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  1. Mayweather will win but i want Pacquiao too
  2. The re-do of the whitelist I feel is a bad idea as it takes a lot of time and most people don't want to re-do it although everything else seems cool, I like the random questions idea.
  3. Dip, covering is just to messy and inconsistent.
  4. Thanks, You too:P Thanks man, Merry Christmas!
  5. Okay well again thanks for you're help, Merry Christmas. Wish me luck:)
  6. I'm getting the Astro A40's for Christmas and I'm wondering what do you's all use, Speakers, Earbuds, Headsets if so what kind. Or you can even post what you hope to get for Christmas:P Thanks:)
  7. Sure thing, Thanks:) All good for now, Thanks:P Sure thing, Thanks:) All good for now, Thanks:P Well there is one thing, How long does it normally take to be accepted or rejected because I put my application in yesterday and it said something like 7/80 and its now at 7/46 the number of people is going down but I'm not moving in the list? is this normal.
  8. Dam sucks man:( hope you get in this time! I'm also waiting for them to get back to me:P
  9. Hello everyone, hows it going. Can't wait to get into some role playing on Dayz Standalone. Hope to meet you's in-game, happy travelling and happy holidays:P - Jack
  10. Unlucky man, I hate when you die so unexpectedly it sucks, hope you find out who and seek revenge;P
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