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  1. ProDispatch

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    We only ever had one issue with the refuge of a potential attack when a group of 12 Russians surrounded the compound, but never actually attacked. But let's think here what would you rather have, another place like Green Mountain? That place is in a great over all spot for everyone however that's why everyone goes there to rob people, whilst people don't ten to travel the far up north to rob someone. I am not talking about how hard/easy it is to raid the refuge. I'm talking about nobody being there. At least an attack is something happening. I'm talking about the area being so remote that almost nothing happened there when I was there. It was just 5+ MVC and a few of us WW guys standing around chatting and waiting for an attack that would never come. My point is it felt more like a pitstop than a refuge. This is not an attack on you but judging from your posts you seem to focused only on robberies and avoiding robberies. I'm talking about people actually going to the damn place. Must have come at the wrong times, because when I was there (Which was alot of the time) there was mabe 8+ people, a few guards, some traders and some common folk that hanged around. At one point we have over I would say 20 people there, had loads of randoms trading, fighting, and all that. So it can be very popular and sometimes quite. I think if the Refugee carried on for longer it would have been a more popular place, but also more likely drawn in more bandits.
  2. I never said no bandits, I just feel that the bandits of today have no motive over gear. Even in RP they only want gear. I just feel like they should have some kind of specific items they rob like a teddy bear or something random and interesting which will make people with 'wtf' and create some great RP experiences and leave the victims questioning what just happened.
  3. ProDispatch

