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  1. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    Free Games

    Lego® The Hobbit™ RP it is
  2. *Presses the PTT again* "I didn't want you to lose hope Ted. Only to let go of false hope. And that's just my rational opinion." *A short pause in between the sentences again* "You sound like a family man with principles, Ted. I like that. I need that. If you can find your way out of the forest and you're interested to make those principles a reality, I am very much interested to meet you. What do you think?" *Releases the PTT*
  3. *Presses the PTT* "This is Doc, reading you loud and clear Ted. From the range of my radio and general knowledge of the land, I'm safe to assume you're in former South-Eastern Zagoria. That said, I'm sorry to rain on your parade but things like nations and borders and that kind of shit...It's dead and gone! Whatever you think you're going to find back in former Brazil is dead and gone too. Just like out here." *Pauses shortly* "I agree with your statement that life is a gift. So don't go wasting it on a suicide mission to get over the atlantic. Do your part for humankind here! From the ashes, the phoenix will rise, friend!" *releases the PTT*
  4. I'd settle with death by powerpoint over death by invisible zombie
  5. *Presses his PTT and speaks* "This is Nathan to Osaka. I'll follow your weapon training and become another drop on a hot plate. But under one condition." *A brief moment of pause is heard between the sentences* "My..- OUR project, the laboratory... It must survive! Against all odds! Even if we lose! Medicine must once more become a common good! ...Nathan out!" *Releases his PTT and static returns to the frequency*
  6. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    Feed me shirt, jacket, trouser design ideas people !!!!

    1. Brief design/logo description: T-Shirt with a box of matches from the game and the text: "You've got a match!" 2. Why this should be added: As a wink to tinder 3. How will it help Campfire RP? It a joke.
  7. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

    "Dont mind the whitename"
  8. Would love to see locations like Severograd quarry altered. Or one of the summer camps.
  9. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    favorite initiation lines?

    Favorite, now a VOIP bug precedent for KOS has been set
  10. Nathan de Wildt POV: I was on my way from Zelenogorsk to the Homestead when a group of men held me and a guy named Paul hostage. We hiked to the homestead after they took our weapons and radios. Upon arrival we were sat down and told to wait until others showed up. They said they have some diplomatic issues with the free medics of which my character was not up to date. About twenty minutes in, I hear a good couple of guys starting to scream: "Put your hands up"' "Put the gun down if you wanna live". About 5 seconds later, Bang, and saw someone drop before he could respond. Through roleplay I was allowed to check the body but nothing could be done. Sorry, no footage. To add, the stark contrast between the "10 seconds or die RP" with Tristian, vs the good quality hostage RP I received is confusing.
  11. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    New Mod Collections Poll

    Now that the lockbox is in, a pirate collection?
  12. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    Open cans?

    Can Kenneth really get any more stupid?
  13. *Presses his PTT and remains quiet for a moment. He lets out a sigh before speaking. * "Sally expressed the concern for her safety so as of now, I cannot disclose our position. We treated several gunshot wounds and observed her over the night. She's stable now but she lost quite a lot blood. But in all this, she remained hard as stone and even stitched one of her own injuries. " " So, I will give you more information on a need to know basis or when she takes a turn for the worst. " *The PTT is released and the static returns.*