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  1. Peril


    New battlestation, fully operational and ready for RP.



    1. Mexi


      Desk name and where'd ya get it? N e e d.

    2. Peril


      @Mexi Bought some Tribesigns desk legs, custom made the desktop, slapped them together.

    3. Mexi


      Fuck. Looks nice man, if you've thought about it a second monitor is 100% worth it. You'll never want to go with a single one again.

    4. Peril


      I played with dual monitors for plenty of years, I grew to appreciate single monitors again when I had to drop the second one ironically enough.  Maybe I'll go ultrawide one day, thanks for the kinds words.

  2. Peril

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Just wanted to give a public thanks to @Angima for showing me the non-war side of the Saviors, and exploring Toby's humanity with his old friend. Fun as always brother.
  3. Peril

    The Highwaymen

    This looks really promising, I'm excited to see where this goes. Good luck!
  4. Peril


    Welp, no one else is in the office today, so what better way to waste company time than browsing the forums?

    1. Banshee


      The only good way to spend company time.

  5. Peril

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    400! 17
  6. Peril

    Execution Rights

    I'd just like to add my +1 to this rule actually being clarified and clearly stated by the admins and GMs, through the talks Roland said they would be having, though apparently did not. There would be no harm in clarifying a rule that, as proven by this thread, obviously confuses many people. Especially given the multitude of answers provided by staff, the only thing that can be accomplished by lack of clarification here is more reports leading to more bans to people who decided to base their actions off of the wrong staff-provided answer. Personally, I'm in favor of the "If the roleplay obviously calls for it," approach, however, I'd just be happy if there was something clearly stated and unanimous among staff. With that, we'd at least know what to base our actions off of, even if it wasn't the ruling someone personally hoped for.
  7. Peril

    Desk Gadgets

    What are your must have desk gadgets, decorations, stuff like that? Stuff like USB hubs, headphone hooks, or just a fake plant. I'm putting together a new battlestation and want recommendations on how to overkill my desk with convenience and technology. I'll start off by recommending an extended mouse pad, the rugs of the desktop. Tying the whole thing together.
  8. Peril

    This type of Role Play needs to stop.

    I hate that I have to agree with you. I don't dislike hostile RP, I don't dislike being robbed, or any of that, but I constantly find myself avoiding major hubs because all they are nowadays are PVP battlegrounds. The last time I was in a hub, I just had to sit in a room for almost an hour, but fortunately the guard assigned to watch us actually interacted with us. I've strayed away from RP hubs because they aren't that any more, they're just for big groups of people to shoot each other over and over with no progress being made. It's a damn shame as well, because I typically have great RP encounters while away from the north-west portion of the map, and it seems like everyone causing the north-west to be a warzone seems to think they're doing the best thing, they're in the right, and the other people need to change. It's just making things stale, especially for lonewolves or small dynamics. I don't think anything will change without either rule intervention or serious pride swallowing. My one wish is that we keep it IG though, there's no reason to bring hostilities between characters onto the forums and make it between people.
  9. GenjiRP

    • GenjiRP
    • Peril

    Nice theme 👀

    1. Peril


      Yours is aight I guess 😜

  10. Peril

    Skin Mask Questions

    That's a very very good point that I hadn't previously thought of. I suppose a free KOS would be a little bit much, given the cases of Peter West or someone being forced to wear it. However, I also don't support the argument of "Just detain/kidnap them and figure it out," because most people likely wouldn't want to go anywhere near someone wearing what outwardly appears as another humans face (again, Peter being one of the exceptions, unfortunately lumped in due to game constraints). It's an interesting grey area and is generating good conversation from either side, which I think it part of the reason this thread exists. Personally, my character wouldn't kidnap someone in the first place, much less when they're wearing the face of another fucking human. I do concede instant KOS is probably a bit much, Mademoiselle changed my mind on that, but I still believe that expecting people to engage with and 'kidnap' someone who is likely a threat (which I personally consider wearing a mask of someone's flesh to be) is unreasonable, especially for good-natured characters.
  11. Peril

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    I can't chance giving the rapper anything less than 9/10 I'm so sorry
  12. Peril

    Skin Mask Questions

    I don't think it should be removed entirely, because it can provide enhancements to RP for (a very select few) characters. However, I would fully support an automatic KOS tag being part of it, because, well, what the fuck is on your face?
  13. Peril

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  14. Peril


    I use a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 Cs. You need an external mic, but these headphones are heaven.
  15. Peril

    A Bit Confused

    First off, good on you for consulting with the community to better yourself, that's a great first step. I can totally sympathize with the learning curve associated with coming to a roleplay community after playing public servers for so long. You're still in the mindset that if someone sees you in a high-risk area, like a military base, it's shoot on sight. For whatever reassurance it's worth, that's not the case here. You won't just be shot instantly, and if you are, please file a report. That being said, there definitely isn't a lack of hostility either. If you say hi to someone, especially at a military installation, they very well could start waving guns at you and rob you. Now, whether you get shot or not is up to your level of compliance, but at the very least, you'll be getting a (hopefully) good roleplay experience out of it. That leads me to my biggest tip for you in situations like these: Learn to love roleplay, even the hostile kind. Sure, you might lose your gear on the off chance someone robs you, but never let that, or your old public server habits, stop you from saying hi to someone. At the end of the day, if you can check out of the "I need gear" mindset of public server DayZ, you'll have an incredible time saying hi to strangers at places like NWAF. You might not always walk around with or walk out of the situation with the gear you want, but you'll come to appreciate the roleplay aspect over how many M4 bullets you have with time. Welcome to DayZRP!