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  1. i have the same issue and i just saw that there is a new mod... last time i played there were only 2.. is there a new one? sorry im new here, dont know where to check when a new mod is used by the server... i guess this should fixed my problem..
  2. Hello guys.. i got banned because i had a wrong age in my profile... my fault, i thought i changed it but i actually didnt... i changed my age now back to like it should be, could you please unban me ? i wrote the mod via mail but its already some time ago even he was online during this time... thank you...
  3. My character is called Jim Bloom... before the outbreak, he was a Young Student from Germany and lived in a small village with his girlfriend Named michelle.. In his free time, he often went for Hunting sessions with his dad in the Woods, so he already knew the Basics in Hunting, Building a shelter and so on... During the outbreak, he got seperated from his girlfriend but fortunately, she managed to Escape to chernarus. The last words he heard from her were the informations, that in chernarus are probably more survivors who try to live a normal life in this "new world". Jim is now on his journy in chernarus to find michelle and Looking for other survivors to fight together against this outbreak.. He will make use of his Survival skills he learned from his dad back in the days. Other People Always described him as a helpful and friendly person, so he will probably help other suvivors, especially with his Hunting abilities, delivering People with Food and other supplies they need in These hard times..
  4. I dont know why, but i dont see the Server in the serverlist and i cant connect via the ip.. this is really strange, because i deactivated all the filters… the only way i see this Server is via the dayz SA launcher, but i cant connect to the Server, it stucks in the loading screen... i never had this Problem and all the other Servers are working fine can anybody pls help ?
  5. i have the same Problem... strange Thing is, that i cant find this Server in the original dayz serverbrowser in game... i type dayzrp in the filter and he only Shows me some other RP Servers... tried all the other Servers via the dayz launcher and all of them worked…
  6. wari23

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    i entered the wrong GUID and PID, pls reset.. //Voodoo: SA GUID Reset //Voodoo: PID Reset
  7. wari23

    Amount of people typing?

    memories last time i played UO was back in 2003, rp shards only of course... UO was my first MMO pc game beside counter strike.. started playing in 1999..... omg, im so fuckin old :-D but its funny how poeple who played UO find together in dayz... as you maybe noticed, brian hicks, lead designer of dayzSA is a huge UO fan too...
  8. wari23

    Amount of people typing?

    in fact im not english, my text rp is still better... beside that, i played ultima online back in the days, there were no mics but yea, mic is def. the better way..
  9. As a roleplay gamer since ultima online, im really happy i found this community looking forward to see you guys ingame
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