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  1. Charlie Nicholson Was born in 1980 in the country of Canada. From a very young age, Charlie was mentaly and physically abused by his parents and children at school. To release his anger from his childhood, he would go into the forest and find small creatures to kill. Anything from rabbits to squirrels. Any time his parents thought he was being naughty, they would lock him in a closet In the closet, there was a bucket so he could use it as a toilet. And anytime he was in the closet, his parents would feed him crackers by slipping them under the door. He would only get three crackers a day. As he grew older, Charlie began to realize how much life would be better without his parents in his life. He filled himself up with rage and anger. A couple of days after his 18th birthday, he decided to go into his garage and grab his father's welding tools, a nail gun and a jerry can full of gas. Before his parents were able to wake up and save themselves, Charlie nailed their bedroom door shut. Charlie had taken a bunch of small propane tanks and placed them in the main hallway towards their bedroom. He proceeded to pour gas all over the floor and lit the house on fire. Before he lit the house, he packed a suitcase full of his belongings and headed out the door. As he ran away from the house, he could hear the screams of his parents and the propane tanks exploding. As he continued to run, he turned around to see his house completely engulfed in flames. He was Happy… Charlie had bought a one way ticket to the country of Chernarus and escaped Canada before he could be caught. A couple of months later after he left. The infection began and was forced to live on his own, doing his best to fight them off. He now travels through Chernarus, finding supplies and trying to survive the best he can. Being mentaly unstable, let’s see what the apocalypse has in store for him….
  2. NickYakov


    Charlie Nicholson 11:30 April 13 2020 Dont know names: please check logs got robbed and shot two minutes before restart which I believe is taking advantage because you don't have time to respond to the action or any proper RP involved. I put my hands down for half a second and was shot in the head without hesitation. They're should be at least a time frame to rob someone instead of a 2 minute frame. When there is a restart i technically could log off to avoid but they deiced to rob us during a new restart so we had no choice to stay. But for proper RP i would log back on. just think its unfair to rob 2 minutes before a restart. here is video evidence my hand were up and they still shot me, no fear for life or nothing and killed my friend recording. POV Miish, Brendan Carson in game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2BFJnlSNWY&feature=youtu.be
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://i.imgur.com/6qIkBAf.png Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that my application was unfairly declined because I believe that I had explained the KoS rule enough to show what the rule does and how it works in a RP situation. In my application, I believe that I explained rule #2 enough to show how KoS works and how it applies to the players. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I believe that my explanation was sufficient and was properly explained. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to become a whitelisted member of DayzRP so that I can play with my friends and become part of the community. What could you have done better?: To improve my details in my application I could have written out and explained every defining part of the KoS rule.
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