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  1. AndreyQ

    ISSA HOT 21 F

    That I can't say.
  2. We made it to the end boys. @ me when Kabanino looks like this


  3. yes more guns equals more reasons for me to hop IG to find that AK with the clock on the handguard that looks sexy
  4. Not really a potato but you might like this too https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2132865568 I agree tho, we need some more suppressors and adding potatoes to the guns promotes the vegan supremacy.
  5. Idk i love deer isle best map ever chernarus kinda sleeper so im happy
  6. Nah, video evidence from an on going report helped me find some dude lying on my own.
  7. I don't mind in cases of actua sensitive and personal stuff being shown or heard in the video as I've known and seen some cases like this. I don't like it when evidence is sent in without even a public report and people get permabans for it just because the person recording didn't want it to be public. I would have loved to see what was so over the top that got Oxen banned.
  8. After hard work and much dedication, the destination was reached. Deer Isle is S tier map.


    1. Whitename


      Glad to see you're enjoying the new map!

  9. Rate your DayZRP enjoyment currently from 1 - 10: 8. What you enjoy most about your DayZRP experience: Deer Isle. Reason(s): Deer Isle best map. What could help improve your DayZRP experience: More people move to Deer Isle. Reason(s): More people to interact with on the best map. How could this be implemented: By doing what I say. Any further comments: Deer Isle is amazing, everyone should play here.
  10. It means that restrictions are what makes the server boring. Adding more will make me fall asleep while playing.
  11. No lol that would be horrible. We do not need more restrictions. It's those that are the biggest resident sleeper on the server.
  12. Yeah but from what I've seen and heard I never got the idea that there are too many bandits or anything else you mention you feel like it's going on. This is why I asked why do you feel that is the case.
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