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  1. "Slava Chernarus!" "Good to hear Chernarus, its people and its government have the ambition to maintain what little of our society that remains. Unlike most of these dogpigs and anarchists that rather do nothing, watch and let Chernarus burn. These woe-tellers and doomsayers deserve to reap the fruits of anarchy and despair they so naively sow. "This day will be remembered in history as the day -Chernarus- continued to exist, against overwhelming odds and a merciless common enemy"
  2. A little thread update: Goals have been adjusted and completed Some minor lore story fixes, removed the referrals to the "Oakley Cernyles metamutation" and simply called them "Tank zombies" and " Sprinting Zombies" to avoid any more confusion. Roster Update: @Squejemofo Welcome to the team! @Rye Put you back to Trial rank for inactivity. Communicate your intentions to me or be removed. @Tomu I have removed you from the roster, haven't heard from you in over two weeks. Contact me if you change your mind in the near future.
  3. I disagree with that. My civilian look also deters robbers because my low capacity usually means im an unprofitable target in their eyes.
  4. I sometimes make a conscious decision for less slots if it gives a better look.
  5. Loved the little scientific chat among peers with @Bryan and @Fujin at the Petrovka School! I love the next level science and medical RP you guys deliver with your group! Also, the Juggs, @Smoser @nrmoser1992 and @Lord Inquisitor for the internal RP.
  6. More Civ and Campfire RP!
  7. Will you do packages with suspicious ticking noises? All jokes aside, I second @edgy Wynne's statement. Lots of potential!
  8. It was actually a trick to lure people into playing the eerie music as they read the Group Thread. There's more of this coming up.
  9. Just a little lullaby to make you to go to sleep. Shhhh! @nrmoser1992 Dabs on death! Remove dab please!
  10. All the zombies, after being approved: Thanks to the crew and all the people we worked with in the last few weeks!
  11. Did, was feeling singled out due to expectations of the usual usage of the slur. Could have and should have expected something behind it. /Close please *retreats to corner to sob*
  12. Just said, none. I deeply apologise! I was being a special snowflake here, being offended due to ignorance.
  13. Well excuse my ignorance! I am being a special snowflake here. (Honestly should have asked first)
  14. Well excuse my ignorance, if that is the case. Context is kind of important.
  15. With the recent discussion concerning racism and homophobia, what is the Staff's stance on offensive forum names concerning these subjects? I am off course talking about the wave of "gay boy (name here)" name changes that seems the complete opposite of being "polite, mature and respectful" and rather "insulting, bullying, harassing or trolling" like specified in Rule 1.1 Is it limited to in game usage or are we held to that same standard on the forums?
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