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  1. AndreyQ

    Old layout on posts or similar

    I do indeed miss the old layout mostly because: I like to be reminded of my achievements. But, yeah, +1 Mr Gamemaster Jamie.
  2. AndreyQ

    If DayZRP rules applied to real life...

    Imma just loot this same airfield 6 times a day because I always miss some stuff when I go there.
  3. AndreyQ

    Kordruga's Media Thread

    amazing picture my Kordruga friend and don't worry unlike @Dan I give beanz to great media
  4. AndreyQ

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    welcome to the club roman
  5. AndreyQ

    If DayZRP rules applied to real life...

    Or run towards all those shots because those people definitely want to socialize with me.
  6. AndreyQ

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    still in ideas so my guess is no
  7. AndreyQ

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    When the Liska boys hear that the well in town is pumping vodka. Love RPing with the crew again.
  8. AndreyQ

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    I like this. Good Liska.
  9. AndreyQ

    Executions and their purpose

    I am confused and need help. With the current rules can you just execute people whenever you feel like it? Because reading it, it mentions nothing about executions, all it says is: "You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health.". So like how do executions work because from looking at this thread it sounds like some unwritten rule.
  10. AndreyQ

    new to rp

    OMG Dude I can't find it... help me please
  11. AndreyQ

    new to rp

    nice flame dude, I guess some people never change...
  12. Great RP with the Liska lads and some half bread. Great to be back.
  13. AndreyQ

    Spread out spawns

    Spread them out tbh. It's pretty annoying going to a town and dying of starvation because everyone spawns there. It's probably more because I suck at the game but still, could use some spreading out of the spawns.
  14. HA! Now I know where all the loot in Stary was from.