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  1. AndreyQ

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    Welcome @Roland
  2. You can say you are a part of any group at any time as long as you are not doing something to damage their reputation.
  3. They were shooting at my date tho. Not cool.
  4. AndreyQ

    dayz is a full release game with no bugs

    Did that guy ever come back from heaven?
  5. AndreyQ

    S1: Griefing - 4/18/2019 ~ 20:00

    Alright, when we reached the settlement there were 2 places fortified: a house and station next to it. Both of them had fully built walls in front. We went in through the gate and the doors of the stations were locked so we unlocked them. I changed plate carriers with one that was in a tent because it was fully black, waited a bit and then we ran north. I remember looking back at it and seeing the watchtowers on top, but I don't remember seeing any back walls, either because it was destroyed already or simply because it was not in my line of sight. I think we stayed around the settlement for like 5-10 mins max before leaving.
  6. AndreyQ

    S1: Griefing - 4/18/2019 ~ 20:00

    All we did that day was run around the map looking for people and later we got into a firefight with the 24th at Tisy. We bumped into a few settlements but we never destroyed anything as there was either a gate or they were destroyed already. I'll PM you the route that I took IG that day.
  7. AndreyQ

    S1: Griefing - 4/18/2019 ~ 20:00

    I have no clue what this is about. I didn't destroy any walls nor do I even remember hitting one, to begin with. @Zanaan in what day did these logs register?
  8. AndreyQ

    My Name's Fred Felker.... I'll be back. (Open Frequency)

    *Kevin would press the PTT button* Yeah, dude. Fuck off. No, I am kidding. I'm Kevin motherfucking Nivek, you know me. Just wanted to tell you that if you are going places make sure to spread my message and mark down who raises their hand ok? I'll give you some cool ass gift in return. *Kevin would stop the transmission and would go back to practising his battleaxe throwing skills*
  9. AndreyQ

    Add Check Pulse Mod?

    Seeing as there are location logs, couldn't those be used to find someone that robbed you?
  10. AndreyQ

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Just make it so that it is not so obvious which is the correct answer. Legit you don't even have to read the rules and could get through easily.
  11. AndreyQ

    Would anyone be down to start a Dan Fan Club?

    Shadows fan club only
  12. AndreyQ

    False Report?

    No one is screaming "CONSISTENCY!". No one cares about it. What people want are fair verdicts. When you have so many legends/mvps/ex-staff/community members completely disagreeing with a verdict, it should act as an alarm that maybe something was not done right. And this doesn't impact only Dusty. It impacts the whole server. Because it wasn't enough that people were big dicking all the time before, now we make it so that if someone actually wants to do something else for once and throws a punch, the accepted counteraction to it is PVP, which we are definitely lacking.
  13. AndreyQ

    False Report?

    What I've learned from this report: - If someone punches me, I'll just gun him down immediately - I will also report him for NVFL and get his character PKed. Sounds bout right.
  14. AndreyQ

    Group requirements revised

    What if said group does not have an IC leader or the IC leadership changes to someone else?
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