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  1. I'm a reasonable guy hop in DayZRP TS and we will talk it out just give me a time to come in
  2. your lies are funny, i gotta the evidence to prove it and the i could go on about how you were talking crash in my stream and watching it.......,you proof is not to valid, let the admins decide ill be the mature one about and wait it out. You sir obviously have issues to deal with. Good Day.
  3. not when your held up hostage bud and get threaten to put weapon down and steal my stuff ill wait for the admins to make decision you take care
  4. server wouldn't load, website wouldn't load couldn't get back in simple as that
  5. due to website not loading, had EU server saved on favorites and logged into that one since the other server wasn't up at the time and website wouldnt load want more proof of VOD of them i can bring more
  6. http://www.twitch.tv/snaftii/c/6371382 here is the VOD, So i got held up by these guys and they decided to let me go but took some my stuff so i went to take a SKS they threaten to put it down i did not so i shot then the whole entire server messed up for good 15min, that is the reason behind leaving the server, here is the VOD and video proof and of CHAT proof of my chat saying leave the server due to bad performance. More then half of the server were losing connection as well, and soon after i left the guy who reported me was watching my stream... and even came in my chat, so you can say he was stream sniping me and holding me up as well. and by the time the so called server came back up i was already in a another one cause the chat didnt want to wait for the server to try and reconnect it's self which took some time
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