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  1. I agree with you on some points, and believe me, I've been sick and tired as well for taking so long between updates etc... The thing with the roadmap was that they decided midway they needed to change the renderer if they wanted to create the features they wanted. Still, they have done some mistakes along the way. Releasing it too early, giving promises they couldn't keep etc. So, sure... You have all the reasons to be mad at them. But that is also a part of development. Mistakes and bad decisions. I'm still hyped for the game, it gets boring from time to time. But it is still my number one favorite game, hands down. I've tried other survival games, but they just don't cut it. It's the thrill, interactions and atmosphere that makes the game for me. Still, in a state like DayZ is, I would choose it over any other survival game out there. And that says a lot. The only game that has that same atmosphere for me is The Long Dark. So sad it isn't in Co-op or MP tho...
  2. For those that don't understand the difference between Alpha and Beta: Alpha is when you add tons of stuff (items, core features, mechanics etc etc), and Beta is more directed towards bug fixing and polishing the game. More features will surely be added, but when beta hits, it will have most of the core features of the game. Since base building isn't implemented yet I guess they will add that later on. Or maybe with .63? Who knows? And that's why they are adding hats and cars/network/zeds still work like crap (that will be worked on when DayZ hits beta). So give the devs some slack. Yes it takes time, yes some AAA games have taken way longer to develop and shorter... And for those who complain about other games/developers being much faster, realize this... They've made an entire engine from scratch basically. And changes the entire code language, renderer etc. Other developers (often) use already existing engines, that's why the updates come out a lot faster. In retrospect they should not have released the game on early access (at least not that early). Not because they are slow and/or bad developers, but people are too greedy and impatient. So to answer the topic: I'm hyped, as I always am, close to an update.
  3. Sigh.
  4. I do that at times as well.
  5. But now I'm all hurt and sad...
  6. What exactly do you mean? Sure, but if it was locked you would have the same advantage as anyone else.
  7. Haha agreed!
  8. Just wanted to say nice work doing this, always appreciated! You have my beanz good sir!
  9. No. That's exactly why it needs to be locked! Do people really want a game that can handle day and night cycles and still want it to be day time 24/7?
  10. Well, that's the problem. I'm forced to use higher settings because everyone else is using gamma goggles. If it were locked, no one could get an advantage over another. (That's more in a PvP scenario, RP is fine either way, although I would really recommend playing with darker settings and try to limit yourself to 1pp).
  11. Why? You only use it because it's available to you. If it didn't existed at all you would just think "Oh, damn it's dark, but that's just how the game looks" You've been accustomed to it. That's the only reason really. As I've said before, many of the videos on exile mod is pitch black and they actually use flashlights etc. and it looks and feel great. I would watch your videos even though they were darker at night time, as it is.
  12. Well, gamma and brightness is 2 different things. Sure our eyes adjust to night time, but not as much as --->my<--- default settings on the gamma slider. I think it should be pitch dark. So people actually have to use different light sources to see... Or NVG's when ever it get's in game. But I hope they do it well and not as in Arma... Even with NVG it's hard to see.
  13. This is usually the setting I run with.
  14. Yes, the main issue is that everyone can change it and therefor will... I really hope so too!
  15. I do the same when I need to loot up really fast and not ending up with some lame story about being robbed of all my gear when you are a freshspawn and meet someone. When you are a content creator as yourself I can totally understand why you might need to adjust the gamma. But then again, when I've watched FrankieOnPc's videos on Exile it's pitch dark and you literally don't see anything. And I really enjoy it! Again, it's all about the atmosphere. I have a friend with the same problem. I can go almost 20% of the gamma slider and it's pretty dark, but still visible, while he has it on about 50% - 60% with the same visibility. But my monitor is pretty bright as default. I actually use a darker setting on my monitor.