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  1. AndreyQ

    My Final Feedback

    big sneeze emoji sad to see you didn't enjoy it, have fun
  2. AndreyQ

    Constantly "Robbed"

    If you look like the human NWAF then you bout to get robbed.
  3. AndreyQ

    Failed Robberies Thread

    "You don't know who tf you talking to!" proceeds to miss every fucking shoot from 2 meters away
  4. AndreyQ

    Overabundance of PVP on Chernarus

    DayZRP allows you to choose your playstyle. You don't get into PVP without you making that decision. If RP was shit or other rules were broken make a report. If not, deal with it. /thread
  5. AndreyQ

    Tips on getting back into things?

    Join a group. It's the easiest way to enjoy DayZ.
  6. AndreyQ

    Kordruga & Blake's Mordhau Adventures

    I really liked it when the dude swung the sword and killed someone. Good content.
  7. AndreyQ

    Kordruga & Blake's Mordhau Adventures

    very cool
  8. AndreyQ


    congrats on approval, can't wait to hear about that legendary trolly gypsy rp
  9. AndreyQ

    Bring back the Server Map

    yeah the map was pretty cool bring it back
  10. AndreyQ

    Hot take: Character page images rule is flawed.

    dumb rule tbh as long as the picture shows a person then why does it matter if it's an oil painting
  11. AndreyQ

    meattemperature and wintermod

    yeah lets not make the game more annoying than it already is
  12. AndreyQ

    Character Page Mute

    Just @Roland. He has the power.
  13. AndreyQ

    So the new update is kinda...

    I agree its a bit over the top. @Ducky could probably alter it to make it a bit more realistic.
  14. I was born on the 10th of October 1993 Dallas, Texas, where I lived most my beautiful short life. Father left when I was like seven, I'd say it affected me but that'd be wrong, I didn't really care much. What most would call family for me it seemed nothing more than fiction. My parents didn't care much, I tried to get to know my mom a bit but she's like a brick wall. At the age of 18, I kinda realised that there was nothing but shit to do in Dallas, so I moved to LA. Normally I'd say I ran from home but there was nothing nor no one to run away from... again, no one cared. I ain't gonna bore people with my life in LA, short summary would be that I somewhat found out that I was good at business. Ran a few gigs here and there and made myself some nice money. One day, I looked all around and I saw few buildings, people with money and then I saw a homeless man just looking at me. And I realised there was no opportunity in LA to make the money I wanted. Eastern Europe I thought it would be a good start. Few calls here and there and Livonia was to be the home of my new venture. Little did I know it would actually be my home as well. When they closed the borders and let us fight those things I knew the time has come. They been telling me about it...
  15. AndreyQ

    Overheating for no reason...

    try using the emote wheel to select the unconscious state and wait for you to go back up had the same issue before and that helped
  16. AndreyQ

    Question about kill rights

    "kill rights cannot be used in hostage situations to execute people"
  17. AndreyQ

    Question about kill rights

    Personally I agree, but past verdicts suggested that you can't use kill rights to execute someone.
  18. AndreyQ

    Hostile RP for the sake of Hostile RP

    If they are breaking rules talk with them or report them. These forum posts do nothing.
  19. AndreyQ

    Question about kill rights

    Common sense would tell us you could kill him, however kill rights does not equal execution rights and people got punished in the past for using them to kill hostages. It doesn't really make much sense but that's how it works.
  20. AndreyQ

    Server split?

    Been playing quite a bit in the last days. 90% of the people I meet were friendly. So not everyone is doing it. First of all, situations end in a gun fight if you yourself make that decision. You have the option to comply or not. As for the robberies, they are a form of RP the same as sitting by a fire and telling stories or just meeting a random guy by a well. If they happen often to you, then it's for a reason. Unfortunately, that's not the mentality I see coming from you. An RP focused mentality would look at the robberies and fights occurring and develop their character accordingly. One's character may have a breakdown, couldn't handle it and just give up, another could try and gather up forces and fight the evil of the land, another may give up on his friends and ditch them hoping he'd leave the trouble behind and so much more. When you come here and say "hostile rp ruins the server" it just feels like you got upset when things didn't go your way. Also, you look at hostile situation as just "robberies" and "bootleg PVP", so how do you expect things to evolve and progress when you approach them with such negativity not even the God of roleplay could change your mind. Not to mention the most character progressing and deep level roleplay I got was during hostile encounters. So I think the server will be just fine.
  21. AndreyQ

    Server split?

    https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/54-reports/ The more people with this mentality that decide to take a break the better. If you can't live with the fact that people have different play styles and some will enjoy doing hostile RP then I don't think this place is for you. We literally play in a community where engaging in PVP is 100% optional. Don't wish to PVP, then don't engage in it.
  22. AndreyQ

    882 days since the outbreak: What are some of your character's accomplishments?

    Canonically Ivan Bernarus became the president of Russia.
  23. AndreyQ

    OOC in IC

    Facts. Regardless, I see no point here. You see people doing this, go to helpdesk and talk with them. If they can't be asked report it. Simple and effective.
  24. AndreyQ

    OOC in IC

    I think you meant to post this here: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/54-reports/
  25. AndreyQ

    Tisy radio tower is currently boarded up, being used for loot cycling.

    Give me a few hacksaws and no one will be loot cycling.
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