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  1. As is your cat avatar and backpack secret with me.
  2. Hey thanks, Bailey. fucking melon boy piece of shit
  3. He's fucking blind you dick.
  4. Damn Nona hitting the robot during a tense moment.
  5. I'm confused, that video is just you screaming. They're complying so they don't get shot, not because they fear your voice wtf lmao
  6. I had no idea what we were getting into talking to you guys, but I had a lot of fun. You two were great.
  7. Oh
  8. Always love the tense RP from @Elmo . I'll get that story out of you someday.
    • Ellie
    • Cormac

    Can I follow you BUT, you still KOS Shark for me?

    1. Cormac

      Deal. It may not be today or tomorrow, but someday...

    2. Ellie


      Sounds like a plan ^_^

  9. Okay @Hatch ruined everything.
  10. Just initiated on @Oliv , let's see how this goes.
  11. I think it's more of a benefit for the LM team to build a better foundation on, not for us. We'll keep RP'ing as we always have, but the new lore will hopefully mean there will be events and such to keep things fresh. From what I can imagine anyway.
  12. Really going to miss all the events going on right now... But for real, should just concentrate on getting the new lore ready and then hopefully a big patch to go along with the new lore will get a new wave in this place.