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  1. On one hand, I see your point. On the other, I really can't be asked to care about such a minor thing. Yes, it's more realistic to empty stuff out, but this is a QoL change that's a plus for the people using the storage and the people stealing them IMO. I actually think this is incorrect. Griefing isn't just stealing an entire storage container full of stuff; it's actually more of the "dumping people's shit all over the floor en masse," which is exactly what this change would end up encouraging.
  2. This is so wholesome, I'd love to see this added in. Gives people something to do in terms of having a "base" without building fortresses.
  3. Let's take one more look: At the surface level, this does look pretty inconclusive. The reporting party claims there was no initiation, the accused claims there was, and no one has video evidence. What we do have, though, is a consistent story from all three members of the reported party that pretty plainly states only @Muff1nman187 actually initiated. Saying trouble will be caused isn't an initiation, and @SovietPj directly says he died "without even 'initiating'." Here's some quotes to refresh your memories: @SovietPj, @RustyRekts, you guys are in a dynamic group with @Muff1nman187, there is no "our initiation," unless all three of you do it individually. Whether or not @Muff1nman187actually initiated is irrelevant; neither of you would have gained any rights if he initiated and both of you have admitted that you did not. Despite this lack of initiations from both of you, you each attempted to kill people, once again with no rights, as neither of you initiated and you can't get defender rights from someone defending themselves. For @RustyRekts, it's pretty simple, as logs show him trying to kill @Challenger. For @SovietPj, his and @RustyRekts' POVs clearly show him to be the would-be RPG killer. Adjusted verdict: @SovietPj | Attempted Invalid Kill | GUILTY. 2 day ban, 10 warning points. Character reset. @RustyRekts | Attempted Invalid Kill | GUILTY. 2 day ban, 10 warning points. Character reset. Signed by myself and @Duke
  4. I'm all for this, so long as people understand that they're definitely weapons and should be treated as such, so no random taserings.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

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  6. I see no issue with the current models. Jokes aside, if we can fix that, we should, as I doubt it's intended. Looks goofy, for obvious reasons.
  7. While I don't partake in much base-building (or raiding, for that matter), I don't think doors are in need of a buff. They're meant to be an obstacle, a light barrier, between gear stashes and the people that want to take them, not an end-all-be-all "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" wall that will always protect your stuff. As mentioned, use metal doors where possible, but it'll do you better to learn one thing for certain; If you build a base, it doesn't matter how many walls, doors, M1 destruction prompts, or otherwise you use to protect it. Someone will get through them.
  8. The RTX 3080 launch hurt me emotionally.

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  9. I'm pretty tired of seeing every Joe Shmoe running around looking like a bush for seemingly no reason. I think this is a good change to make.
  10. I can see the argument for increasing some items' carry capacity based on the capacity of similar items, but this is an overall no from me. Civilian characters are civilian characters; you sacrifice higher tier loot to roleplay your character accurately. You don't need a full, maxxed out inventory of loot, in my opinion, and making this change would just encourage people to hoard loot even more than they already do. There's nothing wrong with a bomber carrying less than a military uniform.
  11. I made a new character recently and he has actual, measurable goals that I can stick to. I've really enjoyed swapping up playstyles, trying a new character voice, and working towards them. It's been a lot of fun! Also, to spawn in FALs for @Whitename to give @Burak.
  12. I enjoyed the interview, but I'm still caught up on this whole "putting the milk in before the cereal," thing. The fuck, @Inferno??
  13. Hi @MontyCristo, Work in progress groups are not allowed to be published. You have your concept, but you need to make a fully fleshed out group thread with properly formatted and finalized group goals, roster, lore, etc. More on that can be read about here. I'd recommend you take a look at other group threads if you need inspiration, then flesh out your group thread in a Google Doc or even a forum PM. Once you have your thread prepared, message a Moderator+ to have your thread unarchived. Until then, /archived
  14. Due to the nature of this report and the fact that he has viewed the thread since being called in, @Tokyo will be temporarily banned until he provides his full and detailed POV, as well as any video evidence he may have.
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