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  1. Life was good, and simple after serving his life working as a games keeper for most of his youth he decided to settle down and move to a new land, a new country, his years as a games-keeper served him well with a profitable home allowing him to purchase a small homestead in the outer lands of the once famous city named as Chernogorsk. He was mostly isolated from a lot of people, only going to smaller cities for supplies unable to be crafted from his plot, however when the virus took hold, it was too late for him to realise, the army failed.. the people turned and everything he knew was once changing before him yet again but without any time to change, his friends he had come to known where no longer alive, but just.. Monsters.. Doing this he fled, hiding in his home cutting down tree's to fortify whatever he could muster to hope that this would all pass away one day but on a spring afternoon after coming home from fishing he only returns to see his house on fire, his shelter looted and bandits taking whatever they could muster in their hands... Twin attempted to reason, saying sharing could help us survive and that there's still some good left in this world but it was spoken upon death ears.. The last thing he could remember was the butt of a gun smacking him in the face only to wind up with nothing but an apple and the clothing on his back, with a new goal... Survive... Trust no one... And always bring a backup... This time he was lucky not to of been bitten or killed into becoming one of... " Them.." If the situation ever occurs again.. He will be sure that if he can't take them out he won't become one of them.. and to save one bullet.. Just in case..
  2. Okay so.. You're trying to say, you went to our base? Only took one car cause the other was smoking, loaded up all the barrels you could, then went back and had taken all of the gear as well. You then went upstairs to attempt to take the barrels ( assuming you emptied them to try and pick them up of course) But you was unable to due to the barrel glitch, which is a very possible and annoying thing to happen. but that being said it's hard to believe none of you re-loaded the barrels back up again. the cars already had items inside. it's impossible for you to even really take one barrel full of items. in the car which already had a few Jerry cans inside it. Do any of you have ANY Video evidence to protect this claim? It's more upsetting then anything. sure people get raided. But your statement went from saying you only had taken the barrels and the car to now the barrels car and gear you needed to survive.
  3. Probably best to say between Jan 4, 2019 23:39 - Jan 5, 2019 14:19 being pretty much under 20 hours. We've had people go into our location before. It's nothing massive, they sometimes take a weapon and basic gear, which is what we offer and they go on their way. Not destroy the whole setup we've been building and doing un-necessary damage to our progression when nails themselves are already hard enough to find. Two walls being taken down, to get the cars out? Understandable, could be a bad driver, but why remove all the planks on a further two?
  4. Basically just Happy New Year! And the best of wishes and fortune for everyone in this Apocalypse! We've made it this far, maybe there's hope at the end? ? That's all... You can go back to killing each other now.. >.>
  5. But clinic homes are kinda vital for people, even more so then ever with this sickness going around.
  6. Damn. So it is the big guy's with the guns get the last say, but that was to be fair expected.. Hopefully a term of agreement can be done... Hopefully...
  7. Hey, i know this may sound stupid or a bit.. Questionable? But i have the idea of more or less owning my own home, it's not of any importance to any location, has no value besides being a random house in the middle of a random field. No paths or roads connect to it. And for the last couple of days i have been using it at my retreat hunting around the area to give to anyone passing by, also offering them a fire from when the blizzards come! But... Even though this is what i do, do i not have any right to it? For instance i recently saw a dispute of one group owning land as their territory, am i myself able to do such a thing and live in my own little heaven? Or is it really going to be narrowed down to the people with the big guys get to make the big plays, Cause a hunting rifle reeeeeaaaalllly is not the thing to take people on ? Any advice on this is helpful~ Thanks ( And don't rob me D:)
  8. Good! Thank you for the help! ? Now let's all hope we can survive this cold.
  9. Hey, this is not really anything massive or something to worry about and i am not sure if i have the right place to write this, but although i love the winter land effect, it's great but.. Is it a permanent thing? Or is it only a seasonal thing, cause.. I'm worried on getting a white outfit only to then be woken up the next day with the sun hotter then the desert in my face. Not complaining, just taking notes for the long run! Thanks ?
  10. He was walking directly into the snipers scope, trying to warn him not to continue moving in that direction. if he didn't then it would of been avoided in all situation. that's still no reason to have a fully automatic weapon shoot at point blank, as i stated a fair few times in that video please don't leave you're going right in the way of a snipers shot. kinda telling him just walk in a different direction, at this point he was near enough to be at point blank for my friend so i tried telling him don't move and yet he just ideally continued, putting us on the fear he might try to harm us, I did say that he would get shot if you do and I apologise for it, under the fear of my friend being harmed i was just trying to get anything to make him stop walking the way he was walking (which in a way worked) However still all we wanted from this was someone to talk to, it's nice to be able to chit chat with someone after walking from town to town barely seeing anyone on this since the map is so big it makes it kinda gotta make use of every moment when you finally find someone. But it's still the fact there was no intention to spare anyone when you opened fire even when you had the upper advantage, At least i tired to talk and avoid situations..
  11. Sorry, POV: Upon seeing some movement in the NW airfield i told my friend to simply watch over me for the fear of being hit by an infected from behind knocking me out ( Bad past.) After seeing movement inside the barracks i open up being friendly and saying hey to the person unaware at the time my character was walking into a wall, my friend informed me that i was lagging aiming my gun up in the air when it was not intended too, Normally a re-log can fix this but being in the middle of a RP that was currently not the available, after saying sorry over //ooc and hoping he would understand i was able to make the gun lowered and still tried to talk, asking who is was would he like any food, supplies? Anything for a possible trade of a suppressor, to which case he replies with "No and he wouldn't wanna trade with me anyway, "and just carried on walking away, but he was walking directly in the direction of my friend to which case i was trying to warn him to stop where he was going it's going but he didn't listen. I then told them that if they carried on walking they are going to be walking into a snipers scope! To which case i was then shot upon by an automatic weapon at point blank behind me. Honestly it's more along the line of a RDM which we never intended or wanted. We was fully kitted and happy with our characters going from town to town offering food and water. We have no intentions of robbing or killing but yet this just suddenly happened.. Ironic of the group however. >.>
  12. I never told him he would get shot, we've never done that upon any encounter that we have done, all that we said was that he was walking into a snipers scope, telling him that before out of nowhere i was shot and killed, There was minimal interaction with this person and showed no intention of wanting to have a conversation or to RP completely spoiling the motion of the Server.
  13. This is to anyone out there that can hear this...This world has gone to hell.. And the people inside it are only digging themselves deeper into the pit of no return, city's and towns become zones for the infected and for those who seek greed and pain upon others, there can never be peace in a city where everyone has an automatic gun that can finish everyone.. What we are is a hope, a dream that we don't need to go to the city and towns unless it's to help and assist others, we aim to supply food and fresh water to those who need it, ammo to those who can then defend their own and hope that one day things may go back to normal. But in doing so we remain to the land, We are the Hunters Division. We don't need or want military weapons or loud cars we live off the land and hunt with bolt action weapons for single shot reasons, to hunt wildlife and survive. however we gather the nickname of the wolves.. For if someone finds one of us and realises they are talking to a wolf.. Then they will soon find out it's not wise to hold us up as hostage, we are willing to trade everything and anything to help.. But threaten one of our own and realise the pack is never far behind and always watching.. To which case we would be happy to make this world a better place without someone as.. Hostile.. If you believe you can be part of the pack.. Contact me
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