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  1. Mike was born in Valdosta, GA. Growing up he was nothing special, he played some sports but was never the best on the team. He went to college for Construction Management. When he was a sophomore in college, his parents were killed in a car accident with a drunk driver. He took this pretty hard, and stopped going to class and ended up dropping out of college. In search of a different life, spurred on by the loss of his parents, he moved to Europe and attempted to make something of himself. Things across the ocean didn't work out too well for Mike. He was running out of money and didn't have any place to stay. He roamed the streets of Nantes, France. Things were hard for him and he had trouble finding a job because he couldn't speak much French. One day he decided he had had enough and walked into an FFL recruitment office. He had to turn over all his belongings and began a series of physical and mental tests. After about two weeks, and a lot of sitting around, he was accepted. They sent him off to the training base known as the "farm". In July his Battalion was deployed to Chernarus to try to cull the infection. They were tasked to hold a mountain range and keep anyone - or anything - from crossing. He still remains in Chernarus, with what is left of his unit, trying to survive.
  2. Apache

    A New Moon [Recruitment Closed]

  3. Apache

    KOS NW S2 9/27/2016 9:31 central

    Daniel Frost PoV: I was in the tent camp when the 3 dudes rolled up in a sedan. Rellik had on this absurd voice changer that sounded like one of those sound effects they play in haunted houses for 6 year olds. They dropped the initiation on the three guys (two of which were wearing clown masks, the third in a gorka helmet). The guys scattered and shots were fired. I didn't really know who was who so I held my fire. I watched two of the three go unconscious and was standing behind the last clown mask dude, not really sure if he was one of the noncompliers or not so I didn't shoot him in the case that he wasn't. He took off and I followed, he took a round in the leg, layed down in the tent, killed Roosky, and I sprayed into his back and put him down. After this the two unconscious guys clicked respawn before they woke up from their unconsciousness.
  4. Apache

    New Moon Media Thread

    R.I.P in pepperonis Anroosky 2016-2016 taken so young fly high with harambe in the sky
  5. Apache

    I really do like the reload animations in dayz standalone.

    Yeah I really love drinking out of a soda can without popping the tab, just suck it all straight out through the aluminum
  6. Apache

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    you know it sonny jim
  7. Apache

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Fucking dunked on them tbh dishin out free dirt naps like a pro, proud of you :')
  8. Apache

    Banditry: Yes or No?

    Somebody's gotta help the walking gearbags of Chernarus lighten their load a little bit
  9. Apache

    [WIP]Chernarus Police Force Remnants

    Not bad. I think that the "OREL Special Forces" sounds a bit out of place though. Maybe try a name like "Special Tactics Unit" or something along those lines. Something that sounds a bit more police department-ish
  10. Apache

    Akrasia [Accepting Applications]

    I can't believe you would leave me like this
  11. Apache

    Real life picture Thread

    Diggin the clear safety specs man
  12. Apache

    Akrasia [Accepting Applications]

    Darkside went from E-7 to E-6, I think you should trust the group to a steady E-3 :troll:
  13. Apache

    Who has been killed by landmines?

    I've heard the tents at Myshkino is a total deathtrap with mines. If you find mines that spawned in a tent, grab it and chuck that shit way off into a bush where nobody will ever find it, don't just leave them laying there for someone to take advantage of
  14. Apache

    I'm Your Huckleberry

    Ah my mistake, they're both really similar pictures
  15. Apache

    I'm Your Huckleberry

    Welcome to the community. I like the Saints & Soldiers avatar, That's a great movie.