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  1. No open mics. This is not open mic night. I don't want to hear you eating Doritos. I don't want to hear your dog barking. I don't want to hear your bodily noises or your neckbeard scraping along the mic. I don't want to hear you beating your children or yelling at/from your spouse. In fact, I don't really want to hear you at all and I sure as hell don't want to have to listen to every thing going on at your house. Things going on in your livingroom/man cave/toilet != Anything going on in Chenarus in the zombie apocalypse. NO. Just... no.
  2. * "Men" may be an exaggeration in these cases.
  3. See WOBO's helpful guide to eating your fellow survivors: [video=youtube]
  4. I get too nervous when I have good gear like that. I gave away an AKM with 2 drum mags a 30 rnd mag and 200 rounds of ammo just so I would stop worrying about carrying it around. I don't want to get killed just because I look like a juicy loot pinata.
  5. 18Rabbit

    PSA - Loot Respawn and persistence in DayZ Standalone [LESS RELEVANT NOW]

    If you move it into your inventory and then immediately drop it, it clears up the spawn. It's not just food, it's also useful weapons and clothing and everything that isn't junk (last time I died it took me 3 days to find a new axe for instance and I still haven't found a knife or a can opener). When people die it is a real pain in the ass, on this server particularly, to re-gear and survive. Telling people to in essence "lern 2 play n00b, lol" isn't going to help grow the community. If you want to make a stash, use a backpack/container of some sort. They are persistent with tents, everything else will disappear in 10-20 minutes. Personally, when I die now I spend 10-20 minutes foraging apples/berries and filling up at a well while checking the local shacks for a weapon and then I beat feet out out of town and head to nearby out of the way small spawns to start the "quest for loot" again.
  6. I haven't been playing very long but I'd love to trap a couple of zombies in a house/fenced in area and RP a minister/faith healer tring to save them.
  7. The other day when I was freshly spawned I was harvesting apples just standing under a tree close to the road and no less than 5 people ran by me without noticing me. Standing still makes you pretty hard to see.
  8. WOBO has fantastic instructional videos. EvilViking13/Jermgaming have a couple of great series that just show them playing and they're very well edited with some great music.
  9. I saw this last week. I think it's just as likely to be a bug in the game as it is to be intentional. Unfortunately for me I usually don't live long enough for this to be an issue. If it is intentional then yeah, I don't like it.
  10. Thank you so much for the tip about using Steam's in game browser! Saved my life today!
  11. I play an ex-Navy Hull Technician (welder/sewage) who also served in the Merchant Marines and came to Chenarus looking for work before the rebellion broke out. He was an outdoorsman in Oklahoma and continued that in Chenarus so he's familiar with much of the area especially good hunting and fishing spots and no so much with military hardware (he's good with pistols and rifles, not so much with AK's). Really he fancies himself as a cowboy and longs to find a repeater and a nice magnum and maybe a duster some day.
  12. Start looting everything and drop it somewhere else and things will begin respawning. All the junk people leave behind is tying up spawn locations. I found a house up in the mountains that had about 50 items in it last night that I cleaned out and suddenly things started showing up again in nearby areas. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-psa-loot-respawn-and-persistence-in-dayz-standalone
  13. Hey Gloom! Good luck on your app!
  14. 18Rabbit

    PSA - Loot Respawn and persistence in DayZ Standalone [LESS RELEVANT NOW]

    Since I seem to die or reset pretty regularly I've taken to cracking all of the chemlights I come across. It's easy to do and frees up spawns for new loot. If you come across a new spawn town that looks like Christmas lights are up from all of the chemlights, that was probably me.
  15. Mod in item decay for items that have spawned but never looted. If the've gone through 24 hours without being looted (I'm looking at you hard hats, chem lights and books), poof! That would be a huge help for us newbies on the coasts.