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  1. Ender

    • Ender
    • Sylvester Todd

    SO apparently, there are cannibals running around on the server calling themselves "The Clowns" This heresy needs to be dealt with. 

    and Lyca agrees with me

    1. Zanaan


      Damnit this will not stand! Kill em all Ender

    2. BorisVC


      welcome back

    3. Dan


      yes "The Clowns" is a very original name

    4. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      I'll deal with this in 5 months. If you want this motion to be moved along further you need to sign these A1 forms and hand them down to the requests line, after these forms are brought to the requests line and signed by the members of the "Official Clown Committee", you then must send them through postal services to the regional manager. After that the regional manager will review your official request and send it to corporate.

      Thank you for your time.

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