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  1. Everyone at the HARO facility for the great atmosphere that the place has thanks to all of you. CONGRATULATIONS! Your @Ilikelettuce evolved into traumasurgeon! @edgy Phoenix thanks, had a blast. You were either really ticklish or really high. @eDgY ScOuSe your pre operation check will have to be postponed. I need some sleep.
  2. "I said doooooctooor, Is there nothing I could take? I said doooooctooor, to relieve this belly ache?"

  3. Those gif character banners are amazing! Coming from a guy who just cuts jpeg banners to an acceptable size using Paint.
  4. I was trying to counter your argument about disallowing an item for its potential. I acknowledge that I expect that it will be used to troll. I also expect it to be used for some quality priest RP. I'd rather give the good RP the chance at the expense of witnessing the bad RP every once in a while In my case, the glass is half FULL
  5. I can use an AK to troll. Should this specific case not be allowed just because its potential use? And if I turn around the question. "Should this specific case be allowed for its potential use?" If the serious usage outweighs the trolling usage, then yes, allow it and bare with the occasional troll. Also, Report said trolls You're not going to avoid the trolling because trolling does not depend on the props.
  6. As usual, the RP at Elektro was stellar. @edgy PhoenixI loved when I raised my voice and you were a :sadpanda: like "okay, mister" @HarveyLR"Can you take it like a man?" Epic, especially with your silky smooth voice. Also, our infirmary is the GO TO LOCATION for martial punishments. Also, good job by all the other people present that got riled up by the Kapitan, for respecting the sanctity and neutrality of the Hospital and choosing to de-escalate the situation. /Sarcasm off
  7. *A sudden press of the PTT switch would break the soothing sound of static, you could hear a subtle voice in the background* "Ano, is this thing transmitting...Jsi si jistá? Yes I am holdin-..." *clears his voice before speaking again* "Ahoj Leo. Are you sure you were at right facility? Elektrozavodsk General Hospital has damaged to a point of unsafety so a new emergency location was found. We are moved about a hundred meters north of old hospital, in building of Elektrozavodsk City University. It is on northern end of city, if you've pass power plant, you missed it." *Releases the PTT for a brief moment and the static returns for a moment* "As for appointment, I suggest you walk in and hope that doctors aren't in surgery or something. Každopádně, a doctor or nurse should be on shift to help you." "Doctor Pietrov Cernyles, out." *The long uninterrupted static returns as he releases the PTT*
  8. Remember this Dayz viral hit from way back? This is the original Oscar Isaac's version is based on. The whole Coen Brothers movie is an homage to Dave van Ronk


    Tonight's got me feeling the gambler's blues 

  10. I wanna thank everyone for the amazing patient/doctor rp at the HARO hospital today with some special shoutout to the Ruskies of whom I don't know the @ and also the HARO HEROES @DrMax @[email protected] and @J. Estonia Also a thanks to @Franny, for calling me on my mistake, I realised it the moment you called me on it.
  11. I don't think it's possible to use two recording devices at the same time. However, you could use a piece of hardware called a "line output switcher." Basically you hook both devices on and switch the output by the press of a button. Allowing you to smoothlessly switch back and forth between your instrument and your mic. It wont let you use them at the same time, as far as I am aware.
  12. The first few dayz with the HARO crew has been wonderful. @[email protected] a lovely time just talking about random stuff @AndreyQ Loved you showing up and watching you make your newest "VIRAL" YouTube Hit. @[email protected]@eDgY ScOuSe, Sub par RP, as expected. Psych! @edgy PhoenixGrounded? I couldn't stop laughing at how desperately you wanted to leave. xD
  13. Do you launch the game with the launcher using parameters? If so, untick the password parameter and the bug should be fixed. At least, that's the old way to fix it. Search for spaghetti arms on the forums, that's how the bug is commonly called.
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