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  1. Would help make the server feel like there is a struggle to survive, and not just relax everywhere
  2. @FaZe Mason Because in avoiding the city, they are avoiding the opportunity of wonderful government regulated trade, and should be punished!
  3. Kerch should send out Tax collection missions to areas where people hide out and avoid the city, that way all those "Ill just never go to the city" Folks get their daily dose of Kerchian love.
  4. I think the Poll helps the community realize, that there is a group of players who would rather squat in their tiny rp community and ignore the issues instead of actually trying to better the server for fear of change. If you think that less than 15% of the old population is a good place to be at then you gotta be cray cray.
  5. What if the staff sent out amnesty reminders to banned players, or for players who have been banned for a long time (eg2-3 years, and were not banned for some of the severe things listed above) why not offer them a like 5$ temp discount etc. I am new to the current community so I have no idea if this is already done or been asked before but am more just putting any ideas up, since the alternative is nothing continues to happen. Could a compromise between the two extremes in this argument be reached? Reformed banned players could provide a nice influx of returning players, and I think it would be worth it to at least check out other options other then staff saying "No wont do, it go away".
  6. I can't fathom people voting no on this, people really do be fine with the playerbase slowly declining huh.
  7. It would be cool if it could be changed from a like hard enforced rule, to a sort of guideline. Like we recommend you do this, but wont 100% enforce it. Sort of like how I'm guessing most players actually "follow" the current rule. It would just make people not fear punishment by posting evidence videos etc.
  8. That's a suggestion that is 100% better and more useful then all the flat out refusals above. Thank you!
  9. As someone trying to return after several years I would be returning as a "New player", and I would 100% rather deal with returning banned players causing issues directly for me, then playing on a server with low average playercount and not doing anything to fix that issue.
  10. Its true the playerbase is low, but your doubt that it will ever return doesn't mean that steps shouldn't be taken to fix that. In my opinion (as someone who hasn't played in a very long time), if the server has had low playercounts for the past 4 months or longer then something is wrong, and doing nothing to address that will just continue the slow death of the playercount. A mass unban could fix things sure, and I understand people not wanting one because of risk of returning players just continuing to rulebreak/massrdm/etc, but those players could be just banned again, sure there would be hardship, but as a whole I think the longterm would see more benefits then drawbacks. Just because the current online playerbase enjoys the current map or current ruleset, doesn't mean that the points in the video should be disregarded, and frankly the amount of people posting things like "I havent bothered to watch but I disagree" or "I forced myself through this torture of a video and still disagree" is concerning. The type of community member to post like that isn't just representative of the problem, but is a problem in and of itself. Just because you enjoy the current gameplay, doesn't give you the right to discredit others based on how long ago they played, and I think all input should be taken into account regardless of how long ago you played. In fact older members of this community should be encouraged to give feedback or input, as they represent what this server seems to have lost. The opinions of the 30/100 average players should be taken into account, but should not be valued more then the opinions of anyone else, and the statements like "The current gameplay is fun, and change isn't needed" are welcome, but as a whole, don't add much to the discussion. TLDR: Doing nothing fixes nothing, Doing something would cause issues, but could be more good then bad (Opinion), and people here could be more tolerant of criticism.
  11. Kayle Velgaro was born to Nomadic parents, in a location not recorded by anyone official at the time. His childhood was spent learning how to survive off the land, what natural flora was safe to eat, and what was toxic. He was taught how to use primitive weapons, and crude armaments, just what his family could scavenge. Despite all odds, and the world itself having crumbled, Kayle survived childhood and ventured off into adulthood in fairly good shape. His family was split apart by a raging storm one fateful winter however, and to this day Kayle still tries to contact them over any radios he can scrounge or repair. Sticking to his families nomadic lifestyle, Kayle wanderers the wasteland of this world, his fathers Drivers license and lighter as his only reminders of the forgotten age, and his missing family.
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