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  1. @Ethan-J @JuicyPlum @Cor Amazing medical rp! Leon, your emotional state was touching. But it seems we were all on the same page: trying to save face @GreenySmileyHad a lovely chat. I am looking forward to the hypno session! Shout out to anyone I missed!
  2. As a Dutch person, I immediately assumed the entire roster were old anarchist grandmothers. Good luck!
  3. I love this! Even with 5 basic rotortypes, 3 rotor locations, never using the same rotor more than once and without the cross-wiring, the cracking can be tough for anyone who doesn't know the basic principles. But if using all 8 rotortypes and unlimited cross-wiring, we'd have to re-open Bletchley Park! +1
  4. @[email protected] HotdogLoved doing my part at the start and ending of it all. I missed doing medical RP. @DrMax @Cor this is the start of a great three way bromance @Lettuce @JuicyPlum @Fallen_666s @Dr Bradleyloved meeting your characters
  5. *A press of the PTT breaks the static, the sound of a crackling fire can be heard before the same voice as before is heard* "A call to all the faithfull; come and gather with us in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In about an hour we will start the service in the chapel in Mogilevka" "I wish you all peace and love in these desperate times!" *With a crack the static returns to the line*
  6. Henk was born in the small town of Purmerend in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. He was raised in a happy middle-class family, with his father Alex, mother Yvonne and sister Miriam. They were a typical Dutch family in a lot of ways: a hard-working father, a house mother, two children and a dog; living in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. Henk and his sister were sent to a good high-school where Henk picked up his interest in scientific subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. Henk was a focussed student at high school, chasing his childhood dream to become a pilot and
  7. While I would like to attend, real life prevents me to. So a couple of questions 1) Will it be recorded for those who cant make it? 2) Can I send my questions ahead to one of you? Or should I send it to someone who can ask it in my stead?
  8. We setting up a Dr crew!

    dr dr.PNG

    1. DrMax


      Don’t say that. Other “crews” get upset about it and complain. 🙃

    2. Hofer



    3. Cor


      Just want my medical license back 😢 

    4. Woodzie


      I better see you called in reports or else the tag is useless.

    5. HarveyLR


      Ellis your were my very good friend now I hate you and your clique.

  9. Hide your little boys. This priest is single again!

    1. Isylon


      Don't be a sinner, brother!


  10. Well, I Drbrain farted there a bit. I dont want to be part of the negative spiral, that's what I wanted to say.
  11. *A press of the PTT breaks the static and a calm and collected Chernarussian voice begins to speak* "To all those who have been listening and hoping; To those who came to my service only to find an empty church; To those lost and wanting;" *A rather long pause before the next sentence* "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10 "Once more I call out. To those who missed my service due to recent circumstance. To those who long for the warmth of congre
  12. I have mixed feelings about adding even more items under the guise of attracting roleplayers.
  13. *A press of the PTT breaks the static and a low Chernarussian voice begins to speak* "My name is Father Gregor and I call out to the faithfull, on this day, the most sacred of days. " *A rather long pause before the next sentence* "He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again." Matthew, 24:6-7 "Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, a self-sacrifice that would pay for the sins of all mankind. Today, on Easter
  14. Have you tried looking for fruit and other foragables like mushrooms? Chickens are easy to catch and prepare with a fireplace and a long stick. Big animals are a go to though. Shoot yourself a deer, cow, goat or pig, then dry the meat in a house with a fireplace. Canned food and non-perishables have (finally) become scarse and should not be considered as a main source of food. At what times do you play? Check the main page on the website, there's an online player counter there, to get an indication on server activity. Also, check the radio message page on the forums, it might get you in
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