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  1. Habrak

    Rise of a hero.

    Nice story mate... I hope u will add more.
  2. I remember that once I got stuck in a rock and suddenly I flew up into the air... I raged a bit cuz I had such a nice gear and I also saw V3S from upon there D:
  3. Ye I sometimes have to make a break from it just to do something else and relax. In my first 2 years I played some conventional music but then I interested in some harder music and I just liked AC/DC and am doing their music but nor every time bcs their songs will end sometime. I'm off today be back tommorow!
  4. I want to talk about everything connected with playing on this instrument! Actually I got some Ibanez but on Christmas am buying myself a Gibson. What kind of songs do you play usually? I do AC/DC ones mostly
  5. Hello! If anyone here is playing on electric guitar. I'd like to talk about it just to know more about this instrument I play on it 6 years so I probably dont know everything. Share your covers if u already made some and I hope u will enjoy this thread.
  6. Ye I tried DayZ on controller too... I hope I will never die so much again... I dont like playing on xbox or even using controller, but I tried DayZ cuz it's awesome game, u know the most shitty thing is aiming. When u are fighting with zombie or shooting it's hard to shoot any1 especially on the long ranges.I think it's not good idea to play DayZ on controller but if u usually play on xbox not PC u can try it cuz u got more skill on it ( maybe ). Cheers!
  7. Thank ya for some good words for me I hope it will be there soon. Maybe we will meet someday.
  8. Ye... but checking my Application took already 2 days and it doesnt feel like ending fast... I hope it will be ready for weekend
  9. Habrak

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    I think I will die there's nothing on ma right... My desk ends there.
  10. Ye am also enjoying RP servers more than "Deatchmatch in Berezino" or getting killed on sight by some snipers on hill. It's such a boring thing I hope this server won't die for long long time...
  11. Nice to see some good words about this server am still waiting for my "first time" on this server cuz am not accepted to the whitelist yet. I hope I will enjoy this server like u did. Cheers!
  12. Habrak

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Here is my survivor! Its a naked hunter with Crossbow and Sledghammer...
  13. Habrak

    [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    If the cat can't meow then meow cant cat?!?!