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  1. So far I got three peeps for the DnD adventure, some real OG's 




    1. Chewy


      Okay but like. Online or are y'all meeting up IRL?

    2. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Online, because IRl wouldnt work because of distance stuff. 

    3. JoffreyRP


      And you didn't invite me. I feel betrayed...

    4. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Its open invitation dude, join if you want. I'm trying to get 8 or 9 max

      Its gonna be a while (Like two months) before it starts though because I'm still doing school stuff, just looking for people who'd want to play now rather than ask later.

    5. JoffreyRP


      Oh, 9 people is a tad too many for me. I find it takes too long to get anything done with so many. I wish you the best of luck!

    6. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Maybe, I might just go with 6 or 7 at most, I'm still working it out

      So far, theres 4 people, one of which has experience with DnD the others do not so they'd be first timers. 

    7. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Echobo, LarryLobsterguy, Jorstin and  Bloxlord so far ...maybe 2 or 3 more

    8. LightGhillie
    9. Chewy



      Dungeons and Dragons..

    10. LightGhillie


      Oh, shouldve figured. :P

    11. Chewy



      How did you not know