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  1. Daniels

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    So that was my bad, I started writing that when Zanaan posted his opinion, and I didn't read the other replies till after. So I was the "hostage" in this situation, and would like to say overall the experience was VERY good on Legion Corp's end. Pros: - Honestly you guys did such a good job of being a PMC group and it makes sense why your RP was vastly different from the 'Boys from The Ends' - The black shirt PMC? guy was pretty intimidating and got slightly involved which I liked. - The armbands/equipment were obvious enough to make you stand out from the others. Cons: - None to note Sorry for the confusion earlier. Honestly you guys filled your role excellently as PMC's. 10/10 I updated my response as it was a mistake. I won't worry about giving you feedback on someone else's thread. If you start a group idea i'll leave the feedback there, but overall it was good on your end too.
  2. Daniels

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

  3. Magnus

    • Magnus
    • Daniels

    Lol since when did you become gold?

    1. Daniels


      since I became rich $$$

  4. Daniels

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 that was the best story-driven game IMO.
  5. finally made some NEW handmade photo borders so I'm pretty excited to use them more often! "The Campfire Boys" @Alfie Marks @Pekuru @BanksRP @Rainey @SzweN "Spooky Season" @Rainey "No child soldiers" @Phoenyxx @BravoWB @Fae @Jorrdan (I have no clue who else was in this picture sorry) "Creepy drug dealer" @Ke Ke @Method @Masonn @GalloWB @RecklessRDM @Rainey @MouseWB "Don't play with grenades" @Rainey @Ke Ke @RecklessRDM
  6. Daniels

    An Issue Of Ghosting and World Breaking

    Im obviously biased because I live in the same camp, but I think if this situation were to happen in the future, the action should be 'who was there first?' and then "evicting" the people who got there later without it being any sort of rule break since it will almost guaranteed be an accident. The only question in my head would be what defines 'first there'. is it a campfire, a tent, or actual walls/towers? and do the walls need to be completed or can they be simply a fence kit or two laid out.
  7. Ah fuck it was exio my bad you're right! and I agree with you there lol
  8. Daniels

    S1 KOS/invalid initiation Novaya industrial 13/07/2019 1Am and 2am

    Mark Daniels POV: I was on the roof as a member of the Black roses watching the incident unfold. My radio was turned off so all i heard over IC VOIP was someone yell "leave or you will die" then almost immediately seeing a grenade explode by the opposing party. After that moment I kind of just ran around on the roof trying to decide what to do next till a grenade got me. I didn't even fire my rifle in the ~60 seconds from initial contact to my death.
  9. (I've got a lot of pictures that I'm getting around to editing, so I'm going to post them here.) "The search party" "Another day at work" @Exio "Kalashnikovs at the lowest price!" @BanksRP "Leaving a mark" @GalloWB "Babysitting" @BrianM @CocoMii @BRYZORD "Zombie Tag?" "Meeting Camp Eden" @SexyPutin @Jsesse White I finally got around to creating my own borders for my photos so I dont have to use these cookie cutter ones, so look out for those!
  10. "I got you, ill take the picture." - @Zanaan (from out of thin air)


    @MouseWB @BanksRP @GalloWB @arron88823 @Rainey @yiska @ZMammoth93

    1. Zanaan


      I see all. Even weird photo ops.

  11. Peep the new track @BanksRP 

  12. Daniels

    Online photo edit software

    imgur actually has a built-in editing program that has a ton of options for film reel/poloroid/SLR style borders. I used them a lot for one of my old characters that was a photographer. It's super easy because you can just export the image link straight out into dayzrp afterwards @andysuter
  13. Daniels

    Spraypaint Reiteration W.I.P

    Rhodie FAL? Rhodie FAL, yes please! It makes a lot of sense in practical aspects like any other camouflage to break up the shape of things, so why not?
  14. Mark Daniels POV: I was on the rooftop of one of the apartment buildings overwatching the gunfight taking place. I visually saw someone on another apartment building with an LAR and double checked to make sure it wasn't a friendly, and I took the shot. Afterwards I found out that the person I shot was a friendly in a dynamic group that I was unaware of. This was an honest mistake on my part.
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