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    KOS / Attempted RDM / RDM (Maybe?) - Kalisky Island

    Summary: @Duquesne & @Pepper depart from the castle on Skalisty Island, unknowingly walking in the direction of @Kordruga& @Conor. As they continue walking and conversing, a firefight breaks out. The two of them attempt to find cover and put on their armbands as to not be killed before coming across Kordruga and asking who he is and if he was shooting. Kordruga responds by turning a gun to Pepper, only to be shot down by Duquesne. Conor then comes from the flank and kills both Duquesne and Pepper. Rulebreaks: @Kordruga, as the firefight on the island breaks out, you attempt to shoot and kill @Pepper despite not having any rights on her. This will be deemed as an Attempted Invalid Kill, due to the fact that you did not deal the killing blow and also had no rights. @Conor, after hearing Kordruga's engagement with Duquesne and Pepper, you did positively identify the latter two as the people responsible for your ally's death; however, due to Kordruga's attempted kill on them being invalid, you would gain no rights to kill either of them. This results in the following kills on Duquesne and Pepper being invalid. Evidence: Suggestions: @Kordruga & @Conor, when engaged in a firefight, it is paramount that you always positively identify your targets and the rights you have on them. If you have any doubts, always initiate to be safe. In situations like these, it may be easier to shoot first and ask questions later, but you must always be aware of kill rights and the rules surrounding them, even in the heat of a firefight. @Duquesne & @Pepper, while we do not find your conduct in this firefight to be in violation of any rules, we would like to recommend that you put your weapons away in any future encounter like this. Even though you are technically not active combatants in the fight, keeping your weapon drawn may give the wrong impression to those who are, leading to situations like this where you get killed invalidly. To directly address any claims of OOC hate from both the accused and postings parties in this report: any case of OOC hate you wish to report must be done through our Support Ticket system. You can file such a report by following this link, and the Administrator team will deal with it directly. The Game Master team would, however, like to remind all parties involved and anyone reading along to always treat each other with respect and be cognizant of our community behavior guidelines captured under rules 1.1 and 1.2. Verdict: @Kordruga - Attempted Invalid Kill - GUILTY, 2 day ban, 5 warning points. @Conor - Invalid Kill (firefight) x2 - GUILTY, 2 day ban, 10 warning points. Signed by @Peril & @Rover
  2. Peril

    Appeal NVFL-Lying

    Hello @isaac lineheart, A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and have come to the conclusion to deny it. To speak to the NVFL verdict, we believe that your actions constitute a violation of Rule 3.2. As stated in the original verdict, you were heavily outnumbered and told "Any more fucking attitude and I am wasting you," yet despite this, you chose to mouth off further. We'd like to make it clear that this verdict stems from the lack of value for your character's life shown through your in-character attitude, not that you were lying in-character. As for the lying in a report verdict, you clearly state in the report, "if one of my guys initiated, he initiated on his own terms and I never did." Contrary to this claim, you can be heard in the audio clip provided saying in-character, "Hey! If you keep fucking with that lock, we'll start shooting!" This is a clear cut example of an initiation; it consists of clear hostile intent, a demand, and a consequence. Given the clear contradictory nature of your comments in the report with your actions in-game, the lying in a report will also stick. With all that being said, Appeal denied. Ban and points remain. Signed by @Peril & @Derek Steel
  3. Peril

    KOS Prison Island

    The staff team has reviewed the report and decided to honor the request to close it. However, we would like to address the issue of metagaming raised in this report. @Padlock, in the future, when your character dies in a firefight, you must not communicate any further information to your allies. This includes stating, in any manner, that you have died. Had this report continued, you would have been found guilty of metagaming under Rule 3.6. That being said, we're happy to take the OP and accused's wishes into account. //Report Closed Signed by @Peril , @Samti & @Derek Steel
  4. Peril

    KOS Prison Island

    @JimRP, do you agree with the OP's wish to close this report?
  5. Peril


    Welcome to the community.
  6. Peril

    Joined up

    Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here, and don't hesitate to reach out to staff if you need any help!
  7. Peril

    Unnecessary post

    Hello andysuter, A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and will be denying it. Cautions are one-time courtesies and may not be appealed. In the future, remember that we expect all forum posts to contribute meaningfully to the thread at hand. With that said, appeal denied - Caution remains. Signed by @Peril & @Rover
  8. Peril

    Combat Logging addendum

    As long as you communicate with your reinforcement correctly and in compliance with metagaming and ghosting rules, I see no issue with logging in to help. Going into a situation as the aggressor, part of the risk associated is potentially not knowing how many people you're actually engaging. But Ducky and Camo covered it best; as long as you play by the already established rules, I don't take issue with people logging in to help their friends.
  9. Peril

    What weapon do you prefer?

