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  1. Oiiiiii Andrey, good to see you still here. How have you been doing mate!? Ah Sharky, still awake at this hour? Hahah... GeeGee Should hang out soon!
  2. Soup soup! I've been teased by people on steam, showing those awesome screenshots of DayzRP again... So I heard there are allot of new friendly people around. Perhaps this might be a return of Alin Stoica? Anyways, hello all again! Maybe there are still a few familiar faces around here?
  3. So... My viewers decided that I should stream DayZRP again. So here I am again! Nostalgia does hit me big, so I'm looking forward to some great stream. Will be live in a couple of minutes. So why not join in and hang out. It's gonna be a 10 hour stream, so there is a giveaway going as well right now. And don't forget to hoard up your stream channel! Follow me on http://www.twitch.tv/vandy29th
  4. when you get a notification about this thread and you come back after like a year to just post once here.
  5. Take care Josh. Hope you get your implants soon! Best of luck!
  6. Vandy

    My "duty" has been changed

    Hey, that's a familiar face!
  7. Vandy

    A long awaited return

    I think I know you...
  8. Vandy

    Super Awesome Announcement

    Hey! I know this guy!
  9. Vandy

    Making a return

    I remember you........
  10. While taking a break of desolation rP, I desided to do a playthrough of "The Walking Dead Season 1". Closing in on the finale! Follow me on http://www.twitch.tv/vandy29th
  11. Vandy

    So long fellows.

    Take care old fella
  12. The life of Alin Stoica continues! Going live for a quick run! Follow me on http://www.twitch.tv/vandy29th Died yesterday due to zombie hits once more. Got to love FPS drops...
  13. Vandy

    Teamspeak Issues

    All other TS3 servers work fine for me. Seems only DayzRP on is failing on me. Can't connect either, since yesterday
  14. Yeah it did. Somehow I had massive FPS drops on the desolation server and the game crahsed in total. Showed some funny moments though. However... I didn't had the urge to come back online... Got me out of the mood
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