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  1. Sylvester Todd

    S1: KOS in Stary

    This is irrelevant to the report at hand isn't it? I Initiated and you shot first, then you died? Phoenyxx is really the only one affected by an actual rulebreak
  2. image.png.5d28560963b20dc4d0c3e84334016619.pngCourtesy of Larry

    1. Falk



    2. Zero


      I miss Larry. 

    3. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      "Please help i'm being held verbally hostage, if i dont give them 5 eruos i'll never be able to speak again."

  3. Sylvester Todd

    S1: KOS in Stary

    I mean its pretty clear cut. I had misheard an order, and thought it was a kill order on their signal. Before that though, I had been told to initiate on a random guy for a test I suppose, so I followed through and initiated after much futzing around and trying to not get lost between the sea of voices, he shot in response and killed the man behind me and I shot him dead in response. Later on they had asked me to perform another little test, I had misheard them and thought it was a kill order, I thought I had kill rights figuring they wouldn't have asked me if we didn't have them, so on their signal I shot. No real reason for a long POV. It was nothing more than a miscommunication (figure my mind is a little fogged since I've been gone so long), no reason to bring in any other POVs. And no I don't have footage as I didn't have shadowplay running.
  4. a classic


    1. Finn


      This is the TV when you get a strike at the bowling alley.

  5. @Finn "I assure you we're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you"
  6. Happy I didn't buy that dumpster fire



    1. Mugin


      This sounds like a perfect song for the clowns lol

      This song always reminded me of them though


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