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  1. "I guess when you asked me what I wanted to be as a kid I'd have probably told you the same thing as any other. "Police officer, firefighter, astronaut!" Hell maybe even the damn president, if you asked on the right day. I never thought I'd be a teacher of all things, not a chance of something like that. Who'd want to actually stay inside a school post-college? I don't think I really realized what they meant to everyone, not until senior year. Speaking to the teacher that made class interesting, who understood what it was to be a student, who made ME want to actually learn and experience new things, I finally realized that I wanted to be somebody that others could learn from. Hopefully more than just the subject I was teaching on, the direction of their lives, like they did to me." When he was younger, Brandon Steel never thought much of going through high school, most would call him an extremely carefree person. He for the most part did what he could just to get by until his senior year, where he met a teacher that he really connected with due to him truly pushing him to reach for his full potential through the coursework and personal conversations after school. This in turn lead to Brandon finally figuring out what he wanted to do with his life to which he shortly began dedicating his time into looking for a college for a teaching degree. After pondering it for a bit, he took to teaching world history seeing as it was always the subject he found at least somewhat interesting in school, even more-so his senior year. He quickly became a bit more serious, putting a lot more time into thinking about his future as a whole. After finally receiving his teaching degree, he began actively searching for a job in his department. Actually finding a position was rather hard, and he took up some various other jobs such as construction and various other part time jobs while he was looking. Eventually, he did indeed get placed into a teaching job where he was able to teach for three short years before deciding to take a vacation during the fall to a place he took some interest in, Chernarus, or more specifically a few landmarks inside of it. Brandon had briefly read over the country in his previous summer, finding a few things that peaked his interest. In particular a place called "Devil's Castle" where the Kozlov Principate ruled over it. This as well as the area being a rather beautiful place to vacation at made him decide to pay it a visit. He had originally planned on visiting over the summer where he wouldn't miss his teaching job, but his mother had fallen ill and he was forced to wait a little longer than he had hoped. After her steady recovery, he reluctantly decided to get a ticket, board the plane, and ship out.
  2. BrandonTehBaws

    KOS s2 Kabanino

    Hola, I'll post my POV though it's not much. So I was rolling through "New France" or whatever it's called these days, met a duo of people named Jax and Jack(?), walked around a bit and decided to leave. On my way out I meet Daemon York inside a house on the outskirts of the town. After talking a bit we decide to walk back into the town and look around. One guy approaches us as we're looking around and we end up discussing the possibility of a trade of items. More people start to trickle in until we had about 8 or so people around discussing one thing or another with the majority of the conversation being focused on the trading between Daemon and this guy who's name escapes me, way to many at once to keep track of. Suddenly shots ring out and someone rather close to me hits the ground dead, I take off running some random direction and possibly get shot myself (my screen flashed as if I was hit but I wasn't bleeding nor did any of my items lose quality, although I'm pretty sure my HP did drop). From my knowledge there was really no initiation, one second everyone's standing around talking/trading and the next thing you know shots ring out and people are getting nailed with bullets. Eventually I met up with Daemon once again and we hightailed it out of there, both of us seemingly completely confused as to what the hell just happened.
  3. I have, yes. I'm just going to assume I got removed from the whitelist because of an activity issue, just found it very very odd that I was able to play for 30 minutes prior to it realizing I wasn't on it, hahaha.
  4. Just had something kind of odd happen, was able to get into the server and play around for about 30 or so minutes, met up with some guy and start making our way north. The server lags out and now I'm suddenly un-whitelisted? I would of thought if I got removed for inactivity or something along those lines it never would of let me in the server to begin with.
  5. It's been quite some time since I played, I know it was at least earlier this past year. Wasn't really a very well known person but I met a few cool people in my time, namely Yadiddle/Stone Rogness. I also participated in a pretty nail biting firefight with some Red Berets at Pogorevka along with some various other smaller things during that time. I also remember some odd cannibal group (or at least everyone thought they were cannibals) called The Family that were freaky as hell, used to show up at GM every once in awhile. So, what's new?
  6. It's an unbelievably shitty thing to do but as far as the rules go I'm pretty sure it's allowed. I don't think it should be, though.
