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    DayZRP Phone App

    Typically I'm all for mobile apps for websites because mobile browser versions of lots of websites are notoriously horrible. But, the DayZRP mobile website isn't bad at all in my opinion. I think this would be an unnecessary use of resources in this case.
  2. Peril

    10 shekels to whoever fixes my PC

    @MakGoogle some GPU/CPU benchmarking programs. I know Furmark is a decent one for GPU benching, unsure about any free ones for CPUs. Good luck man!
  3. Peril

    10 shekels to whoever fixes my PC

    What do you mean when you say "freezing and/or crashing"? I had an issue similar to this where my computer would just instantly enter it's restart cycle when I played a game that was too intensive, and it turned out to be my power supply failing to power both my CPU and GPU under load at the same time. I'd recommend downloading some benchmarking tools, one for GPU and one for CPU, then playing around with that to simulate power draw from each similar to an actual game and seeing if that causes the crash. Could be the same issue.
  4. Peril

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    For me, this line is a very thin one, but very easy to define through what is pretty much an oxymoron: The character becomes trolly when the player doesn't take the comedy seriously. If you go in with the intent to be funny, you're going in with the intent of not taking things seriously and will most likely end up interrupting the flow and tone of RP, as well as coming off as a down right troll. That's just because it's you as a person being funny and it shows. However, if you go in with the intent of the character being funny, suddenly it's a whole new ball game. Now, you're putting thought into what jokes your character would tell, how they'd tell them, whether or not they'd tell them at all, so on and so forth. The key difference here is that your character is being funny, and sometimes that character will feel down, or not want to crack a joke at the expense of a serious moment, but the trolly player would have no issue joking over the top of a funeral because they are there to be funny, not to play a humorous character. Hell, mine and @duxpredator's characters are dicking around 90% of the time when we're together, but it's our characters, and we know when to reel it in. It's all about intent. So, like many others have said, match the tone of the RP, put effort into jokes, and make sure your intent is for your character to be funny, not to run around as a player cracking jokes.
  5. Peril

    Change naloxone effect to make it realistic

    While I'm super happy to see more medical items being added to the game, I gotta concede that Narcan doing the exact opposite of it's real life purpose is a little zany. I'm in favor of having it have the same effect as the real drug, or no effect at all and being a roleplay item.
  6. Peril

    Belt Pack

    Would this make sense? Yes. Am I horribly itching for this to be implemented? Not really, no. If it is though, I'd say only let it happen on tactical belts to keep with the military loot-spawn nature of the Smersh Vest and bag. It does pretty much seem pointless though, why not just wear a vest to attach it to and use a knife in the holster?
  7. Peril

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Pretty barebones, but gets the job done 6/10
  8. Peril

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    I like the background 7/10
  9. Peril

    If you could meet 1 person.

    Probably my boy @Welshie
  10. Peril

    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

  11. Peril

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  12. Peril

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  13. Peril


    I consistently see both servers fill up, or get close to it, quite a bit. Though I will concede that, on off-hours, it can be a drag to find people. As for the last bit, that's a whole other debate about overall roleplay quality, not server population, IMO.
  14. Peril


    That would be nice, really nice. Unfortunately, it's just not possible while balancing server performance, turns everything into a laggy shithole. I just disagree overall, we've got enough people to populate both servers. It's fine as is.
  15. Peril

    Which civilian rifle would you like added? *RIFLE ADDED*

    This is my point of view as well. I'm all for more civilian grade weaponry to (hopefully) limit the amount of people running around armed to the teeth with military grade hardware, but I'd honestly rather see a bunch of dudes with AKs in a post-Soviet state than a bunch of dudes with American made hunting rifles. Any eastern made firearms, and maybe a few western ones that make sense in the setting, are a big +1 from me. also pls give flintlock
  16. Peril

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    Overall, I don't think I've ever seen anybody wearing the shirt, and it doesn't have that big of an impact in-game, but it is a little too meta and self-aware for my tastes. Funny, yes, but kind of just unnecessary, which is why I voted for removal. You would be surprised, my friend.
  17. Peril

    Add sick emotes

    Yes Kerkkoh! Now I can make my unfit-for-the-apocalypse character even more unfit for the apocalypse! Seriously though, this is awesome, fantastic implementation too.
  18. Peril


    Honestly I think you might be having bad luck. Similarly to other people in this thread, I can typically find at least one or two boxes of nails if I put my mind to searching for them. I find most of my nails in these sheds in particular: Maybe try searching more of these? Nail boxes are typically on the shelf in the back, at least from my experience.
  19. Peril

    It won't let me join

    To add on to what Derek said, once you have those five mods downloaded through Steam Workshop, order them like this in your DayZ Launcher (not DZSA Launcher) CF BuilderItems MoreGuns Summer_Chernarus DayZRP Mod If you need any more help, feel free to join Waiting for Staff Help on our Discord and someone will be right with you.
  20. Peril

    Merciless- (Recruitment Open)

    Good luck with this fellas!
  21. Peril

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    /Unarchived upon request.
  22. Peril

    June, July...then August!

    Welcome aboard!
  23. Peril

    Back like it's the good ol mod days

    Welcome back man!
  24. Peril


    Welcome aboard
  25. Peril

    New guy

    Welcome to the community! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.
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