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  1. Failed Robberies Thread

    Last played: 2 months ago ... I know ya do bud..
  2. Failed Robberies Thread

    @SergeantRummel @Rolle As one of the two black members of the community I must say I'm appalled by this guy's behavior out of character, I'm gonna have to catch his ass in game now.... edit : It's clear this guy has no respect for people of color or having the grace to accept the fact he got domed so... all I'll say is the revolution shall not be televised !
  3. Hall of Shame

    a tragedy indeed..
  4. Hall of Shame

    I'm sure more than half the community... would disagree with you.... .
  5. Names for Stary Sobor

    Love how people are posting different names yet , the only two options in the poll are Tortuga or Stary Sobor...very well done...
  6. Hall of Shame

    Very well said Beni...
  7. Hall of Shame

    Recently along with the " Salt Forecast" , we've had a new feature implemented into the community called the "Hall of Shame". I just wanted the communities thoughts on this. Is it right to publicly display the names of people who've spoken their opinion and received warning points ?
  8. The City of Stary.

    Sick...sick sick man... You're breaking my immersion could you please stop with the unrealistic names... Gosh... Am I the only one who takes this community serious....!!!!
    • Jango
    • Taryn


  9. Names for Stary Sobor

    New Africa or New Chi-Raq
  10. Too early for bandit groups?

    Well in NY they are called the bloods and crips..
    • Eagle
    • Jango


  11. Let's switch to Discord

    I think the consensus so far is that yes TeamSpeak maybe buggy, but if it's not broken beyond repair.... why fix it ?
  12. The City of Stary.

    I'd like to nominate myself for the council... (( Howell Grimm)) the resident colored Gentlemen.