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  1. I bet you season your spaghetti-o's with hot sauce.

    1. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      God damn right

  2. I mean why are you against props? You can do any RP without gear. But the props certainly add on top of it. Why is that an issue? And have you seen some of the things, some unique individuals go around wearing? I personally wouldn't wear a lot of these things. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to run into people wearing them. Variety is the spice of life, even if its only cosmetic. Also, if things should be pulled off with only roleplay, then perhaps we should strip all the mods from the DayZRP collection and go back to vanilla? +1 from me because I like seasoning on my food
  3. I've seen each and every one of these groups save for the KKK/Neo Nazis and a confederate group over the years, but you can just call them nationalists and it'd hit the same button of "Hate foreigner" and "we will rise again". I've seen police like groups every wipe, national guard, the mafia, and super-soldiers are ever present no matter what. People will play what they want to play regardless of lore or setting. I don't think changing to a western themed map would change much of anything other than instead of being a Foreigner hating Chernarussian or Russian, people would just swap to playing a different kind of foreigner hater. People have always said lack of variety is the issue but that normally just came from DayZ's low times when it's player base was smaller, making RP's player base even smaller at times when people would get bored, which would cause that problem. But remember there is nothing new under the sun anyways, you just have to slap on a new coat of paint and make the same old stuff seem new. Though I am content with Chernarus, I don't care much for a new map. I do think Deer Isle is a better idea as not everyone is going to pay or has paid for the Livonia DLC, but I understand why we have a Livonia map instead, it's official release.
  4. I have zero confidence in this

    1. Craig


      Is it a movie/series or game?

      Edit: Ohhh TV Series (Also Link)

  5. Even re-watching it, I still feel like this when I listen to the latter end
  6. I'm stealing?

    1. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      It's not stealing if they're dead. :3

  7. image.png.e8c8e3978191dc2b73522ec0d40a0607.png


    Say happy birthday to Mr.House

  8. The gang and I were enjoying an interview with a druken reporter, was fun up until someone said 


    1. Whitename


      @Banshee and I were those homies 😄

    2. Whitename


      damn funny man, see y’all around

    3. Banshee


      It kinda do be stealing though ❤️

    4. Sylvester Todd
    5. Whitename


      If it’s not yours don’t take it

    6. Sylvester Todd
  9. Had a nice time wandering around and trading with folks, Pedro is a gift to mankind. And thanks for the company while we traveled Lev
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