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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So heres the thing, you could say my post was unnecessary. and that it was "Flooding the page with memes", but what about all of these "unnescary posts" that contributed nothing to the discussion other than saying "No, I'd rather not" or just a meme, or "Yeah, sounds cool". What made mine different? The Meme and the negative connection with it? Seems a little ridiculous. Could you say it was flaming? I don't think so it's a stretch, quite a far stretch, flaming requires one to be antagonistic in their actions. In the spoiler are some similar posts, that did not receive points, around 15 others. Now if you're thinking, "Todd we're talking about you here, not these people" Well you're right but, you see this is supporting evidence to my argument, all of these are images of people posting either a meme, and a short line or one or the other, now this lead me to believe posting this: Was acceptable, because so many others before me had done similarly to what I had done. Now the thing about giving points to "Unnecessary posts" is you gotta keep things consistent. What was different about mine, what garnered the points where others should also have received points? Not to say that I think these examples above me deserve points, that would be ridiculous, they're small jokes or simple comments, do they contribute to the discussion? Not really, but stuff like this happens all the time in pretty much every thread, so really it should't matter.. Rather I shouldn't have any points, I shouldn't have even received any points for making a simple post with an image I doodle saying "Thanks but no thanks", if anything it was a tad more polite than a few. So why did those other posts get a pass and I didn't? If your argument is that I don't play often enough, well I'm still a member of the community, and it shouldn't matter that I'm not super active, it should be a non-issue. In any case, I shouldn't have been given warning points in the first place. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It's all in the above post. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points, and re-posting my original post. What could you have done better?: Pretty much nothing other than be silent, but I mean what about the others who had done the same thing, I was lead to believe this post was acceptable so I posted it.
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    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

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    One Group

    you know what it is
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    Hey it’s me

  5. Lasted a good 4 years though, so this is a good sign, and SCUM's development team is competent, I've kept up on them. It would be a miracle for DayZ to get back even a quarter of their numbers back for a significant amount of time when .63 comes out.
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    New rules and whitelist

    e x c i t e
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    New rules draft

    Are the rules actually going to change? Or is it just gonna be you make a vote to garner interest and then say "You know what, nahh". And I mean if people are making snarky comments, perhaps its because there are issues with the system that have ruined peoples trust in it? And telling people not to vote or comment in something that you specifically reach out to the community for seems a bit odd, like you don't want to hear some peoples thoughts. Even if you don't like it, its valid. But for any other additional rule changes, bring back dynamics. It made things much more fluid, and just enjoyable in general, specially for new players who aren't familiar with groups.