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  1. Nothing says being a grownup in quarantine quite like catching up on two weeks of housework you've been pretending you didn't need to do.

    1. Elmo


      Can we get a list of your chores please @Peril, I'd like weekly updates to make sure you stay on top of life.

    2. Peril


      Thanks @Elmo, I'm mopping my living room right now while laundry is running.  I'll be sure to check in next week with an update.

    3. Elmo


      Sweet. Make sure to keep on top of your mail, don't wanna end up like @Eddie.

    4. Eddie


      Lmao, yeah that mail is the highlight of my day! Adulting is fucking great @Elmo🤣

      Season 1 Audience GIF by Mr. Mercedes

      Scoping out that mofo from across the street!

  2. Hey JHontz, All character pages are manually reviewed by our Support Team in order of creation. Once they get to your page, they will reach out to you via DMs should anything be wrong with it. Keep an eye out!
  3. The Admin and Lore teams have reviewed this group and are very happy with everything all those involved have put together. Given the current times in lore, it's more than reasonable for survivors to be banding together in this way, even if they remain nomadic. The theme of this group is definitely appropriate for this era of the lore and we're excited to see what more you guys can offer moving forward. Approved. Go ahead and create your GroupCP, then get your members invited as soon as you can. Good luck and congratulations!
  4. After taking some time to review this group, we have a few major concerns. The jump from ski resort instructors or attendees to a ragtag militia looking to rid a major city of military forces is quite a drastic one that we can't quite follow the reasoning behind. The goals of this group up against its lore just don't quite stick, in our opinion. Moreover, we've witnessed conduct from members of this group in Berezino that dissuade us from offering the benefit of shared attacker and defender rights to all members on the roster. Overall, at this point in the lore, we don't see this group as a good fit. Society is still standing, albeit on its last limbs. One unpleasant run in with rule of law shouldn't result in a mass uprising out of a ski resort. On that note, Group archived. Best of luck in the future.
  5. Very well. Please be sure that you can actually meet group requirements the next time you request unarchival or start a group page. Best of luck until then. /Archived
  6. Hey Jon, We honor VAC bans for 365 days from their issuing, but seeing that yours is well over 1000 days old, you'll be just fine applying here, save any new VAC bans being issued. If you run into any issues with it, just let us know via Support ticket. Good luck on your whitelist!
  7. Oh no but oh yes at the same time congratulations peril ❤️

  8. Unarchived upon request. Please fill out your roster to reflect a total of at least 5 members or it will be archived once again. /unarchived
  9. Really good looking works, @groovy lamb. Keep it up!
  10. Finally got around to sprucing up my character page.  Am I roleplayer now?

    1. Trijim


      no, you forgot to add a TLDR. Once you do that you will become a roleplayer

    2. PaulB


      Ne 😁

  11. All characters from the last lore have been deleted. You'll need to read up on our new lore and make a new character page.
  12. Per @Whitename, they are supposed to and this will be fixed as of the next DayZRP Mod patch.
  13. Hello @Lyaria, Since being placed on final warning and returning to the community earlier this year, we've seen you maintaining a fairly active and positive presence on the forums, as well as keeping up in-game with regular playtime with things like your current character's reporting archives. You've maintained a spotless warning history, whether in-game or on the forums, and haven't even used your caution. Overall, we consider this a job well done and see no reason to leave your final warning instated. Enjoy your freedom! Appeal accepted. Final warning removed. Signed by myself with notes
  14. Hello @groovy tony, After reviewing the warning you were issued, as well as the video evidence staff has captured from the event, we will be denying your appeal. While it is true that there was no report, this incident was witnessed by numerous staff members and recorded by one as well. We discussed this internally and came to an unanimous consensus that what you did was No Value For Life, much like we would have if there was a formal report filed. The video we've all reviewed shows you turning to shoot towards at least five other armed assailants and dying shortly thereafter. Regardless of what group affiliations have been announced, it was fairly obvious that you were surrounded by many hostiles and, as a reminder, approved groups share kill rights when one person initiates, meaning there is no requirement for the rest of them to initiate. Despite this, you chose the route of non-compliance and died as a result. Coupling that information with the testimony of the staff members that heard you trying to be stopped, then saw you get gunned down, we see no reason to overturn this verdict. Just as a note, you were extended the forum to defend yourself by means of a voice chat on our Discord with @Para, but this offer was refused. With that said, Appeal denied. Punishment remains. Signed by myself with notes.
  15. Thread owner changed to @HarveyLR. Best of luck with this next chapter!
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