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  1. Does anyone know under which conditions cars despawn? I almost ran out of gas, so I decided to run for some fuel. I removed a wheel and the spark plug to be sure. Then came the server restart and when I returned, the car was gone. Anyone have an idea to why it didn't persist?
  2. @miss_natcula, The floodlight scene in the smelly backroom. Epic! The rest there, thanks for the RP (@OnionRP)
  3. Hey, do you guys still operate from GM or have I just been out of luck trying to run into you guys there?
  4. Big shout to Nikolai the Hydro dam engineer (dont know the @), loved out little trip to green mountain. You go real deep into the engineer role. Beanz from me!
  5. Coming down from substance abuse under supervision of @Kerkkoh and @DrMax was good. Thanks councilor Kerkkoh
  6. *The static is broken as Nathan presses the PTT. Nathan sounds nervous* "V-vlad. I need that comfort right now man. Right now! I've been trying t-to contact you...b-but they gave me a bad b-battery man. "P-please hurry man!" *He releases the PTT and the static continues*
  7. A Fairground... Please bring back Masquarade!
  8. I'd like to see a small number of cars to spawn in working condition, but the others to be in need of repair. I get why, regarding the suicidal state of development, you'd want it, but we're two years into an apocalypse, there's not a mechanic in Chernarus...
  9. The giant hand from the sky is goint to swat you like a fly
  10. I'm a "senior asbestos and hazardous industrial materials analist" and have recently become the "electron microscope engineer" of the company I work for.
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