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  1. Peril

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    I've heard a lot about you guys, both IC and OOC, excited to see this posted. Good luck!
  2. Peril

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    I still fundamentally disagree on this point. I can agree that the size of the map is too big for just 80 people, but we aren't just losing some towns, we're losing some of the biggest cities, which give people a place to go and stop wandering. It'd be different if there were other places to go, but the north hosts a massive density of interesting and populated locations on the map.
  3. Peril

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    I disagree with the bold point in particular here. I would be totally fine with shrinking the map if all we did lose are fringe towns, but that's not what we're losing at all. We'd be losing some of the greatest parts of Chernarus plus, the largest cities on the map, massive roleplay hubs from the past and likely the future, and some of the best areas to explore both out west and north. If we want to drive people together to roleplay more, deleting the biggest cities and a key part of the map's infrastructure (the Northern Highway) is not the way to do it. If you delete that, the only truly big cities left are Zeleno, Berezino, Elektro, and Cherno, which already hosts half the server population on any given day.
  4. Peril

    Bad Version, server rejected connection [FIX]

    If you've had issues today, it's likely due to two of our external mods updating and the server itself needing to be updated to match those versions. Otherwise, this guide encompasses everything short of uninstalling the game and all mods to fix bad version. If you're still having trouble, hop in Waiting for Staff Help on our Discord or ask for help in the #help channel.
  5. Peril

    Interview With A Community Member: ToeZies

    Good read, ToeZies. Interesting look into the man behind the mountain that is Dominik.
  6. Peril

    Potential mod

    I'm in no way opposed to this feature being added, I just wonder if it's possible to do in-house. The less we have to rely on third party mods the better, it prevents delays with game updates, mod updates, among other things. +1 if we get something like this from our devs.
  7. Peril

    Can't Join Server

  8. Peril

    The Market - Open recruitment

    Good luck with this! Hopefully it goes over well, but I think first step to making that happen is recruiting more traders.
  9. Peril

    Character description

    The character backstory minimum character count on the whitelist is 1000 characters. The 500 character limit Camo mentioned is for character pages you make post-whitelisting. Good luck on your application!
  10. Peril

    Max amount of Reports open Suggestion

    Like my other mods above me, I think this is a needless system. If you break a rule, you shouldn't receive any slack because you had already broken more rules in recent history, and in the same vein, if you are the victim of many rulebreaks in the span of a week, you shouldn't be punished for reporting them. That just seems silly to me.
  11. Peril

    How i can join the dayzrp s1 server?

    That's correct. To whitelist on our servers, you have to have 10 hours played on DayZ. The reason it can't find DayZ on your Steam is likely because you have your account privacy settings set to private, and they all need to be public. If you'd like, you can hop into the Waiting for Staff Help Channel on our Discord and a member of staff will walk you through the process.
  12. Peril

    How i can join the dayzrp s1 server?

    You'll have to go through our whitelisting process. Head over to this link and follow the steps there, it'll take you through all of it: https://www.dayzrp.com/join/
  13. Peril

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Today was an incredibly humorous but tense situation with @thysongoftruth and @Palatheio. I hope the encounter, albeit brief, was as enjoyable for you guys as it was for me.
  14. Peril


    Welcome aboard Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
  15. Peril

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    Wait hold on, what? Ryker is back, Mac Tire is coming with him? Oh lord. Welcome back. nervously glances towards Ellie, Vlad, and co.
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