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  1. In the middle of a firefight you: 1. Match the exact description of the enemy 2. Had just fired an automatic weapon in the direction of my ally, who at the same time was calling out taking shots on the comms 3. Were sprinting toward a building that would give you cover, a tactical advantage, and an angle on my ally to shoot and kill him In light of these facts I had to make a quick decision. One where if I chose wrong it could result in the death of my ally and possibly other allies down the line in the fight. You said that I took 5 shots at you that missed which would have given me time to ID you as non hostile. This is false. The first shot missed over the shoulder, followed by the second in quick succession (at 23:04:48) through torso and knocked you out. The following shots were to make sure that you wouldn't be getting back up. So the question I have for you is what were you doing running around in the middle of a firefight, with your weapon out, firing that weapon? Is the first thing reasonable people do when shots are popping off around them not to run away and get out of the area? Or at least put away their weapon and DEFINITELY not fire it.
  2. @Wong, @Oiram, @Pebbles, @Hellish, @Nightngale
  3. We were in the middle of a firefight at the NWAF. We spotted the enemy coming down from the north tents wearing all black clothing. I positioned myself where I could spot them coming down. I was waiting and watching the north when I heard shots from below my building, and at that same moment one of my group members nearby who I was overwatching came over the comms and said that he was taking shots. I looked down into my blind spot from the roof and saw a man dressed in all black, and who perfectly fit the description, where I had just heard the shots from with his weapon raised, smoke from shooting still visible. He sprinted forward towards an industrial building and shot a zombie, which is when I shot him.
  4. R.I.P in pepperonis Anroosky 2016-2016 taken so young fly high with harambe in the sky
  5. Yeah I really love drinking out of a soda can without popping the tab, just suck it all straight out through the aluminum
  6. Fucking dunked on them tbh dishin out free dirt naps like a pro, proud of you :')
  7. Somebody's gotta help the walking gearbags of Chernarus lighten their load a little bit
  8. Not bad. I think that the "OREL Special Forces" sounds a bit out of place though. Maybe try a name like "Special Tactics Unit" or something along those lines. Something that sounds a bit more police department-ish
  9. I can't believe you would leave me like this
  10. Diggin the clear safety specs man
  11. Darkside went from E-7 to E-6, I think you should trust the group to a steady E-3 :troll:
  12. I've heard the tents at Myshkino is a total deathtrap with mines. If you find mines that spawned in a tent, grab it and chuck that shit way off into a bush where nobody will ever find it, don't just leave them laying there for someone to take advantage of
  13. Ah my mistake, they're both really similar pictures
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