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  1. Peril

    • Peril
    • Xehara

    Just saw the shiny new color, well done and congratulations!

    excited will ferrell GIF

    1. Xehara


      Thank you!

  2. Peril

    Fifty Two | Open To IC Interest

    I had a good run with you guys, helped start the group, recruited a hell of a lot of the current members, made even more of the alliances this group has. Genuinely, lots of fun and I'm very proud to have built this as a founding member. Hate to be leaving due to @Luke drastically changing the OOC path of the group despite our protests, but I wish you guys the best in whatever you choose to do next. While three of the four founding members are leaving due to this, you guys have a solid concept and I'm rooting for you from the sidelines, hopefully you guys can restore what we've lost. Have fun, I know I did. Much love guys.
  3. Peril



  4. Peril

    Another 24 hour stream :)

    I'm amazed that you don't drop dead, either in character or out of character, but I admire the dedication. Keep it up man!
  5. Peril


    When you finally start watching Game of Thrones and see profile themes and titles that you didn't understand before but do now:


    1. Rick Dynamite

      Rick Dynamite

      Welcome to the new world.

  6. Peril

    Server Crashing Bets

    My BeanZ are on 21:09.
  7. Peril


    No message received for 10 seconds . . .

    1. Falk


      Aw yes, this is whats it all about 

    2. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo

      bro i love this stable roleplay

  8. Peril

    S1 - little east of Zub castle / 18/5/2019 7:15 GMT - No time to comply

    Teddy Woodley POV: I'd like to preface this by saying I was uninvolved in the initiation or the killing, nor do I actually know who initiated and killed people, but I am with Fifty Two and I logged in shortly after to assess the damage. Upon walking around the camp, I noticed that the way they breached our camp was by turning one of our walls into a fence gate. I'm not sure if this is allowed or a rulebreak, but I thought I'd contribute it to the thread regardless.
  9. Peril

    Teddy's Sketchbook

    Teddy knows what he wants, but is unsure of how to get there. Hopefully Fifty Two and all his past allies will help guide him there, because he can't guide all these other people looking towards him if he himself is lost.
  10. Peril


    I'm a few years behind the times, but I've decided to start Game of Thrones, and gooD GOD DAMN FIRE CANNOT KILL A DRAGON.

  11. Peril

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Good god, running a group keeps you busy. So many people came through today, it's kinda hard to keep up with, but here goes nothing: @Xehara, @PandaOG, always a pleasure to see where the relations with Funeral Parlor are going. @Whiskayy, @TheMcCafeMenu, @Grimby1734, @ImDongle, and everybody else that stopped by Camp Fifty Two, that was a chaotic blast. Thanks for stopping by, and the people that took a card, welcome to the group! @Luke, thank for group @DieselTheSnowMan, @LewOS, @Saunders, @Realize, and all the Fifty Two boys, we're going somewhere in the world and I'm very excited to see it. @ToeZiesOG, Kamenici rolling up thoroughly scared the piss out of me, and I was so relieved when big man Dominik stepped up because I at least knew him. Until Saggy started popping off... Long day, probably missed a few people, but holy hell was it a grand ole time. Cheers everybody, here's to the next one!
  12. Peril

    Kyle Mckenzie's Diary

    Theo saves Falk's life in the middle of a warzone way back when and you repay him by raiding his people? Heartbreaking
  13. Peril

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  14. Peril


    Nothing says a good day to roleplay like waking up with a sore throat and a cold.

    sick get well soon GIF

    1. duxpredator


      Its from all Teddy's whining yesterday 😉


  15. Peril


    Class starts just late enough for me to sleep in, but not late enough for me to do anything productive.  Forum games it is.

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