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    Agreed, all depends on what area you stay around in. Personally I think it's in a good location, close enough for some hot spots but far enough away from the bad spots like Green Mountain. A place is only as bad as the people RPing there. I think you're being flippant with the 'far away from what' comment, the refuge is near one of the last towns in the far North Western pocket of the map. Yeah it's not that far from NWAF or Vybor (two hotspots). But it's in a location that doesn't hold much interest aside from the refuge itself. I'm just saying. My point is that placing it in a more central location, although it would be harder to fortify, might bring more visitors. I only visited maybe 5 or so times. I love the refuge and the idea of it, but it was either a bit of campfire RP or nobody there at all. From my personal experience. Which felt a little awkward when you had all these survivors serving on security but nobody actually 'living' there. We only ever had one issue with the refuge of a potential attack when a group of 12 Russians surrounded the compound, but never actually attacked. But let's think here what would you rather have, another place like Green Mountain? That place is in a great over all spot for everyone however that's why everyone goes there to rob people, whilst people don't ten to travel the far up north to rob someone.
  4. Can we just delete this post? It's going far from what the post was meant for, cheers.
  5. Well then I wish to meet your group, because all the bandits I have met seem to be very hostile and rob me of mostly everything apart from maybe a bit of food and water. And I really don't care about my gear being taken, it's fine if it happened every now and again but it's seems to happen to me a lot. Maybe it's because I play a lot so I meet a lot of people, or I just have the worst luck ever.
  6. Did I say I was here just for loot? No. I came to RP to get away from all the KoS on DayZ but instead I get RoS (Robbed on Sight) Sure it's not as frequent as getting killed and I can actually get some RP but it's still really annoying. I will continue what I need to say in the next response about bandits. I say have bandits, let them rob us of a few things, not everything with just a little left. I would much prefer bandits that actually want more then just the gear, to RP wanting to torture someone but not kill them or get loot. To get something more then what every bandit does, that would be a lot more interesting then having some guy shouting out me and taking all my gear with a gun to my head. IMHO, people who complain about bandits do so because they get bad rp. But this is rare. The more common reason is that they are just salty about losing gear. pls care more for RP people than gear. I care more about the RP then the gear, but it annoys me how I spend hours getting it, getting the right clothes and gear to RP as my role, and then have it all stolen from me. I started it like that because I wanted to make a good conversation, and it looks like it's done a good job! But when I call them scum I mean the ones that go out to kill for just the hell of it or just a simple item which they don't really need. Really, I just thing there is many more interesting ways to play a bandit then just rob/kill. Why not work as a slaving company? Why not work as a torturer? Or even a deluded crazy person who just wants to collect all the teddy bears they can carry? All these would make ten times better RP scenarios then just wanting to rob someone.
  7. If they are killing a complying hostage for gear it is against the rules, simple as that. If you don't report these situations people keep going because they get away with it and the cycle of bad rp banditry continues. I think you missed the part where I said I'm not just venting about RP, this is general DayZ bandits too. :-) Oh, okay. I understand now. Then I kind of agree with you. I mean, bandits are needed but it's annoying when they're killing you because they wanted just one thing but took all of your gear and killed you in the process. If I'm not mistaken, that's also breaking the rules, yes? I mean, they can kill you but when you don't comply with their demands, yes? I assume that you did cooperated? Like I said to Brad, I'm not just complaining about RP, this is general DayZ too. :-)
  8. Okay so you're upset because they're stealing things like can of beans from you or maybe you're angry that they're killing you in the process? You know, there is always option that bandits can rob you and leave you alive after that. Not just stealing, killing you and taking all the gear when they just needed food. If they literally just took a can of beans I would gladly have loads in my bags and run around giving them to people so no one had to go around killing people for food.
  9. I can understand your distaste towards bandits. But a better idea would be to think as bandit rp that made it easier for me is it is an exchange of gear for rp. What you give in gear they give to roleplay. I do not play a bandit but I do not have any distaste for them. If you dislike playing a bandit role, then don't do it. However they do exist, they would be more common now especially 9 months after where canned food and supplies are becoming less common. The most important thing is this: Don't get attached to gear, it's equipment. Enjoy the rp , take part and immerse yourself. Feel as your character, and don't get oocly attached to the gear you lose. This is my best advice to you I know the whole don't get attached to your gear, been playing for over 3/4 years now so I'm quite used to loosing my gear. It's just the whole killing someone because they just need a can of beans. Like come on, it's quite laughable especially how easy it is to find food compared to say 5 months ago. I agree, but I hate how people kill for such small petty things like a can of beans when they could just ask you for some, or better yet find their own. And with the whole threat thing you could still have it without 'bandits' as such, it would be more team death match (But not KoS) style where different groups have different enemies and they focus on them because of a disagreement on how they treat people or something like that. Guy's I'm not looking for people to tell me how to cope with bandits... I know there is no getting rid of them, I just thought it would be cool to have a place where people could vent about it. No need to keep telling me how to deal with bandits. :-)
  10. It's happens when I'm in a group or not. For example, I just got shot and killed in a robbing attempt as I was in a group of 4 which one of the group were actually and bandit and his friend came out of no where and held us up. Sure numbers can help but it doesn't stop it all together. And I'm not just complaining because it keeps happening to me, I just think the game type of robbing someone is fowl, I don't see how people can be okay with destroying someone's hours of progress....... actually, yes I can imagine how people can be okay with it, but they love to ruin the game for others just for their own satisfaction. I do like to travel alone though, most people like to move around fast whilst I like the more slow and hidden tactic. Means I'm out of sight and out of mind. Traveling in groups just draws more attention.
  11. I just think they are scum, seriously. The amount of times I have been held up/been killed is unreal and for what? Because they can't find the gear for themselves and have to take it from others because they are terrible at loot hunting and have no patience. (Not just in RP but normal DayZ) I fear if this is the game, what would the real thing be like? What's next, Killing someone over an argument? Oh wait, that happens. Now I haven't gone against the saying don't beat it until you try it. I have unfortunately played the role of a bandit for a short while and I felt absolutely awful killing someone, taking what probably took them hours upon hours to collect. And for what, me to kill them for maybe one item I needed off them? Which I most likely could have just asked for the can of food or something? It's just horrible, in the end I messaged him and told him to come collect all his stuff, I even give him a few items I felt that bad and replaced some of his ruined equipment. I just feel it's horrible destroying what someone has spent hours of their free time, which they wont get back, into collecting just for you to come and take a few items. Feel free to vent about your thoughts.
  12. ProDispatch

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    Persistence should be coming back, but this place shows better promise than Dolina, honestly. Persistence is coming back next patch. But in addition to it not being open I am apart of the 501st who used to run the whole operation, so we will either re-open it, or find like minded individuals that want to help out.
  13. ProDispatch

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    I'm all for it. I'm just not so keen on it being so far away. Understandably after a long journey and seeing nobody there - you can play that out IC and exhaust your character mentally. But sometimes you waste 20 minutes just getting to a place for nothing. Far away from what exactly? From some player it will always be far away, for some it will be very close. Agreed, all depends on what area you stay around in. Personally I think it's in a good location, close enough for some hot spots but far enough away from the bad spots like Green Mountain.
  14. ProDispatch

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    Who would be interested in seeing the Refuge open once again?
  15. Hey guys, After months and months of research and trial & error, I have finally found the solution and it was so simple! Basically there is a tick box which says "Turn Internet Access QoS On" and it was ticked so it was turned on. All you need to do is un-tick the box and you should be good to go! I just wanted to let everyone know about this so if anyone in the future has this issue that they can find the solution here. Many thanks to all the Gm's, Mod's, CH's and the whole community for the many suggestions and ideas! Much appreciated, and hope this helps! - ProDispatch /Solved!
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