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  1. Hello forum gamers, Today I bring to you the new saga called "How professional is the person above you?". The rules of the game are simple. You have to look at the person above and say from a scale of 1 to 10 how professional is the said person. There is currently no one above me, however, I can see Jamie's avatar in the Announcements section and as such I will give him an honourable rating of 7 out of 10. Now it is your turn to rate the person above you. Keep it professional by following this guide. Thanks, ~Andrey.
  2. GIFs as backgrounds?

    I wouldn't know mate, but I am pretty sure the load time is pretty important.
  3. GIFs as backgrounds?

    it's not allowed, has something to do with the refresh time on the website or sth like that
  4. Undue Punishment

    Just stop. I can't be asked with this drama anymore.
  5. [Forum Fun] OOC Bloopers

    I just realised the title: Forum Fun. Those 2 don't go well together.
  6. Where can I find the general Lore?

  7. Best Line when approaching players

    Mine: "Drop your weapons!"
  8. Marijuana Legalization?

  9. I am the 700th bean!

  10. My Edited Screenshots

    cool edits lad
  11. Thanks for that lesson :x

    1. Hebee


      Yeah np.

  12. High deathcounter on mainpage

    Acrasia archived so it must be a bug. I remember meeting this @Unknown Entity before while pulling logs.
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  13. Gamma?

    I usually have my gama pretty high so I don't have to sit 1 cm away from my monitor.
  14. Signature sizes?

    have you tried my image mate?
  15. [Forum Fun] OOC Bloopers

    there have been so many times where I had to improvise shit as the game is bugged af, but I never had a problem doing it, in fact, I find it quite fun
  16. Blue Lake Country Club - Media library

    great rp dude
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    i love you rn tbh

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  17. Real life picture Thread

    Guys please. Knock it off.
  18. Real life picture Thread

    smash or pass hollows edition anyone? I would smash.
  19. Real life picture Thread

    You guys are some next level creeps...
  20. Move this to media or off topic tbh, quite the meme if you ask me
  21. The End of the Remnants?...Dont Drive...ever....

    That tittle cracked me up.