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  1. > Chedaki invade Chernarus with Russian support. > Lopotev is now president. > Lopotev gets assassinated as it turns out he's quite the asshole. > Russian puppet and 3 times Sochi log carrying competition winner is now president. > Referendum is held and like 80%+ vote for making Chernarus part of the Russian Federation. > Chernarus is now part of Russia. So I'm sure you can read the events that happened and draw some conclusions.
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      Deer Isle?

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      Please, presidente, give us Deer Isle

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      Looks pretty dope 

  3. If only we could get these sort of initiations back.


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      My boy...

  4. What you describe is in fact how most interactions on here will occur. A good percentage of the community play the game as internal rp central and interact mostly with their friends. Another big percentage play the game as a PVE server and just loot and build their base. You'll bump into them, have a 2 minute conversation and they'll leave because you are not important to them. This sucks for new players, but there are a few things you can do. First of all, the best solution and the one I suggest for you is to look for a group to join. That way you won't get bored running around solo with no one interested in interacting with you. If you find a good group and go around and RP with them, you'll inevitably get into more interesting RP situations. If you still wish to run solo, you'll have to do everything by yourself. I've learnt the hard way that people will not care to roleplay with you at all. They'll acknowledge your existence then go back whatever they are doing even if that is sitting down doing nothing. They'll do that unless given no choice but to have to RP with you. That can be done in different way. You can initiate on someone and get some RP that way, but if you run solo that might be hard, you'll have to find solo players as well and know how to shoot properly in case they don't feel like getting held up. Or you could present your character in such way that it's hard not to engage with. Develop a colorful personality, have exact goals that your character follows and when bumping into people/settlements, instead of waiting for them to interact with you, be the one to engage with them. Ask questions, introduce yourself and try to push people into doing something together. "You wanna go here?", "Can you show me this?", "What places should I go, anyone wanna come with?" and surely at some point you'll get some RP.
  5. It's more than likely the last case. IG they are people infected with the frenzy virus, you want to call them zombies then sure.
  6. Zombies in our lore: Just sick people infected with the frenzied virus. Zombies IG: Can take headshots from 9mm and can get shot even a few times by high caliber rifles without dying.
  7. So what? We have 30 T-Shirt variants and I'm sure we'll get even more by the end of the year. The squad guns were good looking and provided an enjoyable variety to the server. If they can get added with no crashes occurring then why not.

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      i didnt even say anything


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      this is crazy guys

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  9. Props to @Ducky for the good rp at the HARO compound today. Some good content.
  10. No point in making a suggestion, it doesn't matter. 80 sth % voted to replace Livonia with Deer Isle and it ain't happening, so same will be here.
  11. I'll give you a TL;DR of the new lore: Chedaki win the civil war Chernarus becomes part of Russian Federation Oh, oh, virus appears causing quarantines and the likes It makes people really aggressive and now they are on the streets. I suggest you read the timeline as it's basically a simplified version of the lore and makes it more easier to understand. As to how to play the game you, it's only been 30 days into this massive Frenzy virus outbreak. The infected are usually seen just as sick people, which is why you hear about not shooting them (most people tend to punch them in order to "knock them out"). However, this is by no means some sort of requirement you can shoot and kill them all you want, is just good to know that most people still see them as human beings instead of who cares just killed a zombie, as there might be a cure being made.
  12. Thanks for the content guys. Really good content.
  13. We need some Bernarus T-shirt so people can show support to the president, it's all I'm saying.
  14. @Roland can we make this happen?
  15. Hello, it is July 2020 and I want Deer Isle. In a thread made before the actual lore wipe: here, people voted mostly positive about a potential reintroduction of the Deer Isle map back into our servers. It has now been a month since the lore wipe and looking at the Livonia server there really isn't any point in keeping it. Replacing it with the Deer Isle map could potentially progress the actual lore that people play and engage with in Chernarus. Keeping Deer Isle as part of the Chernarus territory could mean that, while a different map, the same lore will apply so not a lot of work will be needed and people could use the map to develop their stories in different ways like running to the island from someone, taking hostages there and so on. Lets look at some pros and cons: Cons: that 1 dude playing Livonia LMs might have to write a small piece of lore for it possible split of player base Pros: map's cool and good small so you can find people even if not many play not debug with trees part of Chernarus so shares same lore can be used to further roleplay I will play on it There really isn't any point in not changing to Deer Isle, no one plays on Livonia anyway so if no one will play on Deer Isle then there's no harm done. So yeah fuck a Livonia, give us Deer Isle.
  17. Looking forward to doing some surgery vlogs with you lads. Good luck.
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