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  1. Team Name: @SquirtleKitty's Mom Fanclub Remastered Player 1: @AndreyQ Player 2: probably this @Elmo Cringe dude Backup Player (should one of the other two not be able to attend): TBA
  2. I will push for this/other similar mods in the future when it makes more sense. Right now I don't see this working.
  3. I think high tier guns/explosives that are not buyable should at least be able to be sold. Don't see why anyone would disagree.
  4. @Rolandshould have those stats. Maybe he can post them here, they are pretty cool to look at.
  5. I remember years ago when I saw the stats I was surprised by how many NA players were there. I'd maybe take a look to see if indeed the majority is in EU area and change the server location accordingly.
  6. Fix vehicle position mod is broken as per steam comments. Just FYI.
  7. For those saying that we have our own weapon slings coming, I don't see why it should affect this. The more slings the better. +1
  8. I think people do not have any sort of evidence what so ever and just throw random accusations around when things don't go their way. You want to prove me wrong? Show me some of this admin abuse evidence people keep talking about. Would love to see it. If groups log in and just attack hubs/other groups for no reason with little to no roleplay and unreasonable demands then you have grounds for a 2.3 report. However, I do not think any of this has happened. I wasn't there for all of the RP but when I did see what happened in free cam I thought the Chedaki, which is the group you a
  9. Your lore is only 2 paragraphs, you will need a bit more than that. I'd go into details in your lore about: how you first met each other, what made you decide to work together, what changed so that you began to "get your hands dirty" (maybe give an example of a situation that happened), current plans and ideals the group decided to follow, why they decided on them and how they wish to go about it achieving their plans. These points shouldn't be to hard to implement in the lore and will help shape your group a bit better and give it more of a personality.
  10. Last updated August 2020 so unfortunately no
  11. Expansion walls already have build anywhere so no point to add the mod
  12. who switched my 5.56 with sponge  Loudly_Crying_Face_Emoji_large.png?v=1571606037

    1. NillerSB


      oh shit he noticed


    2. Otto


      You mean when the Bat does more damage than .338?

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