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  1. The lack of TightPants is disturbing the universal space time continuum. and with the same note I shall return to the basement and come back once my moustaches are manly as SumoS's.
  2. So this is what my life has come to then. Since one of my viewers on my stream has been suggesting me to read this book or at least some parts of it on my streams I decided that for Valentine's Day I shall read a small chapter of the book. I thought it was small but it's not. In this chapter they finally get it going and the experience is quite traumatic, for me. I've all ready contacted my shrink and reserved a time for my healing period. I've noticed that some words are pronounced wrong (Thus the text) and it's not that dramatic, I struggled trough it because I was losing my mind. I had to do few parts several times because some weird impressions started to arise exsample Borat at one point.Please bear this traumatic experience with me I know it's long and not well done but I couldn't put myself trough the reading again. So enjoy and if you want to torment people with this share it so the world will end. I'm not saying that this could be used as a new torture device but it could. Happy Valentine's Day! NSFW!!! Happy Valentine's Day! [video=youtube] I'm not even sorry...
  3. Welcome to the mad house! There should a small room for you somewhere where you can slowly fall in to deep states of insanity like the rest of the convicts. Just one rule: No biting of other inmates!
  4. CaptainTightPants is playing Kenshi(Survival Sunday)@12.00 PM GMT +2 (5.00 AM EST) http://www.twitch.tv/captaintightpants Time for another Survival Sunday. This time we start with Kenshi and the Adventures of Bob the Midget who wakes up after a hard night of drinking, in the middle of the desert with no clothes and a broken arm. Later on we probably change to Wasteland 2 and continue the journey of the Ranger team and maybe even H1Z1 later on or another survival themed games.
  5. Also Sony isn't going to be handing out servers to anyone for a while, unless you are some important streamer or something. Currently the game has now value for RP, to be honest the whitelisted servers that some of the streamers have are pretty much the only servers that could be used for RP and as I stated above Sony is keeping the servers to themselves. So it's pretty much the same as on DayZ public servers, the people either shoot at you the first chance they get or they tell they are friendly and then later on they kill you when you are not looking. But you can still fight back at them. [video=youtube] But some of them run away if they cant defeat you. [video=youtube]
  6. For Science you can trust a stranger. [video=youtube] When you finally meet up in the game again. [video=youtube] And then play Cowboys & Indians without the Cowboys [video=youtube]
  7. The rare loot is actually because the containers don't respawn loot and that there are too many players in the servers to make the cities empty in no time. Once you get lucky with hitting a town that none has been in a while you get really lucky and also there are few places that spawn loot constantly, mostly food but you only have to go like 100 meters away and then turn back to see that there is tons of water bottles and canned food waiting for you. So the loot isn't really that rare, the spawns are just bugged. But this game will have more development in a month than DayZ SA had in a year. Currently though this game is MMO PVP FPS and not a MMO PVP Zombie Survival game.
  8. Well I think P2W is working correctly now (Meaning the airdrops) so that don't spawn on the player and without zombies and that they include less guns. Can't confirm this since I don't have airdrop tickets. But I think the base building is pointless as you can break down the door faster than you can say "cat". And most of the times it's just "Hey there is a guy, I'm gonna kill him for no reason" [video=youtube]
  9. CaptainTightPants is playing Wasteland [email protected]:00 (5AM EST) GMT+2 http://www.twitch.tv/captaintightpants So it's time to begin Survival Sunday, again sort of. My last attempt to scheduled streaming was on Sundays too with Fallout. We might include it in these streams too continuing from Fallout 2 ( leaving BoS behind) but today we will begin with the sequel to the game that inspired Fallout and laid the foundations to post-apocalyptic games. That's right Wasteland 2. So tune in at noon Eastern European time or later since we will be streaming long.
  10. For a pony I can lend my godly voice
  11. Fox. It's all 'bout the fox. What does it say? Hati? Sköll? 9/10
  12. Bees! Blue bees! Coming to cover you! 10/10
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