    My guiltiest pleasure is the MP133 loaded with buckshot. There is a certain satisfaction associated with bodying multiple infected with one shell, even if it does attract a large crowd.
  10. Peril


    Welcome back! Hope you enjoy this time around
  11. Peril

    BeanZ WAR

  12. Peril

    S1: KoS 2X in Cherno + attempted VDM 4X - 04/10/2016 21:02

    Summary: @RedSky, @Isaiah Rinkasonn, @Kapocss, and @Fenrir were driving down the highway in their car when they crossed a bridge and were rammed by a truck. @Dew, @dawsonpark, and @Joe initiate via voice and text after ramming RedSky's car, demanding they stop the car or be shot. Isaiah Rinkasonn then steps out of the car, attempting to shoot the aggressors. In response, the accused party return fire into the car, killing two compliant hostages and hitting a third, while also hitting the non-compliant one. Rulebreaks: @Dew and @dawsonpark, each of you shot into the victim's vehicle and killed a compliant hostage. Each of your kills were invalid, as the two people you killed were complying with your demands. Additionally, @Dew shot but did not kill a separate complying hostage and will @Isaiah Rinkasonn, you attempted to shoot back against 3 heavily armed men whilst they trained their weapons on you as you exited the vehicle. Because these odds were incredibly tilted against you, you will be punished for No Value For Life. Evidence: Suggestions: @Dew, @dawsonpark, @Joe: In the future, when engaging in hostilities, be sure to differentiate between compliance and noncompliance. Manage your crossfire and only engage non-compliant hostages. @Isaiah Rinkasonn, when presented with odds weighed heavily against your character, likely leading to the character's death, do not fight back. Show value for your character's life by complying and following the ensuing hostile roleplay rather than cutting any chance of it short. Verdict: @Dew - Invalid Kill (roleplayed) & Attempted Invalid Kill - GUILTY, 3 day ban, 10 warning points @dawsonpark - Invalid Kill (roleplayed) - GUILTY, 3 day ban, 10 warning points @Isaiah Rinkasonn - No Value For Life - GUILTY, 3 day ban, 10 warning points, character already dead Signed by @Peril, @Phoenix & @Hofer
  13. Peril

    BeanZ WAR

  14. Peril

    Nvfl vs no comply

    Fighting back against impossible odds and dying is and has been considered NVFL. This doesn't mean that every situation that the rulebreak occurs in will be reported, but, as quoted directly from the rules, "attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered," is a breach of rule 3.2 and constitutes No Value For Life.
  15. Peril


  16. Peril

    S1: NVFL in Stary Industrial - 2019-09-27 20:45

    Summary: @ItsChocolateMan and company take @DrHukeSteez and @thespoontoad hostage, leading them to a barn. Hostile RP is exchanged for a few minutes until DrHukeSteez is asked, "Why the fuck are you here?" by ItsChocolateMan. In response, DrHukeSteez pulls a gun on his three armed captors, killing ItsChocolateMan before being killed by the other two captors. Rulebreaks: @DrHukeSteez, despite being surrounded by three armed captors, you still made an attempt to shoot your way out of the situation. In your attempt at escape, you were quickly shot and killed, and due to the near zero percent chance of survival and disregard for your character's life shown, you will be punished for No Value For Life. Evidence: Suggestions: @DrHukeSteez, in the future, we'd like to strongly recommend not engaging your captors when clearly outnumbered. Instead, go along with the hostile roleplay and enjoy that, rather than going out guns-blazing and cutting the encounter short. Overall, try your best to value your character's life as though they were a real person and don't willingly put them in situations that will most likely end in death, such is fighting back against three captors aiming a gun at him. Verdict: @DrHukeSteez - No Value For Life (NVFL) - GUILTY, 3 day ban, 10 warning points, character permanently killed Signed by @Peril, @Samti & @Rover
  17. Peril

    Bring back increased stamina?

    I don't mind it as is honestly, especially with how small Deer Isle is. Then again, I'm not gonna be angry if stamina gets increased.
  18. Peril


    The best birthday present I can possibly receive today is the Area 51 raid going off successfully.

    1. Hofer


      Who are you?

