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  1. Updated my character page with new ERP preferences.

  2. Just jumped out of a flying plane. We need this.
  3. If it's an actual magazine that exists then why not.
  4. Have 2 Chernarus servers, like we had before Livonia was a thing.
  5. I think Livonia needs to go away. Chernarus should be the main priority with a possible Deer Isle addition down the line. No point in working on a lore for a dead map.
  6. Friendship with PVP ended. New friendship with roleplay started.

  7. I mean why should it be easy? It should be a hard decision that your character makes. Do I just shoot all these infected people or do I risk my life and try to run away or trap them somewhere. Hell you might even have to drop your bag to outrun them just because of the fact that you still see them as human and don't want to murder them.
  8. Sasha Kyuwanslovich was born into the Kyuwanslovich Crime Family in the year of 1998, in their main territory Chernogorsk. At the time, the organization was led by his grandfather Kevin Kyuwanslovich which was the main director of operations. Drug deals, robberies and the like all went through him. In the year 2005, he was found dead in his apartment. This led to fractions in the family and questions as to what transpired were quite frequent in the conversations around the streets. Regardless, it was time to change, as Yuri Kyuwanslovich, son of Kevin, took his place at the top and changed the way the organization ran completely. What was merely drugs, robberies and crime alike turned into a culture of it's own. They held raves, took part into the political riots which was something completely knew. The Kyuwanslovich Family became a symbol for some of the people of Chernarus. Yuri pledged to maintain the Cherna-Russo culture as he called it and put it first of all priorities. This saw a huge rise in members from people not only from Chernogorsk but from all accross the country and even Russia carrying the mission to maintain the raw form of living, the hard economic situation as a symbol of who they are. The Kyuwanslovich Family allowed those that were ashamed of their state to take pride in it and used those people to push their own political agenda. In short, the family believed that the war and fractions between Chernarus and Russia was only destroying their way of life. They were firmed believers of the integration of Chernarus in the Russian Federation, they just despised the civil war and saw no need for it. While they hated it, they used to their benefit and using it extended their beliefs to even more people. While the name of the family now became quite known around the undergrounds, to the normal eye there was nothing there. The family lived in the shadows of the media and operated based on trust and discretion to continue pushing drugs, holding raves and expend even further to drag races, box fights etc. Sasha started the serious work for them since age 15. He participated in riots, dealing and whatever his uncle would ask him to. As years went on he became a known connection for the family. He would do deliveries of goods and information from one place to another, and people knew if they ever wanted something done, he was the man to ask. The start of the virus hit the family quite hard as it didn't allow them to pursue the normal activities. But it open the door to the online expansion. One of the higher ups started push propaganda online and making their presence known throughout the dark side of the net. What was then a underground organization that the streets of Chernarus and Russia might have heard of or would not dare talk about it has now pushed its branches just the same but online, gaining more followers and pushing the symbol of the Cherna-Russo culture. It was not for much though as it all went to hell. It's 1st of June. The sky is clear the screams are loud.
  9. Here we go. Chernarus is safe in the hands of IVAN BERNARUS.
  10. yeah horse shit map but great video
  11. Looking back at all the interactions I had in the old lore, I have to thank everyone that initiated on me or didn't comply to my initiations. You guys are the real heroes of the server and I hope you continue to do the same come lore wipe. 



    1. Para


      We appreciate you President Q

    2. Dew


      bro you know I always got you baby 😘😘

  12. until

    @[email protected] be there or be square
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