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  1. Hey I don't know if it's just me or what but the discord link appears to be broken at the moment.
  2. I have been trying to get the same blood type in Livonia as I have in chernarus since it was O- and I was giving it to those in need as a medic. I would like to get your opinions on if it is okay to get help with someone giving me a blood test kit when I spawn so that the process could take minutes rather than hours/days of my time. I am not asking to have this help every single time I died, I think that would be asking too much of you all. It is only that I would rather spend the next few days roleplaying and not grinding this out. I would very much love if you all would give it some consideration. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day/night!
  3. Welcome! I hope you have a wonderful stay!
  4. @G19RP @Scarlett Thank you both very much!
  5. Thank you both, first night back was awesome and I totally didn't splurge on buying a whole outfit to spawn in for my character! Also I have no idea how to just mention on mobile.
  6. Hello you wonderful people! I have decided to once again set foot into Chernarus. I don't know if many people knew me back when I was active in the server, but I give a warm hug to those that do. I played Raven Kiako, "The Lucky Trader" who was always with Jay Green, The Arms Dealer. I saw Jay's stream the other night and that he was back on the server, so I thought it was about time I get back into it as well. Though it's been a long time and as much as I would love to play out Raven's life more, I think I need a fresh start for now at least. I would love it if you would take a look at my next character Evelyne Winter. I would definitely appreciate any constructive criticism on my backstory, or just your thoughts on the character in general. I cannot wait to see you all in Chernarus once again!
  7. Oh neato! Thanks! Got my character setup, I just revised my old backstory so hopefully that's good.
  8. Where did all the other timeline and lore stuff go? It seems quite barren now.
  9. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out. Probably going to edit my character a bit, might be a few days till I get it good. Love your profile picture, she's great and her online show about gaming and stuffs is really good. Might see you in-game, I'll have a lot of re-learning to do and such. Gosh, I was already trash at the gunplay before. I always just got lucky with drops. Maybe, have a good day!
  10. I like never post on the forums, I never really grasp the concept of em, even now. I played up until mid 2016 I think.
  11. Ohmygosh, a lot of stuff has changed on the site. All my stats seem to have reset, it's been like a year or so since I've played. I'm glad the community still seems to be striving well, I think I am going to come back, I've got a lot of free time and even though Jay Green doesn't play as much anymore, it may be nice to get back into the survival roleplay. Maybe get some good trades going again like the good ol' days! Hiya to anyone who doesn't recognize me, and hello again to those who do! Maybe I'll come across you in the wilds, though I'm not sure if I'll keep being Raven Kiako, or if I'll make a new persona. We'll see what happens when I finally make a character on the forum thingymajig. Anyhow, have a good day!
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't want to change my backstory's content. Though everything else maybe yeah, I was up from like 2-5 in the morning writing it all.
  13. Server and location: S2 - US, Vybor. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5:30pm CT August 16, 2015. Daytime or Night-time: Daytime. Your in game name: Raven Kiako Names of allies involved: Jay Green Name/Skin of suspect/s: Leonard Church Suspects weapon/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://www.twitch.tv/unrealjay/v/11286612 Detailed description of the events: (Note, I am Transgender MtF, currently starting hormones.) Jay Green, Jacob Solenskyv, and I, met up with Leonard Church while on our way to check Vybor Police Station for MP5 magazines so Jay Green could better deal out the MP5 he had. When we met, I was 'Gun-Glitching' to Leonard. He typed in OOC: (Leonard Church):"// gun glitching shemale". The phrase came at me like a slap in the face, and really urked me. I did what I could to stay in character though when made an attempt at speaking he started laughing in TS and made fun of my 'attempt of a female voice'. (Not audible in the video footage as Jay mutes his TS whilst in a group. dynastywins - Jacob Solenskyv may have heard this though I personally don't have contact with him.) Which I never actually do. His reply In-Game was 'Heh-Okay' as he was still laughing. He then continues to hound on about my voice in a rather offensive way, poking fun at me. This continued until we made our way onto the main road and eventually they ran ahead. I was talking with Jay on steam about the whole situation since he said the initial comment in OOC. When we walked into a building to log off he came in and said "I-I'm totally sorry, but I died laughing." in TS, which really made the whole situation worse.
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