  19. Peril

    S1: Invalid Kill - Krasnostav Radio Tower

    The staff team has reviewed this report and has decided to honor the request to close it. We're happy that the two of you could talk it out and come to a conclusion. @Pepper, while this report is being closed, we'd like to recommend you take this as a learning opportunity for any future hostile interactions you may have. With that said, //Report Closed. Signed by @Peril & @Randy
  20. Peril

    Appeal Warning points

    Hello @Nick Plasse, We have no issues with closing this appeal. In the future, please be mindful of when it's appropriate to contribute to report threads, and thank you for the understanding. With that said, //Closed Signed by @Peril & @Saunders
  21. Peril

    Active Character Cooldown

    No worries. Feel free to jump in Waiting for Staff Help or DM a Staff Member directly if you need any more help in the future. //Closed
  22. Peril

    Active Character Cooldown

    Hey @echoing, I've gone ahead and refreshed your character cooldown timer, so you can set an active character and get to playing. Just be more careful with your names next time
  23. Peril

    Discord Ban / Warning Points Appeal

    Hello @Zero, A separate team of staff have reviewed your appeal and has come to the conclusion to accept it. We have agreed to remove your ban from the community Discord, however, your warning points will be staying. While we acknowledge the now explained context of your comments, others may not when reading them with objective eyes, hence the original warning and the points remaining. Additionally, we'd like to address your comments surrounding abortion and strongly advise you from partaking in such behavior moving forward. In the future, simply be aware of the implications your comments have to other community members. With that said, Appeal accepted-ish. Discord ban removed, points remain. Signed by @Peril, @Hofer, & @Samti
  24. Peril

    Staff Feedback: Peril

    I would like to take a chance to clarify some potential confusion here. There is a difference between your case and the one you reference, and that is the addition of Unreasonable Hostage Demands to your verdict, the explanation for which can be found in the verdict. As Hebirura explained, admittedly better than I did as I frankly failed to at all, this was due to the number and severity of rulebreaks committed. If you were punished for the exact same thing as found in the other recently closed report, I'm confident that the punishment would have been the same for your case. However, while the situations were incredibly similar, there were slight differences in both the situation and punishment that led to the aggravation. I apologize for not putting this explanation in the verdict and I hope this clarifies things for you. Feel free to reach out to me via DMs, either on the Forums or Discord, if you'd like to discuss further. Thank you for the constructive feedback. While I would like to assure you that the punishment itself was discussed at length and not simply decided on by me, I absolutely agree that I should've included an explanation as to why aggravation was applied in this case. I'll keep this in mind moving forward, thank you for pointing it out!
  25. Peril

    S1- Lopatino Church Charity Organization raid , one word one kos

    Summary: @Burak unknowingly logs into an active firefight and is engaged by @BandsRP. Burak makes a break for it and is later found with his hands up by BandsRP, who then apprehends Burak. BandsRP instructs Burak to stop talking, or else he will be killed. Burak responds "okay," to this demand, leading to BandsRP shooting him. Rulebreaks: @BandsRP, whilst holding @Burak hostage, you made the demand for him to stop talking, or else he'd die. While Burak did say something after, thus not complying with your demand and technically offering you rights to kill him, staff feels as though you killed your hostage exclusively on technicality, as all Burak did was acknowledge your demand. For this, you will be punished for Ruleplay and Invalid Kill (roleplayed), as your kill rights stemmed from the Ruleplay, making them invalid. Additionally, demanding total silence from your hostage is an unreasonable demand to make, as it removes their ability to roleplay. We expect hostage takers to provide their hostage with engaging roleplay, and totally shutting down the hostage's ability to speak is far from engaging. Due to this, you will be punished for Unreasonable Hostage Demands. Evidence: Suggestions: @BandsRP, in the future, do not be so quick to the draw when it comes to taking advantage of your kill rights. Hostile encounters should always focus on the roleplay at hand, not just the rights the rules allow you. Simply put, just because you have kill rights does not always mean you should use them, as it has the potential of ending roleplay for both parties. Additionally, demanding total silence from the hostage's side without contributing any roleplay from your side cuts any potential roleplay short. While we understand that you wished to hear the firefight and your surroundings, we still expect you to engage with your hostage or at the very least elaborate your demands, for example, "Quiet for a minute or I'll shoot, you're gonna get us both killed!" as opposed to just, "Shut up, if you talk I will kill you." This way, roleplay can continue after the moment of silence passes. Verdict: @BandsRP - Invalid Kill (roleplayed), Ruleplay, Unreasonable Hostage Demands - GUILTY (Aggravated Punishment) 5 day ban, 15 warning points Signed by @Peril, @Derek Steel, & @Hofer
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