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  1. Laski


    Is there like a reason even though I’ve donated 100 odd euro in the past I keep finding myself with a lower donation rank every time the shit gets reworked or am I just thinking a bit too cynical 🤔🤔🤔

    1. Banshee


      Ranks are no longer given on account of how much you've donated but are bought separately. So if you donated let's say 50,- in the past and were given the 'Cool' rank for it, but that 'Cool' rank is then lowered in price to 40,- and a new 50,- rank called 'Even Cooler' was added, you'd still have the 40,- 'Cool' rank, as that was the rank you originally had.

      Hopefully, this makes sense, if not I am sorry.

    2. Laski


      Makes sense, Its kinda retarded, but makes sense

    3. Storm


      Doesn’t make sense at all from a business standpoint. And it’s still retarded. But hey, what can you do, the community isn’t run by professionals after all.

      Not even sure how legal it is for my donation to no longer be classed as a donation and cha

      Changed to me purchasing a product.

      fuckin phone sent the message too early.

    4. Banshee


      @Storm, your donation wasn't changed to a purchase. Your donation remains a donation, which you were previously rewarded for with a forum rank. Forums ranks have been changed however to where they are no longer a reward given based upon how much you have donated, but are rather a product that you purchase. Those who received a rank due to donation prior to this change kept the rank they were given.

    5. JimRP


      @Storm lmao makes complete sense x

    6. Storm


      Rolle said otherwise. A good majority of the playerbase is already tycoon, it would take a real melt to "purchase" diamond if you've already previously "purchased" a rank as you're paying way more than everyone else because you've already paid for Tycoon or another rank.


      And if my donation is still a donation, and I donated for a rank equivilent to the amount I donated, why don't I have the equivalent rank?

      Actually don't even bother answering, I can't be bothered arguing again.

    7. Mexi


      You still have everything you bought, only difference is that it’s been pushed down to 100 to make room for another rank.

      said the same shit when it first happened, doesn’t make much of a difference.

    8. Laski


      @Storm from the standpoint I was seeing it from it makes perfect sense. Probably not allowed to say what point I see it from though. Might get mega yeeted. 

    9. JimRP


      @Storm well its working xd

      @Laski get over it, its almost been a year since that happened

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