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  1. At this point, the Dayz Devs need to catch up with ours.
  2. I ain't gonna lie these look pretty cool. Props for the dedication.
  3. Not sure, but @Jackfish decided to let him run away. smh.
  4. i wanna creep in the darkness so badly rn +1
  5. idk why we won't just add the radiations mod or whatever is called. Also, do we even have radiated zones?
  6. yeah it would be nice to increase their durability
  7. People have different playstyles. Some like PVP, some like hostile RP, some like campfire RP, some like elitistRP, some like eRP etc. I don't care what playstyle people have as long as they understand that the whole idea of the server is for people to enjoy themselves. If people go IG with the mentality that you need to create a fun and enjoyable experience for the other party then it would all be gucci. With that being said, who wants to rob me? I've been dying to be taken hostage for a while now.
  8. Decided to try a bit of Bangalore with some randomers. It went great.
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