  7. It's okay. The Chief will be away from the hospital, and in good shape in no time to deal with the hooligans. I'm glad you were there to document it. Also thanks to the guys who rp'd with Kurt Hampton tonight. He's very sorry he crashed your truck.. Oh jesus christ Joffrey that was you man? You had me in fucking stitches dude, I cannot wait to see you in game again. I wish I could have given you a better lesson on Genghis Khan but I was largely unprepared for someone to actually want me to teach them anything. Thanks for giving me probably one of the funniest DayZRP nights of my life.
  8. BrandonTehBaws

    Dayzrp Survivor games once a month

    I don't see a problem doing it as an OOC event provided we have a server to do so, it would be a blast.
  9. I'm still failing to have any problems with lag what-so-ever and I'm on a dogshit PC. Server crashes just as often as it used to as well.
  10. ROYALS We are a group that has formed Out Of Pavlovo. Our leader, is a psychologist and a esteemed medical student, Elijah Kilborn. Elijah Graduated from Boston University with a 4.0 and has his masters degree in psychology. He was sent to Chernarus by his firm to a prison on an island on the banks of a place called Kamenka. He worked here for about 3 years then the outbreak began. Since he has traveled through the wasteland offering help and support to anyone in need.We are out to help and turn the wasteland into something good. We wear OREL and a mix of other things and wear orange arm bands. Kind of like the Followers of the apocalypse. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Followers_...Apocalypse --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attire Leader- full orel and a zimovka hat and a orange arm band. General- Full orel with a black Gorka helmet and a orange armband. Officer- Full orel and a Zimovka hat OR blue radar cap and a orange armband. Grunts- Any type of clothing. With an orange armband. Medics- Blue medical attire, Civilian clothing Or a blue rain coat with a respirator. With an orange armband. Merchants- any type of clothing and a hat, with or without orange arm band. Civilian- Any type of civilian shirts etc. with orange arm band. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it began. It all started with Elijah. While in side of Zelenogorsk He Elijah was approached by a group of 8 or so. All with weapons drawn they began to talk with him. Elijah knew how to sweet talk his way out of it, His vocal abilities always being one of his strong suits even in grade school. One of his best characteristics,Being a pacifist. He knows what to say and when to say it to keep himself alive. The men went on their way and Elijah ran into another man wearing full OREL. His name, Stan. Stan and Elijah were hesitant to become friends at first because both have been most trusted before. After doing some talking and getting to know each other Elijah and Stan went up to green together. There is where they met Mason and Carols. Shortly after the base got attacked. Mason and Carlos both were shot and severely wounded. Elijah and Stan Escorted all the men to Zel. They all were heading through town when a full M4 clip rattles off. Getting into a defensive position and trying to clear the town they go building to building creeping around looking for foul play. All of a sudden an explosion breaks the silence. With their Ears ringing they see 2 men outside. Red arm bands. Some Red arm bands have a bad name. CANNIBALS. Elijah and his friends forced the men to their knees and checked them for human meat or anything else. The men were okay and had been attacked by the grenade and lost one of their friends, Allan. After helping the men they decided to head to the coast in search of other survivors. While holed up in a house to the north of Pavlovo they decided to form a group. The royals. With one goal they all had in common. Helping out every survivor with no bias. But first of all, making Chernarus a better place. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roles Imperator (Leader): The leader of the royals is the person who calls the shots. He gives out the orders and speaks with other members of the group for discipline and has full control over the recruitment process. The leader will do everything anyone else in the group does and his only power above the other roles is he can decide what prisoners die or to go at war with another group. The imperator holds a democracy and listens to everyone through all ranks or roles of the Royals. The leader must have great communication and leadership qualities. At the end of the day he is the one who chooses who or what will pull the trigger. General(Second in command)- There is one general. The general holds the responsibility of making sure everyone below him is operating smoothly and the operations within the group are running at peak efficiency. The general will help with recruitment and assigning tasks to lower members of the Royals. A general also deals with the military aspects of the royals and behind the Imperator is the 2nd in command in combat