff, just ask me. Send me a pm and an idea of what you're looking for, whether it be signatures or covers or a shitty avatar, I'll make trash so good you'll think its recycling I draw shit, and goof around with junk in photoshop Examples of the trash I've made Also they are mostly out of chronological order If you're asking me to do a thing, give me references, and be specific about your request if you've got something in mind, and I'm no pro or nothin' so just like don't expect too much outta me In any case, this gives me practice at the draw stuff and photoshlop and all that good stuff Reply to the thread or send me a pm, whatever's good my dude More stuff
  2. These are all true art


    1. DatBlueWolf


      I... I think I need this man to work with Oney n PsychicPebbles on something.


    1. Zero


      This isn't masquerade. 

    2. Sylvester Todd
  5. Please listen to this shitty Christmas diddy from this awful Christmas special