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  1. In regards to you getting killed, being told to leave isn't an initiation unless it has a very well defined threat to it such as "or you will get shot" or that person has a gun pointed at you. As for the group thing, DayZRP in general revolves around groups. It is not impossible to have fun and stand out on your own, however, it is a bit of a process as you need to get to know a lot of the people IG and get some reputation with the groups going around. It can be a tedious process but it can also be quite entertaining and provides a good way to develop your character and get to know everyo
  2. This law as explained by you doesn't exist. PEGI ratings are there to be followed by retailers that sell games to kids. Just because a game is rated for a specific age doesn't mean that is now illegal to play that game unless you meet said age, it just means you can't buy it. We used to have an age limit of 16 however with the GDPR laws that were put in place a while back that became almost impossible to enforce so the age limit was dropped. The best thing we can do is be mindful of what can happen when it comes to younger people playing the game and report anything that you deem as abusi
  3. nuts-1_custom-61cfca772f4f991e157977ffe4

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      Get yo nutz outa here

  4. until

  5. Aren't you the same guy that managed to get a working relationship with SGRU? I understand and agree that DayZRP is indeed about cliques and groups of friends, but as you should know yourself anyone can become friendly and start some story with any group as long as the RP makes sense.
  6. until

    Capture deez nuts
  7. Look I am open to new people and how they view the server but if your issue with it is that someone told you to rob someone and that is making you stop playing then I honestly do not know what to tell you. This isn't a PVE server. People getting robbed is part of the RP.
  8. The way those guns work, based on the current loot tables, is that they are heli crash spawn only. The guns mentioned were supposed to be left in the game but when the heli crashes were removed at launch, which wasn't the case on the server we were testing, the guns stopped spawning. This is why you still see attachments like mags still spawning for these, because technically they were meant to be left in the game, whereas guns like FAL or SOCOM had their attachments removed from the loot table so we don't clutter it with useless items. So I am all for actually making them spawn, however,
  9. @Rutkiyis definitely my favorite victim. Keep on slaying queen!
  10. Is the community that is dead, not the lore.
  11. X Æ B17 Smith was born in the Berlin Tesla Factory in 2050. His family was part of a tribe that workshiped the machines that were once created. They believe that one day the machines will come back to life and using their help they would be able to reclaim the world from the ongoing infection. Many of the children born there were given similar names for their lifes were seen as no different than machines born into this world to retake what is theirs from the monsters outside. X Æ B17 was trained in CQB using spears and by the age of 15 knew how to craft multiple pipe bombs out of broken m
  12. @tangerator


    Here ive noticed scrap rats will hold you hostage and force you to swing your camera back and forward for 20 minutes and then make you pretend to pick up static objects off the ground for another 20.
    Theyll run past buildings knowing their victim is inside and say hands up or die and run away to a vantage point. When people say those words i feel that they care more about killing someone than actually roleplaying out a hostile encounter.

     Instead of slandering the group I suggest you go on the group page here and actually leave some constructive criticism. I understand losing your virtual items is a hard and sad process but instead of spreading nothing but negative comments about how you don't like X and Y maybe actually do something about it.

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      He definitely loves to cut scrap, love to see the workers morale high!

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      Cook Cooking GIF mmm salt

  13. I mean this is cool and all but change must come from the top. Unless Roland decides DRP needs revitalizing, these are just words on a computer screen that don't hold much value. And the last he said about it was "My current plan is to ride through the player dip", so good luck.
  14. I will hop back on if something changes in terms of mods and groups running around. As of right now I have little to no motivation of hopping IG because I have just spent quite a lot of time bug testing and thinking of how to make Nyheim different to then receive absolutely nothing for the time spent, not allowed to have my name next to a group thread and having the whole LM team completely ignored when it comes to player names and how they fit the lore. We already play a pretty shit game and when people make it even less fun then there really isn't any reason why I just wouldn't play any othe
  15. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2314102677 Enjoy. Also allowed on monetized servers.
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