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"Mac Miller risen from the dead..."

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  1. MacMiller

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    Geee Cole.. its okay in another life you'll do better and maybe it'll be less lackluster.
  2. MacMiller


    Wasn't this already a thing ? The Character page had a thing that would say how many times you died in a week. Someone told me if it was over 7 then it would delete the character or something/ I don't actually remember but someone can correct me.
  3. MacMiller


    Either way you get that bored with a game, you choose to come on here an belittle someone else or make fun of someone not cool. I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here but I guarantee if DayZ's Administration didn't have financial problems , there'd be no amnesty. Literally @Roland was just being nice and trying to allow people a second chance but i feel like deep down , the community would be a better place without people who tendy. Just my opinion not trying to flame or start anything.
  4. Ciiber

    • Ciiber
    • MacMiller

    aRe YoU tHe ReAl MaCmIlLeR??

  5. MacMiller

    Cant get on servers

    Are your mods loaded, do you have the DayZ Mod Pack and the Snow Pack? and Are you on stable or EXP ?
  6. MacMiller

    Owning my own home?

    Just pick a spot, don't start anything and you'll be fine.
  7. MacMiller

    Avoiding RP

    I don't know about you but where I'm from if it's the Apocalypse and there are diseases and dead people roaming the earth killing my loved ones and someone or a group of people run up on me I'm getting sketched and either clapping or running.
  8. MacMiller


    Eagle my boy.... you always know how to make me see the right light.
  9. MacMiller


    I didn't come back on amnesty , I came back on a technicality of my own accord. You need to get your information correct my friend.
  10. MacMiller


    Well I guess tonight's event shows Amensty needs to go bye bye again...
  11. MacMiller

    Settlement Protections

    How can a settlement be neutral in an Apocalypse ? Settlement = Lots of supplies and resources.... what more of a reason would people have for attacking. If you have a settlement be damn prepared to protect it.
  12. MacMiller

    Settlement Protections

    Are we really bringing real life situations into this , literally google the times a small army has beaten a large army there are so many tactics. Bringing this to RP their basis is located in a pinned in area. If you got guys on the hill sniping there's literally no way they could ever escape and eventually we'd starve them out.
  13. MacMiller

    Settlement Protections

    what you talking bout willis Battles are won through strategy .. not numbers edit : I feel as though this has been a long outstanding issue in the game, realistically if I can use that word 10 people attacking a 20 pop settlement is a good idea, the supplies and the resources inside would help those 10 survive. Are the odds stacked against them sure... but if they did do it then it'd be a great payoff.
  14. Whats wrong with being black or female Eagle ? In all seriousness +1 this, I feel like its annoying to try and kill yourself to have to get the right character model.
  • MacMiller

    Is it just me ?

    Ah well... sometimes I forget this game is still unfinished so I guess I'll take it with a grain of salt, glad it wasn't just me experience the shit lag though.
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