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  1. My apologies as I would of told him this myself, he passed the 30 day post timer. He assumed it was 30 after white-list, not joining of the forums. Thanks for the quick response, as an added question does he just need to apply again with another account or is he just shit out of luck?
  2. Hello, My friend who uses the forum name KellusRel was accepted in to play yesterday and we were successfully playing for 3 hours. When he tried to rejoin today he received a message saying he wasn't white listed and when he tried to come to the forums for an answer the server said his forum account didn't exist. I did a search for his name on the forums and returned no results but can confirm he was a member and accepted to play yesterday. If a mod could give me a little insight as to what happened so I can find a solution it'd be greatly appreciated. -Hank
  3. Hank

    CLOSE THREAD: Reign of Kings Roster/Registry

  4. I'm sure he'll be back soon.
  5. Is there any other method of restart or do we just have to wait for Rolle to manually do it?
  6. Think so, I cant connect either. Gonna have to wait for a restart.
  7. DON'T YOU DARE QUIT SON! Always enjoyed our RP sessions. In addition I was sittin outside when this all just went down. I heard some guy trying to hold someone up inside and before I could finish my thought of "is someone really trying to rob someone with this many people here?" I heard a blaze of gunfire. Sorry to hear it was you that took the fall, head up man it'll get better when logs come out.