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  1. Oh yea ofcourse. Btw if you come to Indonesia just call me. It's Indonesia, not Thailand.
  2. Thanks for mentioning my large wide house in your podcast bro.
  3. My POV : I just got bored in my base because no one online at the moment. So I go to Zelesie to find people because what I know there are people live there. When I arrived at zalesie I started to looking around, and then I heard someone speak. He is the blue guy. And then we just chat then I ask him about a well. He gave me direction, I go to the well. He's gone. So I take a sit inside a house because it was heavy rain at that time. And then he came to me and we chat again. I started to ask him about NVG because I need it. He said he dont have it, so I told him to not move while I check his backpack. I found nothin. I gave him back his stuff. I even didnt want to kill him because I feel pity of him. Because I got nothing I feel like I need to get something because I already travel so far from my place, so i ask him about where he stash his stuff, but he always said like "I stash my stuff in the backpack." And then I feel its start to be boring because he didnt want to tell me anything. So i decided to leave him.
  4. My POV : I just got bored in my base because no one online at the moment. So I go to Zelesie to find people because what I know there are people live there. And then I met this blue guy. The rest is the same. Just usual RP.
  5. Nevermind I wanna withdraw this report. Thank you.
  6. Server and location: S2 Sitnik (Soup Kitchen) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10 Min after I post this Your in game name: Ross Butler Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: (there are so many player right there but I dont know the name) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We're just chilling with a bunch of people in soup kitchen. and then I walk away. then someone with a black baclava just call me with something. I didn't really hear what he said. and then I said 'shut up what did u say'. and he came to me and ask me something like "You know what i said. you want fight?" I said I do not. And then he shoot me.
  7. birdman


    This is lit bro
  8. Yes that's what I'm gonna say. Pls stop throwing around accusations. - user was warned for this portion of the post - I'm sorry I didn't have any video.
  9. Because I see him crouching and sneaking with a rifle, I point my rifle to him and ask him who is he and I ask him to drop his gun. I don't really remember what he said because he's like stuttering. That's what I remember, and like 3-5sec he still didn't drop it. So I decided to shoot him before I got shoot by him or maybe his friend. (because tbh idk if he got friend in comms or nah).
  10. Hey guys, I've been playing in DayZRP for quite long time, and I don't think I've met an asian people playing in this server. I'm just curious is there any people from ASIA who play in this server. Please introduce yourself here. Cheers.
  11. After the event, I just talkin in comms with the other, and then server restarted. I really didn't have any intention for combat logged. After restart I Alt+Tab my game and focusin on the Forum thing. (and take a glass of water this is no BS). That's why I forgot to came back online.
  12. Do I need to take a photo of my house? TBH I don't really hv intention to combat logged. I killed the guy , why should I combat logged? LOL. But I will let the admin take the consideration. I'm good with anything. I don't feel that I did something wrong.
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