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  1. Solid meme, I'll give you that. 1/10 in terms of roleplay character and page design, though. you did get your lol though, well done
  2. Hello @Ultima, As found announced in this post and mentioned in your warning, NLR bans are unappealable. Under no circumstances, including glitch deaths, is NLR a rule you can violate. In the future, please abide by the New Life Rule at all times, regardless of your cause of death. The only exception to this is deaths due to selected the correct character model. With that said, Appeal closed. SIgned by @Peril & @Rover
  3. The developer of the map, @Kerkkoh, has addressed the Chernarussian island idea with pretty clear distaste, and I'm sure our Lore Master team wants to honor the map creator's wishes. Other than that, lore for the island has yet to be finished for release, as right now we're just polling the community for interest, which is pretty high. Lore will be figured out and announced later, as the Lore Master team writes it.
  4. Another day, another person walking down the middle of the sidewalk who gets offended when I try to pass them.  University is a beautiful place.

    1. Samti


      university or dayz? that situation seems quite familiar 🤔

  5. Personally, I don't have any plans to try Stuart Island, but I don't see a reason not to include it. The demand on the server is for Livonia right now, the numbers obviously show that, making the issue with Chernarus a low population density. Decreasing the size of the map would fix this, however I do have a slight concern that Stuart Island could cause Livonia to experience the same thing as Chernarus did, if only for a few days. I see more pros than cons, go for it.
  6. Connection Logs: 03:46:59 | Player "Cooper Banks" is connected 04:04:50 | Player "Cooper Banks" has been disconnected 03:48:16 | Player "Eciek Numenor" is connected 04:08:23 | Player "Eciek Numenor" has been disconnected 03:46:20 | Player "Kirby Hammer" is connected 04:30:28 | Player "Kirby Hammer" has been disconnected 04:39:10 | Player "Kirby Hammer" is connected 03:47:36 | Player "Pyotr Bakalaka" is connected Hit Logs: 03:58:23 | Player "Eciek Numenor" hit by CivilianSedan_Wine with TransportHit 03:58:31 | Player "Eciek Numenor" hit by CrSk_HMMWV_PMC_Green with TransportHit 03:58:32 | Player "Eciek Numenor" hit by CivilianSedan_Wine with TransportHit 03:58:33 | Player "Eciek Numenor" hit by CrSk_HMMWV_PMC_Green with TransportHit 04:00:27 | Player "Cooper Banks" hit by Player "Pyotr Bakalaka" with IZH-43 from 8.12921 meters 04:00:27 | Player "Kirby Hammer" hit by Player "Cooper Banks" with M4A1 from 13.2252 meters 04:00:27 | Player "Cooper Banks" hit by Player "Pyotr Bakalaka" with IZH-43 from 7.51549 meters 04:00:27 | Player "Cooper Banks" hit by Player "Kirby Hammer" with M4A1 from 12.8927 meters 04:00:28 | Player "Cooper Banks" hit by Player "Kirby Hammer" with M4A1 from 13.3722 meters 04:00:28 | Player "Cooper Banks" hit by Player "Kirby Hammer" with M4A1 from 13.5907 meters 04:00:29 | Player "Cooper Banks" hit by Player "Kirby Hammer" with M4A1 from 13.7861 meters Kill Logs: 04:00:27 | Player "Cooper Banks" (DEAD) killed by Player "Pyotr Bakalaka" with IZH-43 from 7.51549 meters Calling in: @IrishRepublican | Cooper Banks | OP @Eciek | Eciek Numenor | POSTED @GMAK | Pyotr Bakalaka | POSTED @God | Kirby Hammer | POSTED For their full and detailed POVs, as well as any unedited video evidence they may have.
  7. Welcome to the community Jay, see you around in game!
  8. Peril

    New Here

    Welcome to the community Elyssa!
  9. Hello @o3dge, Bans for violating NLR are unappealable, as stated in your warning. This was also announced by Roland here. Additionally, you have directly confessed to violating NLR in this appeal, as seen here: In the future, always allow ample time for your NLR timer to expire; if you have any doubts, wait longer. With that said, Appeal closed. NLR Bans are not appealable. Signed by @Peril & @Inferno
  10. @Duce, thank you for your POV. Your temp ban has been removed. Please keep an eye on this report in case of any further questions.
  11. Seeing that @Achilles98 has been in-game and @Duce has been both in-game and on the forums since being called into this report, they will both be temporarily banned until they provide their full and detailed POVs, as well as any video evidence they may have.
  12. @Cormac01 The Game Master team has reviewed your request for the closure of this report and will be honoring it. We're glad to see the two of you could discuss things amicably and come to a satisfying conclusion on your own. Both of you, be more careful with your melee swings next time, yeah? With that said, /Report Closed Signed by @Peril, @Saunders & @Inferno
  13. Peril

