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  1. Stunts

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Actually lol'd.
  2. I believe that was us, we found a naked man who said a bandit had robbed him at Stangeland, and he said it was you. >>
  3. Exciting day yesterday. So, I woke this morning at Green Mountain behind the jail in the bush. As I awake I met two odd characters. (These guys both were acting very troll-ish, talking ooc in voice and checking my pulse to learn my name). First they drew down on me telling me to put up my hands. Then one calmed the other down and said that I was okay. They then told me to "add to the pile", as one of them motion to a collection of boots over by the radio tower. However two other people showed up at the main gate, and the two drew down on them. I saw this as a chance to escape before I probably get robbed or killed for no reason, so I ran behind the jail and crawled under the wall, around and out the front. I then decided to head north to Amy's pub in Pustoshka to look for some people. There I met Adrian, a PMC waiting to meet up with his friends. After a few minutes he became somewhat worried that they had not shown up. He said they were supposed to be coming up from Zelenogorsk, so I suggest that we should go and look for them there. We head out, and all along the way he try's to hail them on the radio, but to no avail. We make it to the town with no com chatter, and Adrian begins to worry. We being to search houses for any signs of his friends, and we come across a radio, and the weapons his friends were carrying in the upstairs of an apartment. Adrian does a com check and his voice comes from the radio found on the ground, confirming that it was the radio his lost team mates were using. Adrian seems saddened but not hopeless. We continue search the houses for any clues, where in one house we find some fresh blood on the floor of a kitchen. This raises suspicions, and we come to find that the upstairs room of the house is locked. Before we can even attempt to pick it, we hear a voice from inside. The situation turns tense very fast, I have my sights aimed at the door. Eventually the voice inside agrees to open the door. Inside we meet Jacob Connors, a reporter surviving in the city. We ask Jacob about Adrian's friends, but he has no information to give us, other than to check the military installation south of the city. Jacob decides to join us, and the three of us head to the base. We find nothing there other then some ammo and other supplies inside some of the buildings. Adrian thinks that if his friends are still alive, then they are probably at the only large complex in between Zelenogorsk and Pustoshka, which is the radio tower at Green Mountain. I warn my companions of my run in there when I awoke this morning, and we should be careful. We agree we should go in careful, weapons ready. On our way up we somehow become separated in town, but we manage to regroup on the foothills of the mountain. As we approach the complex at the peak, we draw our weapons and slowly sneak up to the main gate. Adrian and I sneak to the right, and Jacob moves left. We sneak under the inner wall to the side of the jail, and the courtyard seems clear. Jacob links back up with us and we enter the jail, clearing it room by room. We find no crazy people, thankfully. However, we also find no signs of Adrian's friends. Adrian climbs up the tower and attempts to use it to boost his radio signal hoping his friends might still have another radio. While he does this I post as security at the gate, and kill a few zeds that wander in. He and Jacob descend after a few minutes and inform me that the equipment has been shot, and the tower (as far as we are concerned) is useless. We plan to move back to Stangeland in Pustoshka, hoping that maybe his squad had moved there and was waiting. As we being to move out, three new travelers join with us (one named Eli, another called Conner, and the third escapes me). We all being to head out the pub. After a while, we being to approach the town. We see the gas station that is on the edge of town, and we hear two explosions. We think nothing of it. As we get closer, we hear a single shot ring out, followed by some automatic fire. The six of us dive to the ground and asses the situation. We figure the fire was coming from the pub. We see some trees to the left that will give us a good vantage point of the town. At first, we see nothing, so we slowly move in closer using the bushes as cover. We spy a naked man running east from the town, so we move in. We make contact with him and he explains he was just robbed by a pair of bandits. He killed one but the other put a round in him and fled. As we're speaking to him, Jacob spots the bandit running west into the trees where we had just come from. The 7 of us give chase for about a half a kilometer before we lose him in the woods. We all decide to return to the pub and rest. On the way we kill a cow for dinner. We sit around a fire and exchange stories before calling it a day.
  4. I hope the extra ammo was put to good use cousin!
  5. Stunts

    [SA] Show us your character!

    I thought I recognized you! I met you north of Green Mountain the other day!
  6. Stunts

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    I ended up just playing on the EU server and actually didn't starve to death, along with finding an AK/full gorka and other gear. Was worth the trip over. No noticeable lag either.
  7. On clothing, yes. But I've been using a worn one on myself for a while now without it losing any kind of status. So it might be in smaller increments, but I've gotten 15+ uses out of it so far, which is only one bag slot rather than the equivalent of rags or bandages.
  8. That just feels more and more as a cop out, you could basically put that on all games that aren't done as an excuse, they charged money for it and I think that after a year they should be able to improve on stuff like these. Sorry, not buying the "alpha" thing much longer, while I understand it, it's still mind boggling how bad they are at fixing the game. When SA launched however long ago it was know, I remember Rocket coming out and saying "Look, this game is shit right now. You're probably not going to have fun with it. Don't buy it. If you REALLY want to play it early, here it is for 20 buck off final retail". Or at least, it was something along those lines. Most games when they are in this state are strictly internal, save the few leaks you get here and there (thinking back to the Halo: Reach leaks). And you said it yourself: the game isn't done. Until it is in 2016 or whenever they announced it "launching", you're gonna have to just die from shitty glitches every now and again. And if you don't like it
  9. I feel your pain, but you do have to keep in mind the game gives you a BIG warning every time you launch it. We're here WAY before the game is gold, hell it's still not even in Beta. Shit like that is going to happen and really every time you log in you agree to put up with it.
  10. Stunts

    Badass Moments

    Was running the loot road (SWAF>SWMB>Big Radio Tower>NWMB>NWAF) and on the way I saw a giant explosion go off about 100 meters in front of me around a bend in the road. I quickly grabbed my pistol (only weapon I had at the time) and snuck up to the sight of the blast, only to find a gas pump and three dead players huddled around it. Most of their gear was ruined from the explosion. Scared the bah-jebus outta me.
  11. Even more pro tip: Keep a sewing kit on you at all times, you can use it an unlimited amount of times to stop bleeding, replacing bandages and rags.