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  1. Raspad Vosstaniye

    Sorry mate, wasn't meaning you. You were cool i was meaning the real chief or "Boss" as you called him
  2. Raspad Vosstaniye

    I'd just like to leave some dank negative feedback for your group here. Please don't take it the wrong way as this is not meant as something that is supposed to flame you guys. Anyways on to the actual feedback. For the past 2 days, since the Polana factory attack on the UN you guys have been searching for us which is understandable. We attacked your allies and you wanted revenge on our group. However the way you have been going about this is honestly troubling. Some of your group straight up avoid RP with anyone that is in our group and they just keep running not saying a word until they have more than 2 guys beside them. Then in an event today the lack of interest in RPing with our group really showed. Your group took two of us hostage and a fire fight ensued, that is all fine and dandy but leading up to the initiation was particularly void of RP. Members of your group ignoring us completely and running around like headless chickens, walking around us saying nothing then occasionally saying "The weather is nice today isn't it?" Then finally we were initiated upon and me and the other guy put our hands up and complied. Fighting broke out as per but that's to be expected right? So we are escorted towards a house and begin the hostage RP, which there was some but very little. "Drop your guns and bags" and "where you from? Whats your name" that kind of stuff. That was pretty much it until we are moved just down the road to apartments. Once in the apartments another gentleman took over for a bit. On the way in he mentioned a group we had worked with and that made me think that this is what my captors were after. Time passes and the "Chief" as i called him (The boss as they called him) walked in and we asked why we were here. He seemed confused and didn't really seem to have a reason to why we were taken. He eventually said that some people hated us and wanted us dead, he told us names we have literally never heard of, we told him this and he said "Don't need to know someone to hate them, like you *Pointing at me* i don"t like your shirt" then he ran of to save his comrades after shots where fired. We were let go 2 minutes later. I just feel like there was zero reason to take us hostage or if there was there was no progression to a goal of yours, very little was asked of us as stated above. Once the situation had cooled down we tried to contact the people who interacted with the two of us when we were hostage. We spoke to one, Didn't feel the need to speak to the other. However the "Boss" sort of ignored me and told me to speak to other people that were there, even though he was the "boss". We are still open to a discussion to why this happened and hopefully we can better understand the situation. Again, as i said at the beginning. This is not meant to flame anyone. It is purely constructive criticism that i hope you all take on-board.
  3. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Standard reaction from people when i introduce "Big Dave" me thinks
  4. The Masonic Knights

    When the group tries to warn innocents of an incoming conflict J.k Good luck lads
  5. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I'm just gonna point out here that if me and Storm hadn't crashed and didn't keep the rest of the group waiting there for 10 mins you wouldn't have even seen us. I was back in when you guys appeared on the hill and i can say with confidence that you had already started walking away from us hence why we jogged down the hill. Its not our fault the server restarted and we got rolled back. Every single one of us returned to our previous position before the restart as far as I'm aware. So like Hassan said. If you feel we abused game mechanics and left from a non hostile situation with you guys (Which it seems like you guys are acting like it was) Then feel free to make a report on us. Ill gladly post my full POV. Thanks for the feedback on the group!
  6. Black Fangs Media

    Cheeky Breeky Awright Pals
  7. @Roach and @NishiUrban Some of the best RP ive had in a long time. Cheers lads
  8. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Making @Hicksdress up in that dress was really fun lads
  9. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    You seem a nice man. I'd like to meet you ingame someday for some roleplay
  10. John Laski

    John Laski, born to Glasgow, Scotland. When John was five, him and his family moved somewhere else in Glasgow. John was always into hunting & dirtbiking, he had his first bike when he was eight years old, a 1996 yz80. His father realized that he was really good at it, so he got him into motocross. He carried on doing motocross, winning a lot of tournaments and losing some. He was good enough to make a living off of it when he became an adult and started doing professional motocross tours around Europe with the MXGP. After a major tournament in Latvia, John had a request from one of the other riders to go to Chernarus for a minor tournament as some of the locals would love to see a couple professional riders make an appearance... and obviously there was money involved so Caleb couldn't stay away. After coming in second in the tournament Caleb was staying in a hotel with a few of the other guys, that's when the infection broke out and with seemingly no way to leave the country, he was stuck. A lot of things have happened after the outbreak that shapes the way he thinks & acts, those things you'll have to find out for yourself.
  11. Hassan's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    Dont worry, He gets paid with the honour of being in the same TS as us
  12. Hassan's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    we all know ur the bitch ty bby
  13. Hassan's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    hassan maek me signature pls