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  1. AndreyQ

    How do you connect to the DayZRP server on the new update.

    What I did was added dayzrp to the name filter and then clicked a few times at random the buttons below like apply filter and refresh and it somehow appeared in the community tab.
  2. Please for the love of mankind, can more slots be added to the assault backpack? It used to have 90 slots but now has only 42. For reference, the field jacket also has 42 slots so a backpack can carry just as much stuff as a jacket. #NotMyBackpack
  3. AndreyQ


    I can appreciate this. We need Miscreated real fast.
  4. We have reached peak technology here lads. Elon Musk couldn't do it, Neil deGrasse Tyson couldn't do it, God couldn't do it, but the DayZ devs managed to. Please get ready for they have added the most amazing thing ever seen to humankind. You can now change your keybindings.
  5. Now I don't even have to take screenshots, I can just upload the video because I have 1 FPS.
  6. AndreyQ

    Interview With A Community Member: Cipher

    Thank you Cipher. Very cool. Man, Mura Masa is amazing. I actually managed to see him live from the first row this summer. It was wild.
  7. AndreyQ

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    First of all here is a recording by @DerrickStorm showing all the encounter from start to finish. We were internal roleplaying before he showed up and we kept roleplaying with him for the duration of the encounter as we were moving him to the camp. I don't know where you got the idea that chat logs show the RP that went down but they don't. Now, of course, we were going to continue RPing with the hostage and give him stellar roleplay, however, we can't really act like he is hiding in plain sight and talk to the wall in front of us. Nor can we talk much about the situation that is happening because he is not there to react to it and hear it as he would normally do would it not have been for the server crash. Don't get me wrong Jim but you don't seem quite involved in this situation to begin with. In the 2 liner POV, you state that when you got to the camp the situation was over. So not sure what information are you bringing to this report that is relevant other than accusations that have no base behind them. I don't think you understand what a False Report is, Jim. A false report means that the person filing the report is purposely leaving out information about the events that occurred or straight up lying about it in order to get people banned. Moreover, it can be used when people abuse grey areas from the rules and using them as armour. None of those things happened here. We believe that there were no Defense rights shared as you guys were not in a dynamic group and we believed that the AOGM rule was broken for reasons already stated above. Anyone has a right to report if they feel like a rule was broken. What you are implying is that everyone that reports people for not being in a dynamic is now guilty of a false report, which makes 0 sense because why would you have that rule in place, to begin with. Moving over to the logs: 19:17:25 | Raul Mendez connected 19:17:55 | Javier Garcia disconnected 19:21:38 | Javier Garcia connected 19:29:48 : Global: Jiri Lanik: Ahoj As stated in the POV apparently the hostage meets with G19 and Scar at Pogorevka. If this is the case then the meeting must have happened after G19 logged back into the server. So even in the best situation, you guys met with Raul at around 19:22:00. We met him at 19:30:00 as shown by the chat logs. This gives a timeframe of 8 minutes between you guys roleplaying with him and him meeting us. If we take the 5 minutes that it would take for him to go to GM we are now left with barely 3 minutes of you guys meeting up. In this encounter with him, you tell him you have no gear for him and told him to go to Zeleno. This does not sound like a dynamic group at all. If I walk down the street and say hi to someone and then 10 minutes later he gets initiated on in another town that does not give me KOS rights. You met up with a guy, told him to go to Zeleno, 10 minutes later I initiate on him. Personally, I don't mind you guys showing up, if anything it would have created a cool situation. But the way you guys just rush to kill with barely any interaction with the hostage and right after a restart leaves a pretty bad taste in our mouth. Scar even saw Terra just stand there still and went straight to shooting. 19:47:10 | Branka Hnat connected [2018/12/11 19:48:03]: (Branka Hnat) hit by (Ricardo Garcia) to LeftArm with Bullet_556x45 Terra connects at 19:47:10 which would mean that she spawns in at around 19:47:30. After 30 seconds she gets gunned down out of nowhere.
  8. AndreyQ

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    Benedikt Farkas aka AndreyQ here. So we up at GM just running around and Ron spots a fresh spawn at the entrance. We go talk to him and he has mic problems (logs will show) but then he starts talking however he always cuts at the end making us hearing him almost impossible. Therefore I told him to speak up in an aggressive tone and as a result, he was responded aggressively as well. Tensions escalate and we said to Terra to beat up this foreigner for being so disrespectful. He backs away until he decides to start the fight which Terra won. Once he gets up we talk to him and initiate and take his radio. We move towards the summer camp with him as we had people look around and there was no one in the area. Once we are in the camp, we move him in one of the house and surprise, server crashes. I was one of the first to get on so I was waiting for everyone to do the same. As we are waiting for the hostage to log back in we see that he crashes in the server logs. The other people get on and we are waiting for the hostage to come in when all of a sudden Terra is shot, Ron follows, Derrick who was in the house standing still gets killed as well, I see one at the front but he got me good and I die. As explained by uSx the rule breaks that accrued are AOGM and KOS. AOGM: This is one of the things that just killed this whole interaction for me. They rushed in without even the hostage being there physically. Would the firefight have happened when the hostage was online, we could have used him as a bargaining chip as people were in VOIP range. However, any sort of advantage that we had, given the fact that we had him as a hostage has been completely nullified by the fact that he wasn't IG as the server just restarted and he was crashing. They used the server restart and gain an advantage due to the fact that the hostage was not there for us to utilize. KOS: They were not in a dynamic. The guy was a fresh spawn and there was no one around the area. No one initiated on us at the camp making all kills on us count as KOS.
  9. AndreyQ

    How to save the community

    i now remember why the meme thread was archived
  10. AndreyQ

    Teamspeak 3 Memorial Thread

    I never liked teamspeak because the word "team" implied I have friends.
  11. AndreyQ

    The Press [Strict Recruitment]

    MHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO this group was awesome, don't archive pls
  12. @Stagsview(right side taking nap on the road) with a little throwback to Liska v2.
  13. AndreyQ

    Quotes we like!

    "He's fucked" - @Craig
  14. AndreyQ


    I will put everything on the line to win. I don't want my parents to kick me out of the house again.