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  1. Thanks for the roleplay to my group, the doctors, the crazy guy, the Dutch and Karen asking for the manager. I was entertained.
  2. A cult group with actual pvp skills so they are taken seriously by the whole server.
  3. Unless you are thrown over the ocean by Ivan Bernarus than you shouldn't be able to cross continents. Just my opinion.
  4. Thing is looking at pictures doesn't mean much because you don't get to see the buildings and other objects up close. We all know you can hide the "ugly" parts of the base with pictures taken for different angles. That's why I'd like for a full video presenting the compound instead of photos so we can actually experience it like we would IG.
  5. I wrote a big wall of text on the Kings Ridge page so go read that if you want some in depth analysis about what happen 1 time. I shall put some points here that to me show that the group is not neutral. (I do wish to mention that I understand that certain members have kept their neutrality however having some that did not will unfortunately reflect on the group as a whole). > Phoenix told the 503 in game that they can camp outside their base to capture NATO. This is not a neutral standpoint. There should have been zero interference or advice given to the 503 in regards to them searching for NATO around town. >Realize told Phoenix info that NATO forces are in Gliniska while 503 were around town searching for NATO in order to rob them. Phoenix relayed information towards the 503 which in turn made them head that way resulting in a FF between us and 503. Giving info to a group in regards to another while aware that there are hostile intentions between the 2 is favoritism. You are aiding one side, this case 503, with crucial information that may lead to death/capture of NATO personnel. This is again not a neutral standpoint. The aid may not be physical but information such as location of the people you are hunting down is definitely choosing to helping one party over another. >People from Kings Ridge going on dates with 503 members. The one I personally know of is Phoenix going on a date with Martin from 503. I believe there are others but @Watchman probably knows more than me on that one. Going on dates with people from a hostile group known for being bandits by like 90% of the server is not really neutral. If you don't wish to be part of conflict then don't start hanging around with bandits more than what the goals of the group describe that means giving them medical help when they require or if they are around the base. Regardless of these points, it's clear Roland does not share the same vision as me on the matter at hand. What I see as not neutral he sees as neutral so there really isn't anything to do.
  6. Zub castle be looking like the one from Livonia wtf
  7. Any time my man. The hero John Smith does not sleep when people are in need of help!
  8. Base looks nice for what I can see. The big wall in the first fortification photo looks a bit weird to me, idk why, but that would be nitpicking. I approve.
  9. People like that should be banned for NVFL change my mind.
  10. Been playing a "bandit" for like 3 years. Now I lead a hero group. So your argument is invalid.
  11. I don't mind trying this map, but I still think people should have the option to play Chernarus.
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