    Ban appeal

    Hello @Hanro, As mentioned in your original warning, bans for violating the NLR are not allowed to be appealed. This information can also be found in this announcement. As such, this appeal will be closed. Signed by @Peril & @Rover
  14. @RoverBeast, are you requesting this report be closed, or would you like it seen through to verdict?
  15. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: 23:35:09 | Player "Rowan Kingston" (DEAD) killed by Player "Petya Petrovic" with M4A1 from 20.7783 meters 23:35:14 | Player "Frank McDuffy" (DEAD) killed by Player "Petya Petrovic" with M4A1 from 7.90053 meters Calling in: @RoverBeast | Rowan Kingston | OP @Rutkiy | Petya Petrovic | POSTED @Cormac01 | Frank McDuffy | POSTED For their full and detailed POV, as well as any unedited video evidence they may have.
  16. Hell yeah, theatre techs unite. Welcome to the community!
  17. Welcome to the community Karen! Hopefully the streak of great roleplay will continue for you.
  18. Peril


    Welcome to the community! I think you'll find DayZ to be quite different nowadays, hope you enjoy it.
  19. /Moved to Questions
  20. Welcome aboard! Well done on the whitelist, hope to see you in game!
  21. Peril


    Hello @Eagle, A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion of denial. What you've put in your additional statements and comments here is what should've been in your original post. Had you explained that neutrality is not assisting both sides, but rather refraining from assisting either, and that Switzerland is a prime example of this, you would not have received points. For good measure, you could've even hyperlinked the video for the uninformed, as googling, "Switzerland," doesn't return anything directly related to neutrality in wars. In the future, elaborate on points you're trying to make, don't just throw a few words out there with no context. Keep your posts constructive, contributing, and explained to avoid receiving further points for Unnecessary Posts. With that said, Appeal denied. Warning points remain. Signed by @Peril & @Eagles
  22. Hello @Challenger, A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion of acceptance. While we do not tolerate the glorification of banned players in our community, we see no reason to leave you banned from the Discord any longer, seeing that it's been a decent few days since your removal. However, we would like to make clear that your actions were definitively in violation of rule 1.8, so your warning points will be still be remaining. Promoting, glorifying, or otherwise praising a banned player or the return of them will always be met with points. With that said, Appeal accepted. Discord ban removed. Signed by @Peril, @Eagles, & @Scarlett
  23. I can get behind this 100%, especially now that the dangerous animals are even more so. Shouldn't be a genuine struggle to bag a deer or boar because it survived a large caliber bullet.
  24. Summary: @crashport and other members of Utile Umbra head towards a horde of infected and a Humvee in Gliniska in an attempt to help the person being pursued by the infected. Unknowingly, they entered a firefight between @Dongle and the 5.0.3. Upon seeing the Utile Umbra members killing the infected in the area, Dongle misidentifies them as enemy combatants and shoots crashport and @TegsBenedict, killing them both. The remaining Utile Umbra member, @TearsFallSilent, flees the scene. Dongle is then killed by @MaybeleleLR a few minutes later. Rulebreaks: @Dongle, even in the heat of a firefight, you must always ensure that you have rights on the people you are attempting to shoot. The two players you killed were not active combatants in your firefight. In fact, they were unaware they had entered one and were trying to assist with the infected. As the shooter, it is on you to identify your targets and make sure that you have valid kill rights on them before you shoot them. Seeing that you failed to do so and killed two people you did not have rights on, these two kills will be deemed invalid. In terms of NVFL against the reporting party, we find no reason to punish for it. It is well within the realm of possibility that geared players can be killed by large amounts of infected and that any gunshots heard by the reporting party could have been directed at the swarm of infected present at the time. Generally, it is a very, very bad idea to charge into an obviously active firefight, but, given the context of the situation, we can see how @crashport and company would think there wasn't one at the time. As for the claims of metagaming raised by @TearsFallSilent, we'd ask that you file your own report if you wish to see those claims investigated. This report pertains exclusively to the invalid killing of @crashport and @TegsBenedict. Evidence: Suggestions: @crashport, @TegsBenedict, and @TearsFallSilent: While the staff team understands the context of the situation this time, context might not always be your saving grace. If you have any reason to believe that an active gunfight is occurring, please think twice before heading in the direction of the gunshots. You will not be incurring any punishment in this situation, as the situation masked the firefight well, but we would like to ask you to be more cautious in the future. @Dongle: Always positively identify your targets. The identification of targets in a firefight, initiation, or otherwise will always be on the shooter. Firefights are tricky, but still not exceptions to the rules. If you are ever in doubt that you have rights on a person, don't take the risk of the rulebreak, just reinitiate. Worst case, you have to shoot them or get shot yourself. Best case, you've avoided a rulebreak and opened up some new roleplay. Similarly to our suggestion to the reporting party, simply be more careful in the future. Verdict: @Dongle | Invalid kill (firefight) x2 | GUILTY. 2 day ban, 10 warning points. Character reset. @crashport & @TegsBenedict | NVFL | NOT GUILTY. No action taken. Signed by @Peril, @Fae, & @Inferno
  25. Don't get me wrong, I've broken plenty of knives dealing with infected and sneaked past even more infected than that, but that's not exactly the ideal scenario. I don't mind meleeing zombies, but shit, a knife attack on one lures in three others from 30+ feet away in my experience. We need to find a happy medium, like suppressors actually working.
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