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  1. hi

    1. Castiel
    2. Santa



  2. GIFs as backgrounds?

    I wouldn't know mate, but I am pretty sure the load time is pretty important.
  3. GIFs as backgrounds?

    it's not allowed, has something to do with the refresh time on the website or sth like that
  4. Undue Punishment

    Just stop. I can't be asked with this drama anymore.
  5. [Forum Fun] OOC Bloopers

    I just realised the title: Forum Fun. Those 2 don't go well together.
  6. Where can I find the general Lore?

  7. Best Line when approaching players

    Mine: "Drop your weapons!"
  8. Marijuana Legalization?

  9. I am the 700th bean!

  10. My Edited Screenshots

    cool edits lad
    • AndreyQ
    • Hebee

    Thanks for that lesson :x

    1. Hebee


      Yeah np.

  11. High deathcounter on mainpage

    Acrasia archived so it must be a bug. I remember meeting this @Unknown Entity before while pulling logs.
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    1. Jamie



  12. Gamma?

    I usually have my gama pretty high so I don't have to sit 1 cm away from my monitor.
  13. Signature sizes?

    have you tried my image mate?