situations. He also deal with enemy intel and setting up outposts at Green Mountain, or other towns, to provide help and service to the survivors for the in game day or night if he wishes to. He makes sure everyone is outfitted with an armband and with a set of orel clothing. Officers- Officers are the highest rank other than the first 2 in command. The officer has the power to veto bills or other acts that the general and imperator have set to make a law. The officers must help all other civilians and other members of the royals with questions and other ways of aiding them. Grunts- Grunts do the dirty work. If we need someone interrogated or killed, we will send a few grunts or one grunt to go get the job done. As a grunt you are the muscle of the Royals. You may only attack others if they initiate on you or you are given specific orders from a general, or an officer. You will follow the orders of everyone above you in the chain of command. (Imperator,General, and officers.) Medics- As medics you have one role. Keep everyone healthy and repair wounds help them fight off illnesses etc. If someone needs medical attention you will offer them it. Plain and simple. Medics can help spread medical knowledge and herbal remedies to other survivors and show them different tactics and ways to survive. All civilians and other members are allowed medical attention. Medics do not follow orders from grunts and do as they please. You can only attack others if initiated on first. Merchants- You do the trading and the financial work for the group. You trade with other civilians and circulate food, water, weapons, clothing, etc. Throughout Chernarus and our Provider camps. You may only fight if initiated on first. Civilians- As a civilian you can live under the royals and seek their help whenever needed. If you wish to advance in the ranks and become one of the following above you will need to talk to a general or officer and they will give you a written quest on a sheet of paper that you will need to bring back with whatever item etc they wanted you to get or to do. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals 1. Aid in the survival of EVERY person in Chernarus, no matter what color race or character bias. 2. Protect and serve members of our group and any and all survivors 3. Set up outposts throughout Chernarus and give medicinal and agricultural aid. 4. Provide knowledge and give psychiatric aid to the people who have had it the worst. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roster Imperator: Elijah Kilborn. General: Stan Olshansky. Officers: Mason Warner, Chuck Nolson, Brandon Steel. Grunts: Captain- Mike Middleton, Carlos Sanchez, Senna Blanc, Akando Red. Medics:Elijah Kilborn, Mikail Winters. Merchants: Captain- Ned Thompson, Mack Gruber , Robin Castelli. Civilians:Mitsy quy Deceased: Cpt. Tyler Middleton, Jon Kelly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where we operate and our Zones "The Warm And Wrench"- A trading outpost located at the corner pub in Zelenogorsk. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELATIONSHIPS -Allies- -Friends/Associates- Chedaki Makers Followers Ace Of Spades -Neutral- Regulators Green Mountain Rangers -Unfriendly/Suspicious- -Enemies- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wanna be apart? Country/Timezone: DayZRP Experience: Standalone Experience: Navigation and map knowledge: Why do you want to join?: What Role are you interested in?: Explain your understanding of your chosen role: Previous Groups: In Game Name: Short Back story of how your character fits into the royals: (THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SO FAR... NEED HELP FROM MY FELLOW group members and from some experienced people in the community! many thanks.) (Please remember that this is a constant work in progress and I will be fixing this up to look much better. When the old thread got archived all the code for it did also so I have to re-add sizes and colors, all of that good stuff. -Steel)
  11. Yeah I love NE used to hang around there all the time in the mod. Now with all the new towns around its even better, I just couldn't stand being alone all the time up there.
  12. I haven't even seen this mentioned yet but NEAF is finally spawning military loot again, hoping it actualy pushes some people that way as I'm personally getting sick of hanging around the West all the time. There's an entire other part of the map that I ussually don't get to see if I want to actually talk to people. https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/2x5thm/neaf_is_back_solid_loot_guns_and_ammo_now_spawn/
  13. Played for two hours straight and didn't crash once. Also do you got any real proof persistence is causing this? Could be a million different things the devs fuck shit up all the time.
  14. I just want to point out the fact that I'm pretty sure this was on S2, not S3.
  15. I personally enjoy when people scream when initiating provided they don't sound like garbled garbage and it's used at the right time, scares the shit out of me and gets the heart pumping a bit.