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  1. I have dishonored my family. *suicides the hobo way*
  2. First rule about the hobo code... Talk extensively about the hobo code!
  3. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    Sunny's Picasso Pall

    Apply for your hobo certificate of authenticity under a railroad bridge near you
  4. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    I am a senior asbestos & hazardous chemical compound analist. I'm about to start a study in electro spectroscopy of asbestos fibres
  5. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    The people often don't know what's best for them. Our great leader does!
  6. Don't know who they were but to me it looked pretty
  7. Aleksi-Baraszkov

    SOOOOOOOOOOO this is dying isn't it?

    Can a mod close this troll bait?
  8. While I like the idea and could debate against the removal of the dynamic group rules, with your construction you're an arms length away from forming a normal group. So my question is, why bother with a dynamic group when a little bit more effort gets you a normal group?
  9. Loved our little hobo roadtrip to berezino with @Niccokickand loads more.
  10. Absolutely loved the game of Nigerian Footbal witnessed outside the Severo Bar last night. White devil approves!
  11. *Nathan wakes up from his morphine induced nap to the sound of the crackling radio. He turns up the volume and presses the PTT switch* "This is Nate. I'm sorry to hear about y-y-your f-friends. I hope for their sakes they're dead, I mean 'real' dead-like." *releases the PTT switch and coughs loudly, spitting out some vile slime on the ground. He snorts and presses the PTT again* "Look, if you're looking a d-d-drink, my friends run a bar over in S-s-severo. I mean, if they're feeling like opening the place. Y'know, business been bad last couple of months. If you make it, come find me huh?" *releases the PTT switch and his eyes slowly fall shut again*
  12. Yeah, I meant in any practical way beside that it adds a sense of immersion to the roleplay. There is no restrictions being layed upon anyone, like in some other roleplay platforms (Dungeons and Dragons, Paladin for example.)
  13. I would say, no. Because Alignment (from my point of view) is by definition circumstantial. I think of it as something that is changed by actions and choices every day rather than being unchangable. It's a forum fluff thing