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  1. Great roleplay with @Jade who ironically is the only other person ive met who also wants to start a post office. I think Quill and Rudy are going to get along splendidly!
  2. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to play with such a great group of individuals and am happy to say that I look forward to many more fun times with the friends I've made!
  3. Thanks to @Lettuce, @Jackfish and everyone else! Kidnapped after less than five minutes logging in and had a brilliant RP session with the group finally! I look forward to more roleplay with your group in the future! Two great groups, great medical and hostage rp, not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening!
  4. I would enjoy the new map, especially with some of the different aspects of the map that add danger and excitement too it. However, I believe it should be on a second server. If people want to play on it, they can, but I think it would be a big strike on the current lore to suddenly have the whole population of Chenarus suddenly in another country. Is there any hits as to if this is another part of Chernarus or is it a completely different country?
  5. I absolutely love base building. If there is any game that has it as part of their system, I will doubt spend hours upon hours enjoying building. However, until it is optimized for the server, I would rather not see it. We have had a couple of nights now of server population of 60-80 people online. Even if base building is restricted, we are going to see massive lag on the server. Currently, you can just drive around the map and find a stash or camp based on a lag spike, and that's irritating enough. What is going to happen when someone chooses to wall off a town and start storing items? There is no question that in this game I love building and that I am a Loot Goblin, its part of the games design, but even I understand the effect it can have on gameplay. I can't say I ever really cared about WallRP, because if someone doesn't want to roleplay with some people, that is their choice, it is their experience and time on the server, and some people don't enjoy what other people do. I support Pre-Fabrications for this reason. If going into DayZ Editor is too much for someone to do, I am sure that someone else on the server would love to help add an interesting hot spot to the server. This is why I support the current decision for groups to have pre-fabs and for MoreDoors to be available to everyone so that people can still seal off places and create semi-safe locations to role-play, when your group isn't large enough to get a pre-fab.
  6. This is absolute gold, nice work Watchman!
  7. @RonnieLR and crew, you lads made one boring day into something really exciting. I had a blast. Thanks you lot!
  8. I am totally willing to do that Misho! If you want, DM me if you would be willing to discuss it further! I just k ow how busy you all are!
  9. I do not believe it is currently a mod out there, though if it is something that would need modeled and scripted, I wouldn't be against trying to find find someone to make the model and providing it to you if that would be something you/ dev team would be interested in doing.
  10. I apologize Basko. Thanks to you and Chewie for pointing that out for me!
  11. This is a bit of a silly idea, but I had an idea for a character, and I would love to see a skateboard added to the game as a melee weapon. Just take the wooden plank animation and replace the model with a simple skateboard. Does anyone else think it would be awesome to see a gang of teenagers beat the infected to death with nothing but their boards?
  12. Id love to see this expanded, maybe get more details as to their purpose in Chernarus, but if there is one crime family I always enjoy seeing, its the Yakuza.
  13. So one of the things that has been bothering me for some time is that I would LOVE to wear the Hawaiian shirts that are available in game, but with the long sleeves, they always just look wrong to me. I would love to see a couple of different patterned shirts that were short sleeve button ups. Bermuda shorts would also be cool, but with Winter coming, I see that not being too practical I will also admit I would like to see such things available in the shop as well, and given my pension for throwing money at items for new characters, I would line up to buy it.
  14. I have had a harder time finding more civillian loot, but sometimes its abundant, sometimes is nearly impossible, I think its just so many items available to the loot table. If I could have interest in seeing anything, it would just be to change that at wells there is a high chance of portable water containers rather than clothing and propane tanks. With weapons, I think that it requires more searching but there is a fair amount of firearms available on the map, you just have to go to places they more commonly spawn.
  15. Its nice to see more civilian roleplay out there, I look forward to running into you guys in game!
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